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I first encountered home theater when I was in high school in the late 90s, when DVD was brand new and the 5.1 channel audio was mind blowing. My first system was all Sony gear, bought from Best Buy, and it did my mom’s basement
the place to watch movies. My friends and I crowded around my hilarious little 20-inch Sony Wega TV and had a blast. The screen size left something to be desired, sure, but my friends thought the audio experience was amazing. Thanks to my habit of inhaling all the audio and home theater magazines at the local bookstore, however, I knew my system was far from endgame. On the contrary, it was only a starting point of my journey. Before long, I had the upgrade itch, and even though I didn’t have the money for new hardware, I wanted to see and hear what else was there. My hometown of Greensboro, NC had no real hi-fi or home theater stores, and Best Buy had lost its appeal. My friend Drew had a legit stereo at home, which his dad Tom bought in the 80s – Vandersteen speakers and PS Audio electronics. Tom directed us to audio tips in Raleigh, which carried several of the high-end audio and home theater brands I had only heard of. My friend Lauren was the only one in our group with a car running enough to make the 90 minute trip, so we piled into her old Volvo station wagon and took off. I had to go there dozens of times over the years, not only because of all the material available to audition, but also because the people there never made me feel bad about wanting to learn more and listen to material that I clearly couldn’t afford. Now, years later, audio tips has partnered with Audioholics, and I couldn’t be happier to recommend the store to our readers. I have been recommending it to friends for years.

One of the coolest features of the Audio Advice website is a patent pending free service
home theater design tool, which designs your dream theater right before your eyes as you enter information such as room dimensions, speaker layout preferences, and ideal viewing distance. You can choose how many rows of seats you want, the type of projector and screen, and whether your speakers will be visible or hidden in the walls and ceiling. The tool makes it easy to visualize what everything will look like and offers helpful tips if you’re not sure what to choose. The tool can perform complex calculations in real time and tell you the optimal screen size, seating location, and speaker location for your room. At the end, you can save your design to receive custom measurements for your layout. Then you can work with the Audio Advice staff (via chat, email, phone, or in-store) for the final optimization of details, including individual product selections, room acoustic treatment, and more. But you can use these online tools for free even if you don’t buy anything from Audio Advice! Audioholics founder Gene DellaSala recently discussed this invaluable tool with Scott Newnam of Audio Advice on a live video.

Audio Advice talks about their NEW home theater designer

Projector Calculator – Find Projection Distance, Screen Size and Positioning Made Easy

Here is a brief overview of how to use the Home Theater Designer and associated Projector Throw Distance Calculator. You must first measure the dimensions of your part and enter this information by moving the sliders to adjust the tool’s virtual part. Next is the seating section, where you add the number of rows of seats you want and the number of seats per row. If you select two or more rows, additional sliders will appear to allow you to change the height and depth of your riser. Choosing which line you want to use as the “main line” will allow the system to maximize the performance of that line. Next, set the distance between the seats and the screen by using your mouse to move the seats or by moving the slider. You can also set the position and width of the aisle. After sitting down comes the video setup, which starts by asking if you’re using a projector or a TV. If you select a projector, you will be asked to enter the make and model, assuming you have already chosen one. If not, you can tell the tool to continue based on a non-specific generic fixture. This is where the projector throw distance calculator comes in. It will determine the ideal throw distance, projector placement, screen size and screen gain in your home theater, based on your individual plan. It’s a useful tool even if you’re not designing an entire home theater from scratch. Maybe you’re considering switching from a TV to a projector in your living room, or maybe you’re replacing an old projector in an existing home theater space. Either way, this tool relies on accurate data from Audio Advice’s in-house lab testing to help you get exactly what you need for your space. The tool will help you choose your screen’s aspect ratio, size, and gain, based on the type of content you watch most and the level of immersion you want.

Each selection has a pop-up window with a detailed explanation of that item, so even beginners will feel like home theater pros. If you want a more in-depth explanation, the Audio Advice website also has some incredibly helpful articles that go in-depth on a variety of topics, including how to choose the best screen, what screen size is right for you, and the differences between aspect ratios. If you’re new to home theater, you can determine your preferences based on where you like to sit in a commercial theater. For example, if you like to sit in the middle of the theater and choose a 16:9 aspect ratio screen, you’ll probably be comfortable with a 30-degree field of view. With a 2.40 widescreen, a 42 degree field of view will probably work for you. But if you’re sitting closer to the front in a commercial cinema, you might prefer a 36 degree field of view for a 16:9 screen and a 48 degree field of view for a 2.40 screen. The desired field of view, combined with the viewing distance, will determine the ideal screen size. The online tool makes all those complicated calculations incredibly simple. When the tool has determined an ideal projector mounting location for your room and screen, you can see the brightness (in nits) of a specific projector in your theater. If the resulting brightness is fully HDR compatible, the LED turns green. If your selected projector is not bright enough, the indicator turns yellow. You can move the projector forward and backward using the cursor (or your mouse) to see how different viewing distances affect the resulting brightness. You can also try this with a number of different projector models.

Choose your speakers and locations with ease

Once the video part of your cinema is perfected, you move on to audio. If you’re not sure what speaker layout you want, you can start by reading this detailed article on speaker layout options. The tool starts by asking you if you want in-wall or boxed speakers. If you choose in-wall speakers, you can choose to place your front speakers behind an acoustically transparent screen. You can select whether you want to use surround back speakers, front wide speakers and any number of height effect speakers and subwoofers. If you remove speakers or move seats, the tool automatically moves all speakers to their new optimal positions. If you manually move a speaker to a location that will not work properly, it will turn orange, indicating that it is out of specification. You can then make adjustments until its color returns to normal, indicating you are good to go.

