Custom products – Custom Stroy Tue, 07 Dec 2021 22:10:33 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Custom products – Custom Stroy 32 32 Butler Dynamics, LLC dba Butler Mobility Products is proud to announce EXCLUSIVE North American distribution agreement with Hawle Treppenlifte Tue, 07 Dec 2021 21:18:19 +0000

Butler-Hawle Custom Indoor Curved Stairlift

Butler Mobility Products and Hawle Treppenlifte enter into an exclusive agreement in North America, combining 150 years of experience in providing quality bespoke stairlift solutions.

The quality of the Butler 750 lb (IPL) Inclined Platform Lift is unmatched. The average lifespan of a Butler elevator in service is 23 years. Now we have continued with our belief in unsurpassed quality. Butler Mobility is pleased to announce an exclusive distribution agreement in North America with Hawle Treppenlifte. This partnership resulted in the Butler-Hawle curved stairlift.

Butler Mobility Products looks forward to providing its dealers with the highest quality curved stairlifts available on the market. This German made stairlift allows for a custom fit and is very easy to install and maintain. Together, between Butler Mobility Products and Hawle Treppenlifte, there are 150 years of experience. As a Butler-Hawle, the goals are to:

  • Provide a competitively priced product in North America
  • Set up a complete inventory of Butler-Hawle spare parts
  • Dramatically improve delivery times for outdoor and indoor units
  • Create maintenance strategies for continued revenue for dealers
  • Use advanced measuring and scanning technology to increase speed and improve photo survey process
  • Set up a “chat” feature on our website.

Discover our wide color options on

Contact Marcus Marpoe at 717.395.6030 or by email

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CDI Energy Products, EROG and Sadeem Investment announce joint venture to expand CDI with new manufacturing facility in Middle East Tue, 07 Dec 2021 10:00:00 +0000

CDI energy products logo

A sampling of several products designed, developed and manufactured by CDI Energy Products

Examples of high performance polymer products designed, developed and manufactured by CDI Energy Products

The joint venture will supply high-performance polymer products for critical services in the Middle East and build a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

We recognize the achievements of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 mission and strive to play an active role in creating economic opportunities, healthier employment opportunities and long-term prosperity for all.

– Mohammed Abduldayem, CEO of EROG

HOUSTON, TX, UNITED STATES, December 7, 2021 / – CDI energy products, Inc. (CDI) has announced the formation of a new joint venture between CDI and its international partners Earth Reservoir for Oil and Gas Ltd. (EROG) and Sadeem Investment. The joint venture will operate with a mission to supply high performance, service critical polymer components to the Middle East. CDI will soon announce a location for the construction of a 4,400 square meter state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

The new state-of-the-art, high-performance polymer products manufacturing facility will enhance CDI’s capabilities in the Middle East and support the transition into the global energy market. The facility will produce polymer products made from elastomers, thermoplastics and composites. Local manufacturing capabilities will include compression molding, advanced machining and turning, overmolding and gluing, enhanced by custom design, application engineering and materials labs. CDI will also support customers with on-site material testing and certification capabilities to ensure compliance with critical material specifications. Employing approximately 100 people when fully operational, the facility will provide improved distribution to its multi-market customers while reflecting CDI’s high production and safety standards that have been refined over more than four decades.

“The expansion into Saudi Arabia is part of our continued commitment to support continued market strength and global customer demand,” said Richard Stone, Managing Director of CDI Singapore. Stone oversees CDI’s initiatives in Asia Pacific and the Middle East and leads the development project as the company seeks to hire local talent for leadership and administrative roles. “Our Phase 1 strategy is to support the upstream, mid-range and downstream energy market with a focus on natural gas and products for rotating, pressure-containing and controlling equipment such as high-pressure seals. and temperature, valve stems, packing materials, wear rings, bushings and spring seals. Subsequent phases will focus on the global growth of renewable energy, power generation and distribution, and water treatment, as well as future growth targets in aerospace and other industrial applications.

CDI’s new facility will be located in the city of Dammam in Saudi Arabia, the epicenter of many new technological developments, infrastructure improvements and sustainability initiatives for the Middle East region. “We are delighted to see innovative projects taking shape under Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030. We recognize the accomplishments of this multi-year mission and strive to play an active role in creating economic opportunities, healthier employment opportunities and long-term prosperity. for everyone, ”says Mohammed Abduldayem, CEO of EROG.

CDI is a long-time champion of sustainability with its existing manufacturing facilities powered 100% by renewable energy, with the goal of reducing its total environmental impact by 30% by 2030. The Saudi site will adhere to the high standards of CDI for safety and sustainability. , with a desire to minimize CO2 emissions, reduce water and energy consumption, increase recycling and reuse and reduce plastic waste.

“The opening of our new factory in the Middle East region represents a significant investment for CDI and demonstrates our commitment to regional manufacturing. As a global manufacturer, having local facilities allows us to better serve each of our customers with expertise that understands the critical demands of the region, ”said Ravila Moodley, Director of Finance, Advanced Sealing Technologies, Divisional Leadership for CDI. “We are excited to work with the world-class workforce in the Saudi Arabia region and support local communities with workforce development, training and more. “

The increase in production capacity will also enable CDI to provide cutting-edge solutions with reduced delivery times, thus strengthening its reputation as a reliable partner for customer projects in the energy market and beyond. In addition to employing local men and women, CDI will use smart manufacturing technologies and automation to improve efficiency and production capacity.

