Ascent® Protein partners with Warner Bros. Consumer Products, DC and on new products under the Wayne Enterprises label

Ascent Protein’s Very Limited Edition Dark Chocolate Flavored Whey Protein with Custom Shaker

The packaging design and personalized flavor were inspired by Bruce Wayne himself, and the product helps support the training and recovery of athletes in all sports and disciplines, including those in Gotham City.

For a limited time, audiences of all types can supplement their workouts with Bruce Wayne-worthy dark chocolate whey protein powder and a matching stainless steel IceShaker. Ascent has created this one-of-a-kind dark chocolate flavor under Warner Bros.’ new lifestyle label. Consumer Products, Wayne Enterprises, now available exclusively on® and Ascent.

Ascent joins other high performance brands to launch products under Wayne Enterprises. The new label offers products inspired by DC’s Bruce Wayne and his taste for the finer things in life. Launching in October 2022, the new label includes offerings in many categories, including fashion, accessories, electronics and, of course, fitness equipment and wellness products.

“We are honored to be part of the Wayne Enterprises Collection in partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products and,” said Kirsten Karlsson, Chief Marketing Officer at Ascent. “The packaging design and custom flavor were inspired by Bruce Wayne himself, and the product helps support the training and recovery of athletes in all sports and disciplines, including those in Gotham City.”

The limited-time 2lb bag of Native Fuel® Dark Chocolate Whey Protein and Custom Shaker are available for $80 at and while supplies last. Each serving of Ascent provides 25 grams of high quality protein, the equivalent of approximately 4 eggs or 1 small chicken breast and contains 0 artificial ingredients. With only a single gram of sugar, Native Whey Protein Blend is also gluten-free, soy-free, and rBST/rBGH-free. The Custom IceShaker is made of stainless steel, which helps to mix your proteins and keep them cold longer.

Ascent Native Fuel® Whey Protein is made with a blend of clean, high-quality whey protein, including Native Whey, the least processed whey protein available. The company is continually innovating to provide some of the cleanest sports nutrition products on the market to consumers looking for high quality products to support muscle health and athletic performance. Ascent is also Certified Gluten-Free and Certified Sport Informed, which means every batch is third-party tested for banned substances.

Since launching in 2016, Ascent has quickly become one of America’s fastest growing sports nutrition companies with its own line of products. Ascent Protein is trusted by some of the world’s most prominent elite athletes, including professional running back Jonathan Taylor, two-time CrossFit Games champion Katrin Davidsdottir, and Team USA weightlifters CJ Cummings and Jourdan Delacruz.


About Protein Climb

Ascent® was created to naturally enhance athletic performance and is the official sponsor of Hard Work®. Ascent launched in 2016 and has continued to bring innovative products to market, while remaining committed to its high quality standards and offering products with simple ingredients. All Ascent products contain no artificial flavors or sweeteners and are certified gluten-free and Informed Choice certified, which means they are third-party tested for banned substances. Aligning with the admirable qualities of the athletes served by Ascent – going the extra mile, completing an extra set and never backing down from a challenge, Ascent pushes for high quality results, knowing they don’t come without hard work. . For more information, visit Ascent.

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