AI Optimizer audio tips

One of the biggest challenges in theater design is finding the balance between a layout that delivers absolutely perfect results in the primary listening position and one that maximizes performance across all seats. Audio Advice’s proprietary AI algorithm solves this problem in a unique way, and you can view the sonic results of your setup by activating the sound disperse button. According to Audio Advice, “Most people will want to go as far as possible from AI optimized until the speakers turn orange to get the best performance for all seats while staying 100% within Dolby spec. for the primary listening position.”

Audio Tips HT Lines of Sight

At the bottom of the tool you will see a set of other buttons including a ruler showing you the main measurements as you build, a line of sight button showing you how the height of the screen is automatically adjusted for optimal viewing from all seats, and view buttons that let you see what the screen looks like from the primary viewing seat and what the room looks like from various other angles. When you save your design, you have the option to review it with a audio tips expert to ensure you get the best possible results. You can also get a printable version of all the measurements, including screen height, locations of all speakers and seats, and even the pole length you need for your projector. If you ask Audio Advice to install your home theater, you can work with the store staff to choose each product individually, or simply explain the type of experience you want and leave the details to the experts. If you’re doing it all yourself, the website is full of helpful how-to videos, design guides, product selection guides, and a fantastic Image Inspiration Gallery.

To try the Audio Advice Home Theater Designer tool for yourself, Click here.

If you just need the projector throw distance calculator, Click here.

Have you used these tools to design your home theater? Share your experiences in the forum thread below.

embarrassed posts on Nov 23, 2022 3:24 a.m.

audio tips free online home theater designer and Projector Throw Distance Calculator are powerful tools for designing the theater of your dreams. These tools produce custom designs based on your room dimensions and audiovisual preferences. Not sure what screen size you need or where to place your speakers? These invaluable tools take the guesswork out of designing the ideal theater.


Lily: home theater design tool


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61m Project Echo yacht concept by ER Yacht Design Tue, 22 Nov 2022 09:00:00 +0000

Canadian design studio ER Yacht Design has unveiled renderings of its 61-meter superyacht concept Echo Project. The motor yacht concept is described by the studio as “dangerously beautiful” and was designed for Turquoise Yachts in Turkey.Photo: ER Yacht Designthe yacht Echo Project is defined by its elongated lines that flow from bow to stern and integrate perfectly with its powerful sporty design. The semi-displacement yacht features uniquely sculpted surfaces around her hull and superstructure with large windows that give her profile a distinctive character. Echo yacht project by ER Yacht DesignPhoto: ER Yacht DesignThe design inspiration behind the long, wraparound side windows is the eye of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, with an emphasis on practicality. It keeps its large and high windows along its entire length to offer an incomparable view to the guests.Echo yacht project by ER Yacht DesignPhoto: ER Yacht DesignThe 899 GT superyacht features spacious and luxurious exterior decks that have been designed for entertaining. Her upper deck can accommodate up to 35 guests and her folding aft sides can be extended to provide an extravagant beach club with a 6 meter long swimming pool.Echo yacht project by ER Yacht DesignPhoto: ER Yacht DesignThe stairs from the main deck to the upper deck of Echo Project were designed around the pool and are not integrated into the superstructure. This means that the steps are slim with guests being able to see through the staircase, making it a feature rather than a hindrance.Echo yacht project by ER Yacht DesignPhoto: ER Yacht DesignEcho Project spans four decks with an impressive interior layout to match her exterior. Her spacious salon and dining area on the main deck are surrounded by full-height windows that flood the room with natural light and provide nearly unobstructed 300-degree views.Echo yacht project by ER Yacht DesignPhoto: ER Yacht DesignIn terms of accommodation, the superyacht Echo Project provides her owner with the upper deck to allow complete privacy and comfort. Her six remaining cabins are located on the main deck and feature luxurious full-height windows for a truly unique guest experience.Echo yacht project by ER Yacht DesignPhoto: ER Yacht DesignEcho ProjectHer efficient performance comes from her semi-displacement hull, which can be used as a displacement hull with smaller engines and a top speed of 17 knots. The fast-displacement hull is capable of reaching a top speed of 27 knots with a larger engine. Echo yacht project by ER Yacht DesignPhoto: ER Yacht DesignThis is the first collaboration between Turquoise Yachts and ER Yacht Design, and has been described by the yard in four words “restrained flair, unrestrained performance”. Turquoise Yachts currently has seven bespoke yachts under construction, six of which have already been sold.Echo yacht project by ER Yacht DesignPhoto: ER Yacht Design

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Maine’s Portland Museum of Art Unveils Shortlisted Design Proposals Mon, 21 Nov 2022 21:16:16 +0000

The four design teams vying for the commission to double the size of the Portland Museum of Art (PMA), in Portland, Maine, unveiled their visions as part of a public comment period. Pre-selected design teams led by Adjaye Associates; LEVER Architecture; MVRDV; and Toshiko Mori Architect + Johnston Marklee + Preston Scott Cohen were announced in August following a Request for Qualifications, launched in June, which invited architects and designers from around the world to submit their qualifications and intentions of interest for the design of the expanded museum.

Founded in 1882 as the Portland Society of Art, the PMA currently spans four historic buildings, including the Payson Building designed by Henry Cobb. The planned renovation will give the museum – the state’s largest and oldest art institution – a much-needed addition to expand its exhibition and collection space in the form of a new wing, while unifying the buildings existing belonging to the museum. Currently, the museum spans approximately 40,000 square feet, and after renovation it will be nearly 100,000 square feet.

