12 Best AirTag Collars and Accessories for Pets in 2022

We all love our pets and have probably had (many) nightmares about them running away and being lost forever. Whether our dogs or cats have the kind of personality that likes to go on adventures or we just leave them in someone else’s hands while we go on vacation, we don’t want to leave anything to chance. While most of us have experienced a scare or two, modern technology has come a long way to ensure we can sleep at night worry-free.

Apple’s AirTag technology is not only crucial for finding our “adventurer” valuables, but it’s one of the best there is for tracking our dogs, cats, or any other pets we’ve taken. Since our pets are easily more irreplaceable than our laptops and wallets, we need to be proactive to ensure they are as safe as possible. After all, they trust us unconditionally. Divided into three categories – key fobs for use as dog tags, collar attachments and full collars – this is a guide to the best AirTag collars and accessories for pets currently available on the market.

What is AirTag?

And how does it work ?

First released in April last year, AirTag is a technology developed by Apple to track devices and items that can be easily lost or stolen (eg keys, wallets, laptops, bicycles). However, when customers started to realize they could throw them at their own family members (dogs and cats, mainly).

AirTag does not use GPS technology, but a combination of Bluetooth and the proprietary Find My service. If your pet goes out of your own Bluetooth range, its AirTag signal will use GPS signals from surrounding iPhones to pinpoint its location so you can see it on your own device. And if someone with an iPhone picks up your pet, he or she can tap into their AirTag and use their own app to access the information you uploaded to it, such as your name, phone number, and address. Additionally, the AirTag chip itself is water, dust, and splash resistant out of the box.

AirTag vs. GPS

What is the difference?

While GPS often requires a paid cellular plan, AirTag is completely free (as long as you have an iPhone to use it). Likewise, the ability to triangulate your pet’s location through other users’ iPhones makes AirTag the optimal choice if you live in a city with few dead spots. However, if you’re in a more remote area surrounded by hills and mountains and other areas where your dog or cat may stray off the grid, GPS might be worth the extra cost, as the lack of an iPhone and cell coverage will ensure that he or she stays lost.


Lil’ Danglers

Belkin Secure Support

When it comes to fabulous quality electronic accessories at an incredibly low price, Belkin is your best bet. With nearly 40 years of experience, the Californian company has proven its expertise in all areas of its field. Its AirTag Secure Holder key fob sports a twist-and-lock design that ensures your chip won’t accidentally fall out. Available in black, white, blue or pink, the hard case also surrounds the AirTag with a raised ridge to ensure it doesn’t get scuffed or scratched as your dog ventures out.

Purchase: $13

NOMAD Rugged Keychain

While NOMAD sets it apart with its high-performance technology when it comes to devices such as charging cables or Base One magnetic charging stations. However, his dedication to his craft shines through even in his simplest products. The rugged key fob is as tough as its name suggests, uses a super tough polycarbonate frame and TPU overmold, and has an IP66 rating for water and dust resistance for added durability , whether your pet is walking around the yard or you are both. go on a hike together. It is also a great option for your luggage bags.

Purchase: $20

Apple AirTag Leather Keychain

What would an AirTag owners guide be without a product from Apple itself? Very affordably priced, this leather key fob has a slightly less tactical aesthetic than its contemporaries, crafted from supple European leather that has been tanned and stitched to perfectly fit your AirTag chip. The button clasp is also made of high-strength stainless steel. For added stylistic versatility, the stand is also available in several color options, including orange, golden brown, black, forest green, dark lavender, and red.

Purchase: $35

Casetify Custom AirTag Holder

Few people do customizations better and more extensively than CASETiFY, a Hong Kong-based company that has spent the last decade making a name for itself with its stunning graphics and original licensed designs. This carries over to key fobs too, with its custom AirTag support. With the ability to preview directly on its website, customization supports up to 11 characters in 27 different color options. You can also choose from a range of emojis and choose from 6 different font options. Likewise, the slim, eco-friendly case itself is available in 7 different colors.

Purchase: $38

Collar attachments

Spot on

Case-Mate AirTag Protective Case

You probably see several Case-Mate phone cases every day without even realizing it. One of the biggest brands in protective phone accessories has also released an AirTag holder specially designed for pet collars. This silicone enclosure is scratch resistant and very durable, even repelling water for pool-loving puppies. It’s also incredibly lightweight so your pet won’t even know it’s there. While there are several color options available, perhaps our favorite is the glow-in-the-dark one for better visual visibility if your dog is out walking at night.

