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September 20: Consumers are now reacting strongly against over-packaging. Recent studies also suggest that consumers value sustainability and the environment and keep them in mind when shopping, even during a pandemic.

Overwrapping means any packaging considered excessive and failing to fulfill a condition or function deemed necessary. An example of this is packaging that doubles or even triples the size of the actual product inside.

Negative points related to over-packaging

For some time now, it has been known that over-packaging has an extremely negative impact on the environment. The many problems that packaging poses to the environment include the depletion of precious resources, the effects on animal and plant species, and the number of raw materials and energy used in the production and recycling of excessive packaging.

Over-packaging also constitutes an economic cost which is passed on to buyers and then possibly to the waste treatment channels. For businesses, the inefficient use of resources means wasting more money. Adding layers upon layers of protective materials without recognizing their effect in terms of transportation costs, preservation requirements, or expected types of use or consumption is not entirely cost-effective, but several companies continue to do it.

Polyethylene, polyurethane, polypropylene, PVC or PET are among the most commonly used packaging materials. According to Greenpeace (2018), it is estimated that only 9% of plastics are recycled, 12% are incinerated and 79% end up either in landfills or in the environment, with more than 12 million tonnes each year dumped into the oceans. .

Now don’t get me wrong, protective materials like the ones listed above are very important and beneficial to your overall packaging solution, but the key is to incorporate them more effectively. If you can minimize the size of the package, you will need less protective material.

In order to limit the drastic impact that over-packaging creates on the environment, it is important that everyone favors the recycling and reuse of these products.

Use a custom packaging solution

So how do you avoid over-packaging? It’s easy, actually. Make the decision to apply a customized packaging solution for your products. With a custom packaging solution, you won’t have to worry about excess material scraps harming the environment, costing you more and leaving your customers totally unsatisfied. Custom packaging is uniquely created to fit your product and your product only, meaning the look and feel of your product informs the design process.

Additional Benefits of Custom Packaging

Not only does applying custom packaging help you avoid the overwrapping problem, but it also has many other benefits which you will see below:

Customer Satisfaction – By applying custom packaging solutions, you can ensure that your customers are not only satisfied with your product, but also with your packaging. By providing them with a pleasant unboxing experience, you can leave a lasting impression that will encourage them to order from you again.

Product Safety or Protection – Ensuring that your product arrives at your customer’s doorstep in the exact condition it leaves your warehouse is essential if you aspire to run a successful business. With a custom packaging solution, you can be sure it will. Thanks to a design formed around your product, there is no extra room in the packaging for your product to turn over and possibly break. A custom packaging solution relieves you of the headaches of worrying about the safety of your item.

Price -Efficiency – Because corrugated cardboard is sustainably formed from trees and old salvaged corrugated containers, it is quite cost effective to manufacture. It also has an industry recovery rate that has hovered around 90% in recent years.

So what does all of this mean for you and your business? It’s time to set up a tailor-made packaging solution for your products.

At Packman Packaging, we create custom packaging boxes tailored to your specific business needs. Gone are the days of thinking of your packaging as just an ordinary box. Start thinking about how you can improve your product while reducing over-packaging. With our design capabilities, Packman can ensure that you are able to do just that.

Packman’s design team will help you maximize the performance of your product during handling, storage and also shipping. By helping to design a solution around your specific needs, Packman Packaging will be able to help you meet the current challenges you face.

Packman Packaging has been helping companies make their packaging processes more impactful and efficient for over two decades. Contact Packman Packaging today to learn more about custom packaging. Packman Packaging Pvt Ltd is India’s leading manufacturer and supplier of bespoke corrugated boxes across several business segments including e-commerce, retail and FMCG.

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