A Collection of Otherworldly Smoking Accessories by Flora Nero

There’s a bit of irony LA-based design house Flora Nero cites the brand’s very first collection of smoking accessories as inspiration: the American post-war era of the 1950s. The decade was marked by public hysteria centered on the madness of reefers and other public service announcements aimed at cannabis-curious teens to avoid cannabis. Yet it was also an exciting time for glamorous tobacco smoking accessory designs, a reality that Flora Nero taps into to bring the brand’s eight smoking tool designs the convergence of luxury with a tinge of futurism to take advantage of any plant material you feel like lighting up. .

Designed by the creative director of Flora Nero, Marc Thorpethe Other_Wordly collection – The Rolling Tray, The Table Lighter, The Ritual Pipe, The Pipe Lighter, The Globe, The Travel Case and The Joint Case – leans on an indulgent palette of black, gold and bronze with enticing textures for fingers made of anodized aluminum.

golden smoking accessory

golden lighter without cover

Earthy details like natural burl wood veneer elevate Flora Nero designs with a bit of yesterday’s materiality, a detail only revealed when the gold-hued milled aluminum case of the Flora Nero table lighter (above) or travel case (below) is open for use.

gold patterned flat case holding joints

Partially opened reddish brown flat case on a marble table

golden patterned pipe

The Ritual Pipe is designed with four custom titanium coated screens and engineered to cool every draw, preventing harsh smoke from reaching the lungs. But beyond the smoother smoking properties of the pipe – and let’s be real – it’s the sleek textured design combining a wood veneer base with an encrusted texture of the Flora Nero emblem that will entice cannabis consumers to purchase the pipe. premium smoking instrument.

partial shot of gold patterned pipe with oval dish

patterned ashtray in copper on golden fabric

The ashtray is almost too beautiful to be ruined by ashes and is available in gold, bronze or black.

The Globe, a mouth-blown glass sphere with a brass rod displayed on the table.

The Globe is a particularly fascinating design combining mouth-blown glass in its namesake.

The Globe, a hand blown glass sphere displayed on a table on a stand with smoke inside.

The Other_Worldly collection is currently available in-store and online at Just One Eye in Los Angeles, as well as floranero.com.

Gregory Han is Technical Editor of Design Milk. Originally from Los Angeles with a deep love and curiosity for design, hiking, tide pools and road trips, a selection of his adventures and musings can be found at gregoryhan.com.

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