Bravo Home Products presents the fall collection of large motorized screens for patios, pols and decks.

Large motorized retractable screen

Large motorized retractable screens

Large motorized retractable screens

Double garage door screen

Double garage door screen

Bravo Home Products presents the fall collection of large motorized screens. Offers a complete line of large motorized screens for patios and terraces.

VICTROIA, BC, CANADA, October 9, 2022 / — Bravo Home Products presents the fall collection of large motorized screens. Bravo Home Products offers a complete line of large motorized retractable screens for patios and decks.
New large retractable screens are available for residences and commercial businesses located in North America.
All shading solutions are custom designed for each customer. Custom awnings to fit windows, doors and large outdoor living areas with beautiful quality coverings.
Bravo Home Products will work with customers to create the perfect solution for very large openings. Bravo Home Products specializes in motorized large screens, screen doors, screen windows, outdoor screens and awnings.
Custom-made and installed by professionals, the large motorized insect screen solutions adapt perfectly to all large opening needs. With the ability to be surface mounted to existing structures or recessed into new construction, these stylish screens provide the perfect blend of indoor and outdoor living without the pesky pests.
Bad weather is no longer a threat when it comes to enjoying a living space with a manual or motorized option. Large retractable screens are designed to protect against the elements, creating a year-round oasis for every large opening space.
A house is much more than a living space within the walls. Outdoor spaces around the house can be transformed into pleasant spaces for relaxing and entertaining. From outdoor patios to conference rooms, Bravo Home Products works with customers to create spaces to maximize functionality. Create an enjoyable outdoor dining experience or a functional indoor meeting space, our large motorized screens are a great solution.
Bravo Home Products Large Retractable Screens offer a solution for integrating security features into indoor and outdoor living spaces. The screens conceal the property from outside viewers of the house or outdoors.
Bravo Home Products motorized large screens provide homeowners with the most comfortable and convenient outdoor experience possible, whatever the conditions of every day.
Bravo Home Products is proud to be the distributor of large screens for homeowners in Canada and the United States. For over 30 years, our technicians have been designing retractable screens across North America, helping residents get the most out of their homes.
Bravo Home Products specializes in upgrading properties with large, innovative retractable doors and screens that not only block out insects and other nuisances while letting fresh air in, but also retract into the wall and out of sight when they are not necessary.
Homeowners can easily lower these patio and porch screens using a remote control or wall switch to gain privacy and make their outdoor living space more comfortable.
All of our large retractable screens are highly customizable so they can fit any size, shape and style needed. Large retractable screens will keep bugs out and still provide a great view all year round.
Plus, Bravo Home Products will honor the full manufacturer’s warranty for the screens, keeping the investment protected over the years. Bravo Home Products has a reputation for going above and beyond to take care of our customers. To learn more about the benefits of having our large retractable screens for doors, awnings or windows, contact Bravo Home Products today. We will be happy to provide you with a free estimate over the phone, as well as a free consultation.
Bravo Home Products looks forward to assisting you with the design project! please call
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