Purchase: $20

Rifle Paper Co. AirTag Case

Who says AirTag holders can’t be stylish? Rifle Paper Co., known for its beautiful floral prints used on its wallpaper, stationery and bedding, has been tapped by Case-Mate for exclusive phone cases and accessories. Among these is the Florida-based company’s AirTag case, which comes in two attractive designs – Wild Flowers and Garden Party Blue – and fits collars up to 1” wide. Inserting your AirTag chip is a breeze as you simply snap it into place on the back where it stays safe while your dog or cat walks around. Dramatically, the floral print also glows in the dark for nighttime visibility.

Purchase: $25

Spigen ComfortTag

Spigen’s ComforTag is synonymous with versatility. With the ability to adapt in width for collars from 1″ to 1.5″, the collar attachment is easily put in place with one of two colored elastics – orange or black – and comes with two films adhesives for the possibility of covering the exposed chip on the outside. The case itself is constructed with glossy, reflective TPU plastic for better visibility. Lightweight with a slim profile, the ComforTag sports a sleek aesthetic and can be used on other devices such as your camera strap.

Purchase: $25

Studio Proper Medal

Studio Proper was born from the inspiration of its founders in the innovation of Apple. As such, the Melbourne-based company’s products are all made with the ultimate understanding of its ancestor, along with a design-driven aesthetic that keeps customers coming back. The Apple Authorized Reseller wasted no time implementing its philosophy in a new AirTag carrier, aptly called the DogTag. Sporting a sleek design, the DogTag is constructed with a unibody elastomer material capable of withstanding the harshest elements. Additionally, the collar attachment has an internal safety enclosure to prevent your pet from “accidentally” swallowing the chip.

Purchase: $30

AirTag Collars

Buckle up!

FEEYAR Reflective AirTag Dog Collar

If you like budget choices, FEEYAR’s Reflective AirTag Dog Collar is about as inexpensive as you can get without sacrificing quality. In fact, it’s one of the best choices, regardless of price. Constructed with a compartment for your AirTag chip, the strap is 1000D nylon with neoprene lining for extra padded comfort for your pet’s neck, fitted with a zinc alloy o-ring, ABS buckle and stitching reflective all around. Likewise, the AirTag holder itself is made from heavy-duty microfiber leather that ensures your chip won’t come out. The collar is also splash-proof, wear-resistant and anti-collision.

Purchase: $17

SaharaCase Silicone Dog Collar

Started by three entrepreneurs from the country of Georgia who immigrated to the United States before the tech boom of the 90s, SaharaCase is founded not only on a dedication to protecting cellular assets, but on a curiosity to know why they break. This passion has led to a set of principles by which the brand is guided. Its AirTag dog collar is made from a triple silicone material that resists stretching and fading over time. Resistant to scratches and dirt, the accessory sports a lightweight, easy-to-adjust design with a touch of style for your pet. It is available in black or white.

Purchase: $20

FollowPaw AirTag Dog Collar

FollowPaw is a company specializing in pet products for tech-savvy owners, using locally sourced, renewable materials such as cork leather, which is made from cork oak bark (no backlash). words). Made in Portugal, the company’s AirTag dog collar has helped raise the bar for durability and functionality. By keeping the tracking chip enclosed in a hidden non-slip compartment, the durable cork leather collar is water and bite resistant for the most rambunctious pets and the magnetic buckle allows you to easily lock it onto your pet without you worry about it falling. stopped.

Purchase: $60

Leather Keepaws AirTag Collar

The original AirTag collar, Keepaws flagship accessory is the classiest on the market. Made from high quality genuine cowhide leather, this dog collar has a built-in compartment for your AirTag chip, which snaps on with double copper buttons. Although multi-layered and very durable, the back of the collar is padded with an artificial elastic fiber for extra comfort on your dog’s neck. Designed to be the last one you’ll ever need, this collar is waterproof for whatever adventures your pet decides to embark on and comes with a free customizable ID tag you can engrave with your friend’s name.

Purchase: $90

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