As previously explained by the PMA, the Campus Unification + Expansion International Design Competition – developed and run by Dovetail Design Strategists in partnership with PMA – is to solicit designs for an addition that will house museum collections, exhibition space, a room to host events, performances, workshops and administrative offices, not to mention a rooftop sculpture park, café, photography studio, commercial-grade kitchen and loading dock.

While the design competition focuses on expanding the museum, existing historic buildings, including the remarkable Payson Building and adjacent Clapp House, the McLellan-Sweat Mansion and the Sweat Memorial Galleries will also undergo renovations.

Since the announcement of the shortlisted design teams, Phase II of the unification and expansion project has been completed. The architects visited the site, met with stakeholders and museum staff, submitted interim reports and presented their conceptual designs, which have now entered a public comment period.

The designs, models and videos produced by the shortlisted teams will be viewable at the PMA until December 11, with the winning team to be announced by the end of the year. Each of the shortlisted teams will receive compensation of $50,000 for their contribution and work during Phase II. The winning concept design will be further refined, taking into account community feedback.

Although at first glance the design proposals are visually quite different, they each promote similar themes, use sustainable materials, and wholeheartedly embrace the unification of campus buildings and the surrounding streetscape. The four design proposals are listed alphabetically below, with more information on each available online. The form for submitting comments is open until December 11. If you are in Portland within the next three weeks, designs are also available for in-person inspection.

Adjaye Associates (Courtesy of Portland Museum of Art)
staircase rendering
Adjaye Associates (Courtesy of Portland Museum of Art)
section showing the programming of the rooms
Adjaye Associates (Courtesy of Portland Museum of Art)

Adjaye Associates

Adjaye Associates, in collaboration with KMA, Michael Boucher Landscape Architecture, Atelier Ten and 2×4, envisions expanding the museum with recycled materials that complement the existing masonry. In a project statement, the design team explained that their concept was “guided by indigenous knowledge systems” and, therefore, uses local and earthly materials such as rammed earth and wood.

Inside, a grand staircase creates a focal point and guides circulation and movement through the museum, ultimately taking visitors to the roof where the design team proposed the installation of a roof garden, a sculpture park and a view of the Casco Bay and the city. At street level, a reimagined entrance on the High Street invites visitors into the existing Shaw Sculpture Garden.

rendering of the museum expansion with a bentwood structure
LEVER Architecture (Courtesy of Portland Museum of Art)
rendering of the museum expansion with a bentwood structure
LEVER Architecture (Courtesy of Portland Museum of Art)
rendering of interior wooden structure
LEVER Architecture (Courtesy of Portland Museum of Art)

LEVER Architecture

LEVER Architecture, alongside collaborators Scott Simons and Unknown Studio, Chris-Newell-Akomawt Educational Initiative, Openbox, Once-Future Office, Atelier Ten and Studio Pacifica, also produced a concept designed by Indigenous peoples. Drawing inspiration from the “connection with people and place” of the Wabanaki tribe, the design uses nature as an architectural element, visible during the summer solstice when the roof of the expansion is shaped to frame the sun and during the winter months when sunlight penetrates inside. Court.

Materials such as locally sourced wood, terracotta and granite feature prominently throughout. The expansion matches the height and shape of the existing Cobb-designed building with a curved, angled structure covered in wide swathes of windows that invite the outdoors in.

The project proposes to replace the administrative wing with an accessible public space, called “Free Street”. In addition to connecting structures and programming, this open space will bring a living room, creative spaces and a performance hall to the museum.

render of expansion stacked on top of building
MVRDV (Courtesy of Portland Museum of Art)
rendering of the front view of the museum expansion
MVRDV (Courtesy of Portland Museum of Art)
museum interior with artwork hanging on the walls and ceiling
MVRDV (Courtesy of Portland Museum of Art)


MVRDV, leading a team consisting of Simons Architects, STOSS, Institute for Human Centered Design, Pentagram, Atelier Ten and DVDL, is approaching the expansion with a “light touch”. Instead of designing horizontally, as other finalists proposed, the venture went vertical, with the addition comprising a series of volumes stacked on top of the existing building. Each of the volumes would host a unique function and be constructed with distinctive facade materials, resulting in a collage-like effect.

Throughout the design, underused or traditionally sparsely programmed spaces such as hallways, stairwells and lobbies are activated with artwork and installations. These movement zones merge to create programs and are vertically connected throughout the interior. This public thoroughfare – and its interstitial spaces – “provide Portlanders with space for creativity, display, gathering, and all manner of public expression.”

The new wing, given its proposed height, would become a highly visible part of the city. The use of informal spaces for art exhibition indicates an attitude that presents a contemporary art institution as “unpretentious, messy, transparent, expressive and a continuous work in progress”.

jagged roof with landscaped entrance
Toshiko Mori Architect + Johnston Marklee + Preston Scott Cohen (Courtesy Portland Museum of Art)
rendering of a glazed building
Toshiko Mori Architect + Johnston Marklee + Preston Scott Cohen (Courtesy Portland Museum of Art)

Toshiko Mori Architect + Johnston Marklee + Preston Scott Cohen

The team led by Toshiko Mori Architect, Johnston Marklee and Preston Scott Cohen, in collaboration with Simons Architects, Cross Cultural Community Services, Arup, Buro Happold, Hargreaves Jones and WeShouldDoItAll, offers an angular addition with a jagged roofline.

