5 wedding accessories that add a touch of tradition to your big day

There is no doubt that choosing to get married in a beautiful destination wedding will make your wedding day the most important day of your life. Although you no doubt want things to be perfect, you must realize that you will need help to achieve your goals. Allow us to help you make the best prop selections for your event. With the help of these accessories, you can give your ideal wedding that little traditional something you’ve always dreamed of!

1. Maang Tikka traditionally used

The gem that defines and beautifies the maang, or the middle of the head where your hair is parted, is known as the tikka, hence its name. It is worn by brides and helps them stand out in a crowd already heavily adorned with gold and jewels. Although a maang tikka can have a variety of designs, if you wish, you can always opt for a larger tikka. Tikkas with kundan are those that complement virtually any color of clothing.

2. The Choora for Punjabi dulhans

Choora is a set of bracelets worn by brides on their wedding day and for some time after. It is mostly a Punjabi custom. Unlike traditional red and white, many brides nowadays choose different colors to replace red.

A bride wearing chooda

3. Blingy Kaleere

Choora and kaleere are worn together by the bride on her wedding morning. Today’s brides customize their Kaleere according to their preferences. The weight or material that each individual wants their Kaleere to be depends on their choice. They are usually shiny and golden.

4. Sehra for the Dulha

The relevance of the hairstyle was raised thanks to the well-known song “Dulhe ka Sehra”. Sehra is another important wedding adornment in India as it covers the groom’s face. Nowadays, bride and groom prefer high-end floral sehras rather than cheap plastic ones with bead or bead decorations.

5. Phoolon ki Chadar for desi bride

The Phoolon ki chadar is held by the brothers of the bride as the Indian bride is led below to approach the mandap. It is exquisitely adorned with a variety of flowers. However, the weight someone wants it to be depends on personal taste.

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