2022 Solar Design and Installation Awards Winners Announced

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Winners of the 2022 Solar Design and Installation Awards were announced at the All-Energy Australia Exhibition and Conference in Melbourne, with winners showcasing outstanding innovation.

Clean Energy Council chief executive Kane Thornton said the winners have taken solar design and installation in Australia to another level, highlighting the exceptional innovation and expertise the industry is known for.

“One of the many benefits of the rooftop solar industry is that it attracts truly remarkable people who, when faced with challenges, are able to come up with unique and innovative solutions that change the way we think. to the design and installation of solar roofs,” Mr. Thornton said.

“The Clean Energy Council Solar Design and Installation Awards are a celebration of these people and their work.

“The finalists for this year’s awards represent some of Australia’s most innovative solar installations, and I would like to thank everyone who took the time to submit an entry.”

The winners of the 2022 Solar Design and Installation Awards are:

Less than 100kW – Domestic
Winners – Luke Flegeltaub and Luke Neall
Working with Kobi Energy Solutions, Luke and Luke designed and installed a 24.4 kW solar system with a 20 kWh battery on a designer home in East Albury, New South Wales. Using high-end products and including the construction of a dedicated battery and inverter room at the back of the house, the installation is designed to make the occupants of the house self-sufficient and independent from the grid while maintaining the aesthetics of the design house.

Solar Design and Innovation Award Project
Less than 100kW – Commercial
Winners – Eddie Springer and David Honzatko
Working with Springers Solar, Eddie and David designed and installed a 67.6kW solar system at the Australian Taxation Office’s 15-storey headquarters in Brisbane CBD. Siting the system on the roof of a high-rise building required a number of unique solutions, including a custom-designed mounting system that maintained the integrity of the roof and ensured the system operated safely. with the building’s on-site auto-start generator. The result was an innovative installation that maximized available rooftop space, proving the feasibility of high-rise urban properties reducing their carbon footprint with solar photovoltaic systems.

More than 100kW
Winner – Gavin Goodhew
Working for Goodhew Electrical and Solar, Gavin designed and installed a 1.2 MW solar system at Sheldon College in Queensland. Located across eight buildings, the system’s design recreates the school’s logo with solar panels and, in a first for an Australian school, uses advanced monitoring and recording software to allow students to learn about solar energy and sustainability. The system meets nearly all of the school’s energy needs during school hours, saving up to five tons of greenhouse gas emissions per day.

Solar Design and Innovation Award Project

Featured image of Eddie Springer and David Hozatko 67.6 kW solar system on the 15-storey Brisbane CBD headquarters of the Australian Taxation Office. All images courtesy of CEC.

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