ARB 4X4 accessories trick new Bronco and Tacoma


Roaming the halls of the 2022 SEMA Show showcased so many neat-looking vehicles, it’s almost overwhelming. One of my assignments was to find a unique and functional luxury off-road or land rig. I’ve met many that fit this criteria, but when I showed up at the ARB 4×4 accessory stand, I liked what I saw. A new Bronco and a fully built Tacoma were the focal points, but all the top-notch equipment caught our eye.

ARB 4×4 Accessories built a Search and Rescue Bronco in conjunction with Ford

Every time I see a purpose-built search and rescue vehicle, I stop and take a look. I immediately recognized this Ford Bronco in the ARB 4×4 accessory booth from some of the press Ford had sent out. Dubbed the Bronco Rapid Medical Aid Service Unit, ARB built this vehicle in-house to outfit it with all of its cargo, storage, and performance gear.

On Ford Media’s website, the vehicle concept summary states: ARB’s Service Unit Bronco SUV is inspired by the rugged, high-performance medical service vehicles used in the early 1900s and gives the concept a modern upgrade. Tubular doors, an underhood air compressor, jack stand, winch and lightbar ensure this custom Bronco creation can drive wherever it needs to go.

ARB equipment includes these Bronco-specific items:

  • Double compressor and accessories
  • Ford Bronco compressor bracket
  • Old Man Emu BP-51 suspension system
  • BASE Rack Caster Kit and Accessories
  • Summit front bumper
  • Intensity lighting
  • Zenith rear bumper
  • rock sliders
  • Under vehicle protection
  • Rear air locker
  • Differential cover
  • Storage roller drawer system

Some non-bronco specific gear featured was the ARB Zero 47qt Zero Freezer, ARB Jack, and the highly desirable ARB Recovery gear.

ARB 4×4 Accessories has launched the new ARB Intensity IQ driving lights

The highlight of the vehicle, for me, was the all-new ARB Intensity IQ driving lights. Just by looking at these units I could tell they were very different from almost everything else on the market. At a glance, they just look stylish.

SEMA 2022: ARB 4X4 props trick new Bronco and Tacoma

Accessories ARB 4X4 Intensity IQ. Driving lights will be available in December 2022.

My perception changed dramatically when Rocky Mountain ARB 4×4 Accessories sales manager Scott Harrington demonstrated the full dynamic capabilities of the Intensity IQ high beams. Designed with four separate lights in each housing, there is a super spot, spot, flood and mid. The Intensity IQ allows for independent controls, intensity adjustment, multiple light combinations, and projects up to 1.3 miles away. It quickly became apparent that these were some of the most unique and advanced lights on the market.

ARB’s Intensity IQ Driving Lights demonstrated with multiple modes.

Along with all the super-slick ARB gear, the Service Unit Bronco SUV has been fully tricked out to the max with some of the best gear in the off-road industry, and more.

ARB 𝗙𝘂𝗹𝗹 𝗕𝘂𝗶𝗹𝗱 𝗟𝗶𝘀𝘁 Service Unit Bronco SUV:

Accessories ARB 4×4 Overlanding Tacoma

The other pit vehicle that caught my eye was this Tacoma loaded with all the goods and a super deluxe bed rack and camp kitchen. This thing was armored from front to back and underneath too!

SEMA 2022: ARB 4X4 props trick new Bronco and Tacoma

ARB’s rear rack on the Tacoma is aluminum to keep it lightweight, but has a steel subframe to keep it sturdy. This is critical for vehicles with non-traditional composite truck beds. With the cab rack, rear cargo system and drawer organizer, it looks like this little truck could carry the world!

SEMA 2022: ARB 4X4 props trick new Bronco and Tacoma

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