Bolon’s Botanic flooring among the new additions to the Dezeen Showroom

Dezeen Showroom: Woven flooring designed to have a three-dimensional textile effect is one of 13 new products featured on Dezeen Showroom.

Bolon Botanic Flooring

Swedish flooring brand Bolon has added eight new colors to its Botanic collection of woven flooring, designed to be easy to maintain in commercial and residential interiors.

With colors designed to be mixed and matched, Bolon has made the flooring from fibers developed from vinyl weft yarns to give it a three-dimensional look.

Botanic was recently featured on Dezeen Showroom, alongside a geometric bookcase made of interlocking sheets of wood and a stool with a cantilevered circular seat.

Read on to see more of the latest products:

Photograph showing a white marble sink and bathtub

Face à Face bathroom collection by Jean Nouvel Design for Agape

Italian brand Agape collaborated with French architect Jean Nouvel to design an angular and sculptural bathroom collection named Face à Face.

Made from flat marble slabs available in white and black, the Face à Face collection includes a bathtub, a countertop washbasin, a wall-mounted washbasin and a pedestal washbasin.

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Green and natural wooden chairs by Billiani in a neutral showroom space

Edelweiss seating collection by Philippe Bestenheider for Billiani

Edelweiss is a series of chairs and stools created by designer Philippe Bestenheider for the Italian brand Billiani which refers to Swiss furniture design.

The backs of the Edelweiss chairs interlock with the seat and are available in upholstered options or in a perforated design.

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Altaj hinged door by SBGA Blengini Ghirardelli for Lualdi

Altaj door by SBGA Blengini Ghirardelli for Lualdi

Designed by Italian studio SBGA Blengini Ghirardelli for Lualdi, Altaj is a pivoting interior door that can be finished in a range of materials including woven leather and wood with patterned carvings.

The door panel projects from a bronze aluminum surround that sits flush with the wall, creating subtle depth and shadow.

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Yellow hexagonal pendant lights in a high ceiling open space

Static Links Acoustic Lighting by LightArt

Acoustic Statis Links is a modular lighting system with acoustic properties that can be arranged in different designs, created by the lighting brand LightArt.

Available in different color options, the geometric LED strip light modules come in X, Y, T and L shapes that can be mixed and matched for a custom lighting composition.

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Two Volar stools in white and green

Volar stool by Alexander Lotersztain for Derlot

Characterized by a cantilevered wooden seat, designer Alexander Lotersztain created the Volar Stool for Australian furniture brand Derlot to be simple yet sculptural.

The stool is available in two heights and features a circular American oak seat on a steel frame, which can be powder coated in a variety of colors.

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Zedo pink desk by Narbutas in a green painted office with parquet floor

Zedo Desk by Paolo Pampanoni for Narbutas

Created by the Italian architect and designer Paolo Pampanoni for the work furniture brand Narbutas, the Zedo desk offers customizable accessories and colored metal elements to add a touch of personality to the workspace.

Desk accessories include minimalist drawers, PET felt acoustic screens, power supplies and three different types of shelves.

Learn more about Zedo ›

Aura wooden pedestal fan in the corner of a room with large windows

Aura fan by Marco Gallegos for Ttato

Aura is a simple and clean looking pedestal fan designed by industrial designer Marco Gallegos to fit any interior space.

Available from German furniture brand Ttato, the fan features a 2.4 meter high tripod with a wood and aluminum fan head.

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Modern black fireplace in the middle of a cream living space

Ergofocus Holographik fireplace by Focus

French fireplace brand Focus has launched the Ergofocus Holographik fireplace, which produces holographic frames to create a “virtual fire”.

Designed to provide the visual appeal of a fire without safety concerns, the hearth of the fire pit rotates 80 degrees so it can be viewed from multiple angles.

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Cheft wooden interlocking bookcase by Studio Pousti in a living space with a matching table

Cheft Bookcase by Maryam Pousti for Studio Pousti

Designer Maryam Pousti created a geometric bookcase named Cheft for her architecture and design firm Studio Pousti.

The freestanding bookcase is made from 12 interlocking sheets of wood and is assembled without the need for nails, screws or glue.

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TO side tables black, gray, white and red by Plank

TO Side Table by Naoto Fukasawa for Plank

TO is an elegant side table made of 4 millimeter thick steel, designed by the Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa for the Italian design brand Plank.

The table has a circular top and base and is available in four powder coated finishes including Agate Grey, Quartz Grey, Red Black and Black.

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Dark blue, red and cream Bolon carpet tiles with wooden seat

Artisanal woven flooring collection by Bolon

Swedish flooring brand Bolon has added 10 vibrant colors to its Artisan collection of woven flooring, available in rolls or tiles.

The Artisan collection is designed to be easy to maintain, and users can mix and match tiles to create playful flooring designs.

Learn more about the craftsman ›

Two Lualdi doors in a teal painted hallway, one door is white and the other is finished in oak

Rasoline 55s door by Lualdi

The Rasoline 55s door from the Italian brand Lualdi features a decorative metal border that can be finished in natural aluminium, matte black, matte white and bronze.

Rasoline 55s is designed to be flush with the wall and both sides of the door can be finished in different materials to suit the room it is in.

Learn more about Rasoline 55s ›

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