In a description of the project, the team – each of the well-known architects in their own right, now working together – said artists’ studios and the influence of natural light, as well as Maine’s marine industry, were the sources of inspiration for the design. The addition, an all-glass structure, pours sunlight into the galleries and exhibition spaces.

The original Cobb-designed portico of the building would be surrounded by the transparent addition, tying the contemporary design to the existing built fabric. Similar to other competing companies, the design also references Indigenous artwork and materials with a face of the addition clad in custom-designed glazing by artist Jeremy Frey that mimics the pattern of woven Wabanaki baskets.

A will report once the winning team has been announced.

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Bombay Design Center creates a one-of-a-kind artist platform for Camlin Mon, 21 Nov 2022 11:03:21 +0000

Kokuyo Camlin is a pioneer in manufacturing quality products made in India and loved by millions of artists for over 90 years. Camlin has partnered with design and technology company Bombay Design Center to create India’s first art and artist platform with content, creativity and commerce at its heart.

The platform is built on a bespoke technological architecture and a deep understanding of the needs of the artistic community; it’s a radically new take on an artist ecosystem and a transformative experience on every level.

Launched just a week ago, the community platform is in beta mode and has already seen its time spent on the platform jump by 300%. Going forward, the brand also aims to hold offline events for the community, bring 500-700 educational videos and run the iconic Camel Art Foundation competition with 50 lakh entrants on the platform.

Rishi Kakar, Director of Strategy and Marketing at Kokuyo Camlin, said, “ provides a safe place online where artists can connect with artists; On the brand and product side, for the first time in 9 decades, we are bringing together products from a wide range of over 1000 art supplies on one artist platform. The platform will provide clear and expert product information and recommend combinations to help artists improve their work. Our vision with the platform was to have an artist-centric approach and make the sales channel secondary. We are proud to have stayed true to our vision. We engaged Bombay Design Center as they were the only partner with deep expertise in strategy, design, branding and technology all under one roof. With one partner executing your entire vision and taking over post-launch photography, content and product management, it was easy, efficient and a pleasure for us to make this gigantic dream come true.”

Commenting on the work, Ankur Rander, Founder and CEO of Bombay Design Centre, said, “As one of the few companies in the country specializing in D2C brand experience design, we saw a unique opportunity for a community of artists. Every photo, every word, every interaction, and every nuance of the platform aims to make it a unique artist-centric experience. The experience is so simple and delicious that even kids love it. The backbone of this platform is technology. An example of this is the content management system which is custom built in-house. It personalizes the experience for each product category while ensuring a lightweight front-end experience. This platform is the foundation of Camlin’s D2C journey and will help them grow for years to come.”

Siddhesh Pednekar, Commercial Director of Bombay Design Centre, added, “The platform captures user behavior to understand the customer and personalize the experience. Our internal product management team will continue to analyze and manage this platform to introduce new features and experiences.”

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Getting a second look is part of the design at Studio Wraps – Brainerd Dispatch Sat, 19 Nov 2022 21:00:00 +0000

BRAINERD – Dan Lundberg decided to open his own store specializing in vinyl wrapping and custom design work in June 2020.

He has been in the design industry for nearly two decades and decided it was time to do something independent and opened Studio Wraps.

Lundberg is from Brainerd and loves the area. He moved to Baxter and Staples for a bit, but he never felt at home the way Brainerd did.

Lundberg graduated from Brainerd High School and went to college at Central Lakes College. He always had a passion for graphic design and majored in communications, arts and design while there. He describes design as his first project and evolved into printing and applying it to projects like vehicles.

Snap’n necks Steve, designed by Brandon Pfaff to promote Studio Wraps by saying “snap necks” on the wall inside the Studio Wraps store on Thursday November 16, 2022.

Sara Guymon / Brainerd Dispatch

One of the main goals of Studio Wrap is to grab attention and get that second look, which in the industry is called being able to “break your neck”.

“The phrase ‘snap necks’ means you took a second look so fast that you ‘break your neck,'” Lundberg said. “And that’s the experience we always provide to our customers. We put passion in everything we do. So that’s the fun part of it.

Studio Wraps offers a wide variety of services, but their primary focus is vinyl wrapping. They will also do banners and business cards, but want to focus on other services more relevant to Lundberg and its employees.

Although Lundberg has seen employees come and go throughout his two years in business, Brandon Pfaff has been with the company since the beginning. Pfaff is the lead designer at Studio Wraps and works on creating custom work. He often has a direct line of contact with the client in order to better understand what his vision of the final product is. Pfaff moved to Kentucky but continues to work for the company remotely as an offsite designer.

More designs and desktop space in Studio Wraps

Another office space with custom floor and wall designs inside Studio Wraps’ store on Thursday, November 16, 2022.

Sara Guymon / Brainerd Dispatch

Clients come from all over for different design-related jobs. Lundberg and his team of five full-time and one part-time employees work on land with vehicles like cars, boats and motorcycles. More recently, someone from Fargo, North Dakota brought their truck to the shop for some custom designs. This work included matte vinyl on the vehicle trim and custom North Dakota State University designs on the side of the vehicle and on the wheel covers.

Studio Wraps uses a heat gun to help form the vinyl to the surface they are trying to apply it to. Prior to application, they often line the area with knifeless tape, allowing them to cut out the shape without the need for a knife or shaping tool which could potentially damage the underlying surface. Precision is important, especially when applying the vinyl to an object like a vehicle, Lundberg said, and the team will often use flashlights to ensure the edges of the vinyl are secure and precise. In addition to vinyl placement, Lundberg and his team also work with printing and lamination.

