15 best Xbox accessories and products for Christmas 2021

Buying gifts for someone who plays games doesn’t just mean buying the latest games and calling it a day. There are a host of additional products, accessories, and tattoos worth buying that would make great Christmas gifts. Some are a bit more expensive than others because they are designed to enhance the gaming experience, while others are cute little gifts that will put a smile on your face. Here are the best Xbox accessories and merch gift ideas for Christmas 2021.

The best Xbox accessories and products for Christmas

1. Xbox Gift Card

The perfect gift when you don’t know what else to get beyond “something Xbox related,” withdrawing an Xbox Gift Card allows the recipient to decide how best to use the credit on the card. card, be it for a new game, a certain currency for their favorite multiplayer game, or the latest expansion / DLC. It might not be the most specialized gift in the world, but it will be appreciated nonetheless.

2.3 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Why bother buying a game or two for Christmas when you can give someone three months of access to hundreds of games at one time? Such is the power of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which includes a library of games numbering in the hundreds, plenty of free perks, and Xbox Game Studios exclusives like Halo Infinite available from day one. On top of that, Ultimate offers EA Play and Xbox Game Pass subscriptions for PC in addition to the console subscription, and Xbox Live Gold so you can play online. It’s a brilliant package.

3. Xbox Elite 2 controller

Elite Controllers are definitely high up when it comes to gaming giveaways and accessories, so be prepared to part with a decent amount of cash to buy one. That said, they’re generally worth the investment, giving users an enhanced level of customization on the way you play your games. The increased weight of the controller, along with adjustable rear paddles and triggers, make the Elite controller the ultimate controller, with the second version getting even better with better grip and a built-in battery with excellent lifespan.

4. Xbox Adaptive Controller

Adaptive controller

A defining moment in terms of accessibility and openness to the game for those who might not have had the privilege of experiencing it in the past, the Xbox Adaptive Controller offers the perfect controller for those on the go. reduced mobility. While not a controller per se, the Adaptive Controller serves as a hub that makes it easy for those who need it to create a custom setup that’s right for them. Best of all, Adaptive Controller is supported on both Xbox and PC.

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5. Xbox Design Lab Controller

Xbox Design Lab

While the Elite Controller and Adaptive Controller provide more versatility in the way you approach the game, a Design Lab controller lets you look your best while you do it. Design Lab allows the user to custom create the controller of their dreams, with various color palettes and options to choose from. You make your controllers as flashy or stylish as you want them to be with this tool, and with the ability to leave paperwork on the controller, it makes a great personalized gift.

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6. Xbox Wireless Headset

Xbox Wireless Headset
Xbox Wireless Headset

The point is, to play games these days you need a decent headset, due to the amount of games that require online modes, and multiplayer as the main selling point. The Xbox Wireless Headset is a great mid-level point, better than some of the cheaper options on the market, but it lacks some extras offered by more expensive headsets. With Bluetooth connectivity, a comfortable fit, and excellent audio quality, the Xbox Wireless Headset is a great gift.

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7. Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2

Leaning a bit more towards the expensive end of the headphone spectrum, the Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 headset has been around for a few years now, which means it’s available at a reduced price compared to before, which is great being given that it is a great piece of kit. Headphone audio and microphone are great, but MixAmp and Bluetooth connectivity to a phone allows for an incredible level of control over your audio experience. Again it’s a bit pricey, but worth it.

8. Astro A50

The option for those who have a parcel of money to spend, the Astro A50s are remarkable audio equipment that offers a tremendous amount of control and customization. The A50s include all the modcons you would expect from a high-end headset, with the added benefit of Command Center software, a free PC download that offers the ability to completely shape the way you listen to your games and talk to your friends. friends. If they’re a bit out of your price range, the Astro A40 model offers a similar experience, but without wireless capabilities.

9. Seagate storage expansion card

For Xbox Series X | S owners, you have probably encountered the problem of not having enough space. That 1TB for the X series, which looks more like 800GB, is quickly running out under the onslaught of 100GB games becoming the norm. Although the external hard drive is an option, they cannot run the Xbox Series X | This is why the Seagate Storage Expansion Card is a huge help. In short, the games installed on the card can run the Xbox Series X | It’s improved games, and that’s fantastic, even if the cards are a bit pricey.

10. Fortnite Minty Legends Pack

If you’re buying for a kid this Christmas, there’s a good chance they’ll be addicted to Fortnite, so why not fund their hobby with some bundle? The Minty Legends Pack includes a host of new items including outfits, back accessories, pickaxes, and weapon skin. Oh, and it also includes 1,000 V-Bucks, which will likely be the highlight of the set. Even if they don’t like cosmetics, these V-Bucks can be spent on something they like.

11. Numskull Xbox Christmas Jumper

Xbox Christmas Jumper
Xbox Christmas Jumper

One of the best things about Christmas is the crappy sweaters. Sure, it’s a novelty that’s expensive when you wear them for so little, but they’re fun and enjoyable. As you might expect, there are more than enough Xbox jumpers to choose from, with many available for purchase from Numskull. However, the cream of the crop is this “Achievement Unlocked” sweater, because it appeals to the gamerscore gremlin in me.

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12. Master Chief Funko Pop

People may laugh at Funko Pops for their simplicity and mass-produced nature, but the fact remains that they’re an easy and affordable gift, and a great way to recognize fandoms. beloved of someone without breaking the bank. If you’re looking for a Funko Pop for a particular Xbox gamer, Master Chief is always a safe bet, but there are figures from the Gears of War series as well. Unfortunately, you’ll have to pay a lot more for a real Ferrari from Forza Horizon.

13. Xbox PRIDE range

Xbox Pride
Xbox Pride

The Xbox Gear store is full of clothing items and accessories that will help the recipient of your gift gain as much brand loyalty as possible. There are plenty of great clothing choices out there, but if you’re looking to buy something for someone you love to show off their LGBTQIA + pride, the PRIDE line is a big shout out. There’s a plethora of items available, from T-shirts to tote bags, stickers and more, as well as options for a variety of Xbox exclusive titles.

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14. The Elder Scrolls – The Official Cookbook

Christmas might not be the best time to think about more food, given that you’ll likely be filled to the brim with Christmas turkey and maybe just a little pudding, but if you’re a fan of Elder Scrolls to buy for who wants themselves like an ace in the kitchen, maybe the official cookbook is the way to go. The book includes a plethora of recipes for creating foods seen in the series, as well as a variety of drink recipes to boot. The Elder Scrolls series is all about adventure, so why not bring some of that spirit into your own life through food?

15. Halo Replica Energy Sword

HALO Energy Sword

Considering the Halo Infinite campaign launch around Christmas, shopping for some extra goodies seems like the right thing to do, and given the series’ history for iconic and imaginative weapons, why not buy a replica? There are a few on the market, including a Needler and a NERF Assault Rifle, but the real winner is the Energy Sword. You can keep your lightsabers, the Energy Sword is much cooler, and I won’t answer any further questions just yet.

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