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When we talk about wedding accessories, we’re usually talking about the bride-to-be, but the groom’s attire also deserves a bit of attention. There is no denying the importance of the groom’s wedding day look.

Whether he opts for a classic tuxedo or a casual suit, the look is an important part of the day. Don’t underestimate the power of printed socks, a pocket square or sassy umbrellas. There are many ways to enhance a classic suit or tuxedo with accessories that will make it stand out from the crowd.

Find ways to customize his outfit so that it looks like a perfect representation of his personality by selecting thoughtful groom accessories. From patterned ties to personalized cufflinks, the groom’s accessories can dramatically change the mood of his wedding attire.

The most common details a groom will need for their attire include: dress shoes, socks, ties, and cufflinks. I’ve rounded up some of the ideas I’ve seen brides wear on their wedding day to help find some cool and thoughtful additions to the attire of the groom, and perhaps the groomsmen too.


A boutonniere is usually a single flower that is pinned to the lapel of the groom’s jacket. A single flower or a bunch of mini flowers on the lapel of a jacket is so gentlemanly. When it comes to wedding accessories, the single flower boutonniere is one of the most iconic, but you’re not limited to flowers when it comes to your boutonnieres. Think of some original ideas that can range from brooches to paper flowers.


The options for wedding ties are seemingly endless. Ties are one of the best and easiest ways to create a coordinated look for your groom and groomsmen. Whatever dress code you’re looking for, from formal to casual black tie, there’s a tie (or bow tie) to match. The colors can match the bridesmaid’s attire or subtly complement their colors.


Watches are one of the few options that allow the groom to wear something special. It’s also a good day to give him the watch he may have been eyeing. Watches are always a welcome addition to her big day ensemble.


The fact that the socks aren’t on display all day, the groom can afford to go a little crazy with what he chooses to wear. Socks are the perfect way to let your personality shine.

pocket squares

This accessory will add a sophisticated touch to her outfit. You don’t have to wear a tuxedo to pull off a pocket square; men wearing a less formal wedding suit can also accessorize with a pocket square. A plain tie with a printed pocket square is a classic look. For a more modern and casual look, wear only the pocket square without the tie.


Shoes are one of the most important elements of men’s fashion: a lot can be said about a man based on the shoes he wears. They represent more than just a fashion choice; shoes show values, interests and lifestyles. Therefore, men should wear shoes that align with what the groom hopes to communicate on this big day.


Cufflinks are charming accessories that add a finished look to a suit. They are also a great detailed close-up for the wedding photographer. Many online stores offer personalized cufflinks, and they also come in a range of different materials and shapes!

Sun glasses

When the wedding takes place on a sunny tropical island, like Jamaica, sunglasses become an often included accessory. The primary purpose of this fashion accessory is to protect your eyes from the sun; there’s no denying that a pair of snazzy shades can make quite the fashion statement.


1. Tell your wedding photographer to take specific photos of the accessories worn by the groom. Photos of socks, close-ups of the tie and tie clip, or photos of the wedding party getting dressed are all moments and details you’ll enjoy looking back on.

2. Keep all of your groomsmen’s accessories in one place until you get to the prep location. That way you know it’s all there.

3. Groom’s accessories should not be an afterthought; whatever his style, wedding accessories for men can change the overall look of his outfit on the special day.

Double-rose-white buttonhole.

Personalized cufflinks.

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