Lundberg describes his team’s tasks as commercial or personalized. The design work on the truck would be considered custom, but they also put logos on the cars for companies that made the work commercial.

Custom can be a little more complicated than commercial, but Lundberg said their customers account for about 50% of both. There’s a lot more creative freedom with custom orders, and Lundberg compares the design process to a tattoo artist drawing a tattoo.

“Most of them I told as a tattoo,” Lundberg said. “OK it’s kind of permanent, not as much as a tattoo, but what would you like and be happy with for a while. So it’s up to us to say it looks good but in same time, it’s your approval level.

Office space inside studio envelopes

Office space next to vinyl rolls inside the Studio Wraps store on Thursday, November 16, 2022.

Sara Guymon / Brainerd Dispatch

Their work is not limited to vehicles either. Recently, Lundberg has been working more with flat designs like wall vinyl, window decals, and floor designs. They have worked for local businesses installing custom interior liners in Ernie’s bathrooms on Gull Lake. They will also install wall cladding for Nisswa Elementary School.

Lundberg also wants to encourage kids, teens and adults to get into vinyl design. On the upper level of the store, stations are set up to help beginners learn the basics of vinyl design. Lundberg also plans to develop the area a little more to sell the bases to those who want to get involved.

In addition to the stations in the shop, Lundberg also tries to give presentations on vinyl packaging and design to CLC students. He believes it’s important for young adults, even before college, to find something they’re passionate about and pursue it. Lundberg’s passion is design and although it’s not an easy industry to get into, he has remained driven and passionate.

“Well, I didn’t go there last year,” Lundberg said of CLC. back and introduce some tips, tricks and things on how to configure some of the vehicle models or how to configure items for the design.

Another unique experience that Studio Wraps likes to offer is events a few times a year. They have comedy shows and different events in the store at 5558 Pine Beach Road just west of Hwy 371 north of Brainerd for people to attend.

Lundberg hopes vinyl interior packaging will continue to become more popular in the future and that he can continue to experiment with different ideas around it.

SARA GUYMON, Brainerd Dispatch, writer, can be reached at 218-855-5851 or

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This font art tool is the easiest way to enhance your design Sat, 19 Nov 2022 09:00:00 +0000

Make your social media and home screen more beautiful with Fonts Art.

Image: Stack Trade

In a crowded market, businesses need to find ways to stand out and make themselves more attractive to potential customers. One of the best ways to do this is to use great design, and one of the easiest ways to revise your design without needing a ton of expertise is to use a tool like Fonts Art .

Fonts Art is an intuitive app that helps you customize keyboards, social media profiles, messages, and home screens on phones. Fonts Art’s brilliant keyboard lets you turn virtually any idea into a beautiful message that will be the envy of your friends and get your chatbots and SMS marketing off the page. You’ll have the option to choose from over 300 available fonts and use the Font Maker to create your own unique font to match your handwriting, adding a personal touch to every message.

From hard-hitting captions to compelling Instagram bios and immersive stories with Instagram Story Maker, you can experiment with your social media to see what really works with your followers. There’s even an icon maker and themes for your iPhone to completely redesign your screen to lean on your personal brand.

Fonts Art is compatible with all popular social media and texting apps: Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, iMessage, WhatsApp, Skype, TikTok and more. It’s the easiest way to give your social media a complete design overhaul. This is one of the main reasons why it has earned 4.6/5 stars on the iOS App Store and is ranked #18 in Utilities.

In our competitive world, you need to stand out with compelling design and branding. You can do this with a lifetime subscription to a Fonts Art Premium plan. Sign up today for 90% off $399 at just $39.

Pricing and availability are subject to change.

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The design agency market is booming in the world | Pentagram, Landor Associates, Ideo, Studio Dumbar, Lounge Lizard – La Revue C -Drone Fri, 18 Nov 2022 21:40:09 +0000

A new research report published by JCMR under the title Global Design Agencies (COVID 19) Can become the most important market in the world, which has played an important role in the gradual impact on the world economy. The Global design agency market The report presents a dynamic vision to conclude and research the market size, market hope and competitive environment. The study is derived from primary and secondary research and consists of qualitative and qualitative analysis. The lead company for this research is Pentagram, Landor Associates, IDEO, Studio Dumbar, Lounge Lizard, UPQODE, ​​DEPT, Think Company, ARTVERSION, Proof Branding, HOTSNOW, CROWDSPRING, IMARC, Fresh Tilled Soil, Smack Bang Designs, Tubik Studio, Grafik Marketing Communications, Laxalt & McIver

Get Free Sample PDF Report @:

Data Sourcing Technique We Follow: We used some premium sites to collect data.

Design agencies Perception Design agencies primary research 80 % (interviews) Design agencies Secondary research (20%)
OEM Data exchange
Supply side (production) Competitors linked to design agencies Design agencies relating to economic and demographic data
Suppliers and producers of raw materials related to design agencies Company reports related to design and publication agencies
Interview with a specialist linked to design agencies Government data/publications related to design agencies
Design agencies related to an independent survey
Design agencies linked to the intermediate side (sales) Distributors linked to design agencies Product source linked to design agencies
Design agency traders Design agency sales data
Wholesalers related to design agencies Design Agencies Custom Group
Design Agencies Product Comparison
Demand side (consumption) Personalized end users/Interviews Personalized data relating to design agencies
Sector Sector Surveys for consumer surveys Analysis of the design agency industry
Purchases Case studies related to design agencies
Reference clients of design agencies

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Note: Regional distribution and available section purchase.

