4 Reasons People Hate YouTube’s New Design


YouTube launched a new design, and people didn’t like it very much. Although the design brings some cool tweaks and features, most people complain that it has ruined their YouTube experience.

The biggest problem is that people have encountered a lot of them with this update. Here’s everything you need to know.

YouTube launches a new design

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In October 2022, YouTube announced a new design that would be coming to YouTube. As Youtube says, “there was a desire for a cleaner, more lively design that better represents who we are.”

Among the new design, Youtube has also brought many other cool features including ambient mode, pinch to zoom, and pinpoint search.

All these changes and features are aimed at improving the user experience on the YouTube app. However, it seems to have brought more problems than benefits.

Why People Hate YouTube’s New Design

Admittedly, few people like it when the big platforms change their user interface. However, many people all over the internet, especially on Twitter and Reddit, have a pretty strong opinion about these YouTube changes. These are some of the most common reasons why people hate the design of YouTube.

1. Videos Won’t Show If Your Watch History Is Disabled

Some people like to pause their YouTube playback history for many reasons. Maybe they don’t want to receive recommendations or they want to stop YouTube from tracking their activity. Before, you wouldn’t have any problem with this, but some people have seen that with the new design, YouTube has added new restrictions.

Some people have shared that the YouTube app will not display any videos on their feed no matter how many times they close and open the app. Instead, they see a YouTube message that their watch history is disabled and they need to enable it to get personalized recommendations. Basically, if you don’t let YouTube track your activity, you won’t be able to get any recommendations.

2. People can’t access their downloaded videos

One of the reasons why YouTube Premium is worth it is that you can easily download YouTube videos with just a few clicks.

However, some people complained that their YouTube downloads randomly became unavailable. At the time of writing, this is a very common problem among YouTube users and there is no way to fix it.

3. Many features stop working randomly

With a new design, there will be some bugs and issues at first. However, YouTube’s new design has brought many problems that people completely hate.

For starters, sometimes you can’t select the strings from the search results, which completely defeats the purpose of searching for something.

Also, some people have complained that you can’t see the replies. Others have noticed that they can’t watch YouTube Shorts. They can access it and change their shorts, but the videos don’t play.

The good news is that YouTube is probably already working on ways to fix the most common bugs and issues, so that’ll have to wait until there’s another update.

4. You can no longer sort videos by oldest

This is not such a new problem. YouTube has been trying to get rid of the “sort by oldest” option on YouTube channels since early 2022, and with this new update, it seems like no one can use this feature anymore, whether you’re on mobile or whether you are using YouTube on your desktop.

Now you can only sort videos by Recently uploaded and Popularwhich makes it quite difficult to find older videos from your favorite creators.

YouTube’s new design is a work in progress

There is no doubt that YouTube’s new design has caused a lot of problems. While many people like the new design, there are still a lot of issues that plague the user experience around the world. Hopefully YouTube will fix these issues soon. If not, we may have to start looking for alternatives.

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