‘Apex Legends’ Leak: Datamine Videos and Texts Reveal Design Details and Abilities of Nine Unannounced Legends


“Defiance”, the 12th and final season of “Apex Legends”, is not over yet, but players may already have enough details about the next Legends Respawn that will be introduced. A massive leak containing videos and datamine texts is circulating online, revealing detailed descriptions of nine unannounced characters.

The original folder containing the massive ‘Apex Legends’ leak was uploaded to a file hosting site early Tuesday. Although it has been removed at the time of this writing, fans can still check out the leaked gameplay videos and recap posts on Reddit to read descriptions of the rumored upcoming Legends.

In this recap post on Reddit, a user who went through the leaked videos and datamine files suspects that the legend named Newcastle may be introduced in “Apex Legends” after Mad Maggie. The same user noted that Newcastle’s character model appears to be the most polished of the nine legends featured in the leaks.

If that turns out to be the case in ‘Apex Legends’ season 13, the game would get a new defense specialist as Newcastle are described as a ‘mobile defender’. The character is said to have the ability to protect teammates while they are being revived using a “Revive Shield”. The leaks also indicate that Newcastle can jump to a certain location and create a barricade to protect their allies.

There are a number of supporting legends listed in the leak, including the conduct described as an “empathic shield”. The character’s passive ability would be called Ability, which allows for faster shield recharging whenever allies are nearby. Caliber is another unannounced “Apex Legends” character seen in leaks described as an arms dealer, who can wield a third weapon. It also looks like Respawn is working on a sniper specialist aptly named Vantage, who can wield a custom rifle with a scanner and can activate a damage boost for the team.

Meanwhile, there’s also a leaked video that may have shown new Arena maps coming to ‘Apex Legends’. Another media file also reportedly showed insight into Crypto and Valkyrie’s legacies.

It should be noted, however, that most of the assets revealed in the leak are still unfinished. This means that Respawn could still apply major changes before these features officially launch in future seasons of “Apex Legends”.

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