Research methodology for the design agency industry:

Design agencies Primary research:

We interviewed various key supply and demand sources during the Primary research For qualitative and quantitative information relating to the report of design agencies. Key sources of supply include key industry members, subject matter experts from key companies, and consultants from many large companies and organizations working on the Global design agency market.

Design Agencies Secondary Search:

Design Agencies Secondary Research was carried out to obtain crucial information about the company’s supply chain, the company’s monetary system, the global company pools and the sector segmentation, with the lowest point, the regional area and the technology-oriented outlook. Secondary data was collected and analyzed to reach the total Design Agencies market size which the first survey confirmed.

In addition, the years considered for the study are as follows:

Historic year design agencies-2015-2020

Reference Designannée agencies – 2021

Design agency sector forecast period ** – 2022 to 2030

Some key research questions and answers:

What is the impact of Covid 19 on the world market for design agencies?

Before COVID 19 Global design agency market The size was xxx million dollars and after COVID 19, except to grow at X% and XXX million dollars.

Who are the main key players in the global design market of design agencies and what are their priorities, strategies and developments?

The lists of competitors in research are: Pentagram, Landor Associates, IDEO, Studio Dumbar, Lounge Lizard, UPQODE, ​​DEPT, Think Company, ARTVERSION, Proof Branding, HOTSNOW, CROWDSPRING, IMARC, Fresh Tilled Soil, Smack Bang Designs, Tubik Studio, Grafik Marketing Communications, Laxalt & McIver

What are the types and applications of the global design agency market?

Segment by type
– Logo and brand identity design
– Graphic design
– Interactive design
– Photography

Segment by application
– Manufacturing
– Health care
– IT and ITES
– Others

Note: Please share your budget by call/mail. We will try to meet your needs over the phone: +1 (925) 478-7203 / Email:

Segment purchase request for reporting agencies@

All percentage shares, breaks and classifications were determined using secondary sources and confirmed by primary sources. All the parameters that could affect the market covered in this study have been thoroughly investigated, researched through baseline surveys and analyzed to get the final quantitative and qualitative data. It involves the study of key quantitative and qualitative information through interviews with industry experts, including CEOs, VPs, directors and CMOs, as well as annual and financial reports of the main players in the market.


1 Summary of the report

1.1 Scope of the search for design agencies

1.2 Key market segments of design agencies

1.3 Design agency target actor

1.4 Analysis of the type design agency market

1.5 Market of design agencies per applications

1.6 Design agency learning objectives

1.7 Design Agencies Years Considered

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2 Global Growth Trends

2.1 Global Global design agency market Cut

2.2 Trends in Global design agency market Growth by region

2.3 Design Agencies Business Trends

3 global market share of design agencies per key players

3.1 Global design agency market Size by manufacturer

3.2 Global design agency market Key players Provide headquarters and

3.3 Main design agencies Products / Solutions / Services

3.4 Enter the barriers in Global design agency market

3.5 Design agencies Fusions, acquisitions and expansion plans


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Kingsdown applies scientific principles and technologies to the design and manufacture of its world-renowned mattresses Fri, 18 Nov 2022 10:07:30 +0000

The science of sleep

People will spend at least a third of their lives sleeping, so it pays to ensure mattresses are comfortable and promote restful sleep. This is the meaning of Kingsdown’s strategy, which specializes in the design and manufacture of a range of luxury mattresses.

Headquartered in Mebane, North Carolina, and now in business for 118 years, Kingsdown has ten manufacturing plants in the United States, employs more than 500 associates, and sells in more than 20 countries around the world. The company has manufacturing sites in Canada (which hosts R&D, manufacturing and production from the province of Ontario), Australia, Brazil, China, Malaysia, Mexico, Taiwan and Vietnam . It has representative offices in the UK, Hong Kong and Japan, and its revenue exceeds $100 million annually.

Sleep is big business. Mattresses do more than just cushion between the sleeper and the floor. A good mattress will promote restful sleep and last for years; a bad one will lead to pain and one night may be too much.

Kingsdown’s range of comfortable products ranges from its $699 Prime collection of “affordable luxury” to $8,000 designs in the Vintage collection. Its markets include individual home buyers, boutique hotel contracts and the interior design community.

“Product designs run the gamut, from innersprings, to hybrid, craft foam, premium latex, superior air systems, and even boxed bed solutions,” says Frank Hood, president and CEO of the direction of Kingsdown.

Finished mattresses are bulky and must be shipped by ground. With multiple facilities in North America, the company can serve its customers efficiently, quickly and with the lowest possible carbon footprint. Although not the largest mattress manufacturer on the planet, Hood sees this as a distinct advantage. “Our small size, combined with our large-scale capabilities, makes us an agile and flexible partner, and our speed to market allows us to meet the most ambitious challenges.”

Kingsdown is a forward thinking company. Whatever the price point, strategic analysis is the basis of the design and development of each product. Since its inception, the company has invested in technology to make its products better, more competitive and more attractive to buyers. Customer-centric product design is a collaborative process. Hood acknowledges that means it can take more time and create SKU complexity, but maintains that its personalized approach is worth it.

“As much of the industry moves towards centralization, automation and standardization, we still appreciate the hands-on attention provided by highly skilled and highly engaged associates,” he said. “We’ll do things on a personal level that the biggest brands just won’t take the time and trouble to do.”

