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With an expertise for finely crafted flooring and a heart for contemporary creativity, Atlanta Flooring Design Centers Inc is one of the top names in the industry.

From dark, rich colors to a rugged, versatile feel, Atlanta Flooring Design Centers Inc (Atlanta Flooring) is one of the leading commercial and residential flooring contractors in the Southeast. As today’s flooring market becomes more competitive than ever, customers are developing even higher expectations and Atlanta Flooring is committed to providing even more accurate and timely service. Its reputation with major national and regional builders allows it to serve much of Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee, Florida and surrounding states.

Founded by Donny Phillips in 1985 as Atlanta Carpet, the company was founded on service and relationships. From its humble beginnings of 1,000 square feet in downtown Duluth, Georgia, over the next several years, locations grew and so did the number of employees. The company also began to expand into the sale of commercial and single-family homes.

In 1997 Frank Winter teamed up with Donny Phillips. Frank, who now serves as the company’s vice president, brought a wealth of technical and operational insights that helped the company move beyond the Gwinnett County market. In 2007, the company now known as Atlanta Flooring Design Centers moved to its new headquarters in Suwanee, Georgia. Over the next few years, the space expanded to include more showroom space, construction facilities, and an office warehouse complex. “In addition, we have added various builder selection centers to better serve our customers,” begins company founder and president Donny. “Atlanta Flooring has expanded into the Carolinas, Alabama and, most recently, Florida, with additional outlets in Chattanooga, Tennessee and Buford, Georgia.”

Today, the company has earned a reputation for reliability and exquisite taste. “Our professional installers are available seven days a week to get the job done right and on time. For projects that require a special schedule, we will work with you or your company to meet your project needs. With daily deliveries from our suppliers, we have the ability to ensure your equipment is ordered and installed efficiently,” he shares.

The company’s sales and design staff stay abreast of all flooring trends, allowing the company to offer whatever suits customers’ needs, while being guided by long-standing moral values. These include listening to the needs of its customers and then professionally providing services and materials at excellent value for money. “Honoring God and always treating others as we wish to be treated is our mission. This includes our relationships with suppliers, operating on mutual respect we are able to assess the product and work to ensure the correct application of the products. Additionally, by working with suppliers, we can better navigate through some of the uncertainties and challenges in supply chains today.

“Our retail, custom construction and commercial sales and design teams work with retail customers, facilities management, assisted living facilities, end users and architects to find products that meet their needs. and respective budgets. Our team of on-site quality management professionals ensure that projects run smoothly and issues are flagged up front to avoid delays and report any issues quickly,” he emphasizes.

Donny then discusses some of the specialties of the business. “At the moment there is a comeback in favor of laminates, which is a fascinating product development. The flooring industry cycle to ‘go down’ has in many cases hurt categories that, if a product has the right construction, will perform well,” he says. According to Donny, the new generation of RevWood-like products are keeping up with current trends and offering great value.

True to the theme of variety, Atlanta Flooring is also well versed in ways to improve the value of a home through flooring renovations, with hardwood being one of the main competitors. While not every room in your home needs hardwood floors to increase their value, they should be consistent, as potential buyers will walk away from homes with a jumble of different flooring styles, especially if they are all visible in the main areas. like the living room and hallways.

On the technology front, Atlanta Flooring is working on projects to standardize its showroom pricing based on barcodes as well as inventory management and sales processes at its point of sale. “We are also updating our online presence and working for greater exposure of storage products for online sales. Multiple locations allow inventory and selections to be available to our national partners. Our footprint also opens up opportunities with its vendors when they need a partner that can serve national accounts across multiple areas,” says Donny.

The company’s relationship with suppliers gives it the ability to partner in product development, testing and purchasing. “Being able to be involved in the color and build process from the start allows us to get a first look at the product. Interacting with our customers is also very helpful in trying to identify gaps in product offerings. products. When we see an opportunity, we reach out to suppliers for ideas and opportunities.”

Another example of how Atlanta Flooring helps its customers is through a cabinetry program it introduced with Cosmo Cabinets. The company recently expanded its inventory of cabinets to better supply customers who were struggling with supply issues and lack of availability. The commitment to inventory should pay huge dividends in this new opportunity.

On the people side, Donny shares that the success of the company rests 100% on its people. “If our culture doesn’t foster a strong desire to serve our customers, suppliers and others, we can’t be successful. Understanding the many exceptional traits that make up the company, we work to recognize the effort they put into their work and try to ensure that each person is placed in a position to maximize their talents. A hire for a position may find an opportunity in a different field and recognize that it is a challenge, but also an opportunity for growth,” he shares.

During the pandemic, this attitude towards a people-centric culture proved vital to ensuring the sustainability of the company. “We offered work-from-home opportunities and found that certain departments were able to thrive in this area. Now, as we return to a new normal, certain positions will have more flexibility in the future, and on top of that, we’ve found that the cash-and-carry business is an area where we’re seeing a strong growth as customers spend more time at home.”

Now looking to the future, Donny is excited about what lies ahead for 2022. , overall, we are looking at business areas, such as multifamily, where we have not been actively involved, as well as locations that make sense to explore so that we can manage our growth sensibly.

Atlanta Flooring is in a solid position to move forward with great promise and potential. Despite the impressive 37 years behind her, the opportunity for another 37-year run lies in smart growth and great relationships. Along with his employees, customers and suppliers, Donny is confident that the business will achieve fantastic growth, and we look forward to catching up with the business in a few years to see how this time has allowed Atlanta Flooring to grow. by force.

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