Kingsdown is proud of its tradition of craftsmanship, but technology is integral. It sees distinct competitive advantages in its style and the quality of its materials and manufacturing techniques, which are very much driven by science and sleep testing.

“While we incorporate innovations in materials, construction and assembly techniques, we do so without sacrificing long-lasting performance and lasting comfort,” explains Hood. Product design is a customer-focused, collaborative process. Kingsdown argues that close business relationships and working with business partners can be complex, but it allows retail customers to ensure products meet specific needs in their showroom. The company continuously monitors the bedding market to spot emerging trends and identify new markets and opportunities.

Its advanced solutions are scalable across large retail networks, but can also be scaled to individual customers. The company claims its bedMATCH® app is the leader in consumer diagnostics. It uses 18 statistical measurements and over 10,000 scientific calculations combined with details of sleep preferences to provide personalized recommendations for products on the retail floor that will provide optimal postural support.

“Our product development process begins with X-Factor testing. Fourteen differently shaped trays work together to simulate body shape and mass, from the smallest to the tallest person. The support characteristics of the mattress are then measured and the performance curve data is entered into our database,” explains Hood. All Kingsdown mattresses are tested to ensure they meet appropriate support standards. “Our patented Online Comfort and Support Analysis (ICSA) system is the first in the world to measure every mattress to ensure the desired level of support is provided, every time.”

No Kingsdown mattress is delivered to a consumer’s home or a retailer’s showroom unless it meets ICSA standards. All test results for each product are recorded and maintained in the system and each manufactured item is tracked.

“These processes are unheard of in our industry, but Kingsdown is committed to exceeding industry standards, so our manufacturing integrity is of the utmost importance,” he says. “Kingsdown has been a ‘smart company’ for over 20 years, developing smart mattresses, the scientifically rigorous bedMATCH® process and our patented ICSA system. Lately, we’ve gone further in generating and using data insights in all aspects of our organization, from market strategy to specific customer insights. »

This has enabled the company to respond with agility to the difficult market conditions of recent years – and it has never stopped thinking about development and innovation. Growth is a permanent objective, both organically and through acquisitions; Kingsdown is constantly on the lookout for other businesses that will complement its existing capabilities, help it enter new markets or provide it with a competitive advantage. Licensing to manufacturers in Europe and Asia is another avenue of development. In addition to business sustainability, environmental responsibility is also a priority.

“We pride ourselves on sustainably sourcing natural materials, such as organic cotton, Joma wool, Canadian wood, and coil systems made from recycled steel. Zedbed, our artisan partner for foam beds, sources natural, sustainable latex and uses low-emission processes. We have comprehensive recycling programs at all of our facilities and the Kingsdown Group operates to Mattress Recycling Council and Forest Stewardship Council standards,” says Hood, adding in conclusion: “As consumers continue to evolve in their purchase, Kingsdown has many exciting developments on the horizon, and technologies like bedMATCH® are positioned to exceed their expectations.

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Fort Worth Aerodynamic Design Laboratories Aims to Help Delta Air Lines Save Fuel and Reduce Carbon Emissions with “Drag Reduction Kits” » Dallas Innovates Thu, 17 Nov 2022 19:15:44 +0000

Flying an airplane can be a drag on the plane. Wind turbulence on the body of an airliner can create drag that increases fuel consumption, which increases costs and emits more carbon into the atmosphere. Now, a Fort Worth company is working to reduce that drag with kits developed by high-tech computer modeling. The result could be a win-win for airline bottom lines and the environment.

Aero Design Labs, based in Fort Worth, uses proprietary fluid dynamics software systems to create custom drag reduction kits for Boeing 737s, aircraft originally designed long before the emergence of advanced drag reduction technologies. streak.

“Unlike other fuel-efficient products, our design focuses on the entire airframe to deliver the best result,” ADL chief commercial officer Chris Jones told Dallas Innovates.

“We start at the farthest point upstream where the air is most disturbed, then design and iterate a series of improvements that work together to smooth the airflow and move it efficiently through the fuselage until get him off the plane,” Jones said. “Each part of the kit plays a role in capturing and redirecting airflow, providing a holistic solution to reducing drag.”

Pursuing additional FAA certifications

Partial view of the Aero Design Labs drag reduction kit installed on a 737-700 aircraft. [Photo: ADL]

Modifying anything on an airliner requires a rigorous approval process with the Federal Aviation Administration. Aero Design Labs received its first STC – a supplemental type certificate reflecting FAA approval of a modification – in May 2022. It was a drag reduction kit developed for Boeing 737-700s operated by WestJet Airlines.

Jones said Transport Canada is in the process of approving his company’s STC. “Once cleared, we expect WestJet to reinstall the kit on its aircraft and return it to revenue service,” he added.

Now, Aero Design Labs is seeking FAA approval in a partnership with one of the world’s largest airlines.

Partnership with Delta Air Lines

Chris Jones, Business Manager at Aero Design Labs [Photo: ADL]

On Tuesday, Aero Design Labs and Atlanta-based Delta Air Lines announced a memorandum of understanding that strengthens their partnership to certify Boeing 737-800s and 737-900s with ADL’s ADRS drag reduction kits.

The certification process for the 737-800 is expected to begin in the first quarter of 2023, followed by the 737-900 in the second half of 2023. Delta Air Lines 737NG fleet,” Delta announced Tuesday.

Mahendra NairSVP of TechOps Operations & Supply Chain Management at Delta, appeared at an announcement event in Washington, DC to discuss the project.

“Delta is excited to expand its partnership with ADL to test and certify the 737-900ER and 737-800NG drag reduction kits, continuing our investment in improving fuel efficiency and durability,” said Nair in a statement.

ADL’s Jones added that the partnership was “formed by Delta Air Lines and Aero Design Labs to contribute to the International Air Transport Association’s 2050 net zero reduction goals.”

The deal announced Tuesday gives Delta Air Lines the option to purchase up to 211 Aero Design Labs ADRS kits, ADL said.

Build “Original Aircraft High Definition Map”

ADL’s drag reduction kits have been developed with technology that did not exist when the Boeing 737s were first designed.

“Our kits are designed and developed with technology that was either not available at the time of manufacture or completely cost prohibitive,” Jones told us. “The 737 was designed long before sophisticated computers and CFD modeling were used in aircraft design. By creating a high definition digital map of the original aircraft, we are able to examine the original aircraft design and zoom in to see areas that were previously overlooked. We dial in a level of detail using Computational Fluid Dynamics which allows us to see disturbed airflow and improve in certain areas with our kits.

Aero Design Labs works with partners to deliver its kits

Founded by Executive Chairman Lee Sanders in 2015, Aero Design Labs partners with “highly specialized in their field” business partners to help develop and deliver the drag reduction kits.

“ADL has a very lean and efficient operating model,” Jones said. “We have a core of engineers who do our basic research and development, but we can rely on our partners for a significant part of our business.”

“Our CFD modeling is done by a company in the UK, under the supervision of our engineering team,” he added. “NORDAM in Tulsa will begin manufacturing the kits next month and, when complete, will turn the kits over to AAR, which is responsible for paint, distribution and 24-hour service parts support to customers. “

“We like this lean model because it allows us to have low overhead, while leveraging the scale and reach of highly valued business partners,” Jones explained. “Everyone has their swimming lane.”

Only works on 737 planes – for now

Jones said ADL is working on kits only for Boeing 737 variants at this time.

“Our goal is to deliver the highest level of benefits for saving fuel and carbon emissions,” Jones said. “Our proprietary process allows us to iterate designs in a computer and evaluate the benefits. This allows us to tinker with various combinations to deliver the greatest improvement.

“Each aircraft type in the 737NG family has a slight variation in our basic kit, but the basic design is the same,” he added. “As we move into other aircraft types, we will need to design and iterate an entirely new kit based on identified areas of opportunity.”

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  • The STEM-focused nonprofit wants to help girls become the innovators of the future.

  • The first TOCA Social was launched last August in London, attracting ‘Ted Lasso’ actors and top Premier League players. The Dallas location, slated to open in 2023, will offer an interactive dining, drinking and football game experience across three floors of 56K-SF in 34 “TOCA boxes”. The two upper floors and their huge terraces will offer “crazy” views of the Dallas skyline and could be a focal point for corporate events.

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Design’N’Buy has released the latest version (4.2) of its flagship software – Web2Print all-in-one Thu, 17 Nov 2022 02:51:13 +0000

Design’N’Buy – an innovative, reliable and experienced provider of web-to-print solutions worldwide, has released an improved version of its popular product – AIOW2P (All-In-One Web2Print) Version 4.2 on November 15, 2022 .

Design’N’Buy is known for always working on their solutions as they strive to give the best and latest to their customers. Therefore, it has come up with cool and improved features for its flagship software – AIOW2P which are worth exploring.

Visit for more information:

“Every time we’re done with a release, people ask us what’s next. They are also eager to know what exciting new features are we going to offer them in the next updated version of their favorite web-to-print solution because with each update things become much easier and beneficial for them. Therefore, our clients and customers are much more eager than us to explore the new features of AIOW2,” shares Nidhi Agrawal, Founder of Design’N’Buy.

Design’N’Buy’s Web2Print V 4.2 all-in-one was already a success, but to make it more interesting, the makers of AIOW2P V 4.2 have added some extra features that will make it a must-have addition to your store if you own a printing business.

First of all, the latest version of AIOW2P now has an improved image color detection feature that will allow customers to effortlessly identify the exact color of their uploaded images or logos. Version 4.2 is now enabled to recognize and detect colors on its own and even provide options to change that particular color. Additionally, the user can also set the pixel value until the desired color is detected using the slider controller.

Secondly, there is good news for admins because AIOW2P version 4.2 will now allow admins to make public any “admin album” (accessible to all design studio customers) as a whole or for a specific view of the store, from the background. In addition to this, an update for product quantity pricing is also improved in the latest version of AIOW2P where product pricing will now be displayed based on the selected quantity, and by this selected quantity, the “price unit” and the “printing cost”. ” will be split and displayed separately.

Then there are many more tiny but important updates in features such as a 3D preview of the custom sized packaging box with a closed/open lid, margin adjustment UI to position a margin in the customization profile, a QR code that will allow workers to download a PDF version of the worksheet, improved opacity setting to make adjustments in images both in the design studio and the output file, and last but not least – more than 50 designs of packaging products from different and most famous industries which can be modified according to customers’ desires.

Further explaining the need for this latest all-in-one Web2Print release, Nidhi Agrawal adds, “Every release of ours is an effort to make web printing easily accessible and convenient for our users without the help of a expert.” We make sure that each version offers something new and better for our users and eliminates any kind of problem they faced in the previous one. So we try to perform testing several times before releasing even a minor update for our users.”

The latest version of Design’N’Buy’s All-In-One Web2Print is already in action and if you want to know more in detail, you can visit their site or and request a demo personalized free to know what more you will get with AIOW2P version 4.2.

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