For more information on CDI’s full suite of materials science, custom engineering, and vertically integrated manufacturing capabilities, visit or contact Kari Schoeffler by email

Earth Reservoir for Oil and Gas Ltd. (EROG) is a Saudi company specializing in the supply and services of the energy industry. Over the past 8 years, EROG has been a successful partner of many international oil and gas companies that have been introduced to the Saudi market. EROG continues to thrive and seek new business opportunities, technological advancements and know-how transfer in the Saudi Arabian market in accordance with Saudi Vision 2030. For more information on EROG, please visit or contact Alanoud Aleidi by email at

Sadeem Investment is a private industrial investment firm based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It focuses on investments that drive technology localization in Saudi Arabia and has a demonstrable track record of growth and return on investment across a range of the kingdom’s energy sectors. Under the guidance of local energy market experts, the company has built a diverse investment portfolio with international partners seeking to expand their markets by establishing an industrial footprint in Saudi Arabia and is ready to transfer its expertise into the region. For more information about Sadeem, please visit or contact Sami Albaqami by email at

Kari schoeffler
CDI energy products
+ +1 832-785-9304
write us here
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These are the MTB products you didn’t know you needed Mon, 06 Dec 2021 14:43:28 +0000

Think you’ve seen all the mountain biking world has to offer? Think again. We’ve compiled a list of some truly unique products to add to your wishlist this holiday season.

Insta360 OneR Action Camera

Still POVs are great, but have you tried a 360 ° action camera? If you are more of a creative person who could benefit from the possibilities of a 360 camera and a multitude of media, then the Insta360 is worth a try. The price is on par with other top action cameras and the battery, image quality and stabilization are also top notch.

MSRP: Starting at $ 255 (current sale price). Available from the Insta360 site.

Hopper ATV Portable Jump Ramp

Photo: Mountain Bike Hopper / Amazon

This portable and adjustable ramp makes it easy to work on your progress at home or anywhere really. Tilt the ramp up to make it a kicker, or get two and practice doubles.

Starting at $ 555. Available on Amazon.

MTB Vibes Upcycled Bike Parts Jewelry

Photo: Joanna Yates

MTB Vibes is more than a jewelry brand, it’s an art of living! This one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry is made from recycled bicycle parts combined with gold coins and modern shapes creating flashy and trendy earrings for the badass shredder. Joanna Yates, owner and creator of Mountain Bike Vibes started the brand when she noticed that many bike parts were thrown away and not recycled. “After working at Thunder Mountain Bikes, I noticed that they were getting rid of a lot of bike parts that I could use to recycle and make some cool jewelry. I recycle used chains, tubes and spokes to make jewelry that doesn’t look like it came from a dirty ATV.

Earrings from $ 22.00 on Etsy at MTBVibesJewellery.

Mucky Nuts mudguard

What can be unique about a fender? Well, this one covers the front tire more than the others, allowing the rider to keep their eyes peeled for all the sliding fun. It’s also made from recycled plastic, and the sturdy spoon is stiff enough to stay quiet no matter how bumpy the trail gets.

The Mucky Nutz short wings cost £ 20.00 ($ 12.95) and the long slab costs an additional £ 5. You can add colorful decals on sides that match your bike’s aesthetic for £ 4.50 or order fully personalized printed fenders for your crew at a minimum of 100 pieces.

MSRP: Starting at $ 12.95. Available at Competition cyclist and other online retailers.

Nordic pocket chainsaw

Photo: Nordic pocket saw / Amazon

Downed trees can be depressing. With this handy pocket saw you can cut or tear off smaller trees and branches that have fallen on the trail with your own hands. Featuring heat-treated high carbon steel teeth, this pocket saw is small and light enough to carry in a backpack with a claimed weight of just 4.7 oz (at a length of 25.6 in) .

MSRP $ 49.00. Available at Amazon

Ombraz Leggero armless sunglasses

These sunglasses from Ombraz look like a pair of normal shades from the front. From the side, however, it’s clear that something is missing, and for bikers, that’s a good thing. Instead of the temples, the Leggeros feature an adjustable drawstring to keep the lenses in place and on your face. Say goodbye to pinches and headaches from a helmet, and keep your glasses safe where they belong – even on the roughest trails.

MSRP: $ 140, on sale for $ 120. Available from Ombraz website.

PNW Fern Kids dropper post

Chances are, your child’s bike doesn’t have a dropper post yet. Young riders can benefit just as much as rents, if not more. Most of the kids we know like to ride with their seats slammed low for easy jumps and jibs, but as soon as the climbs start it’s all a frown and legs in grape jelly. The PNW Fern allows adults to store the hex wrench during the ride and effectively ends the saddle battle. No more excuses kids, it’s time to climb.

MSRP: $ 199. The PNW Fern is currently out of stock, but available on the waiting list at PNW components.

POC Consort mtb overalls

Bib shorts and chamois are one thing for the bike, so how about a pair of overalls / overalls? These are sure to cover your crack and make great track work clothes as well.

MSRP: $ 499. Available at Competition cyclist and other online retailers.

Internal Routing Tool Pro

Betcha doesn’t have one in your toolbox. This nifty little tool seeks to prevent tears associated with internal home cable routing. It also includes tools for working with the electronic shifter and e-bike cables so that it stands the test of time.

MSRP: $ 59.99. Available at the hinterland.

RevGrips suspension handles

RevGrips, basically handles that move slightly back and forth, much like turning an off-road motorcycle, although a lot less than you probably think. The main purpose of the movement is to reduce hand fatigue and arm pumping. As Rev notes on their website: “Your hands are already moving on stationary handles. This is why you have blisters, hand fatigue, an arm pump, etc. You are trying to grab a stationary object as your body struggles trying to hold on to you. The RevGrips make it much easier to control your bike, with the hands moving as before, except with your grip rather than against it. The handles are made in the USA and are fully rebuildable.

MSRP: $ 89.95. Available at Global cycle.

Shred Til Bed – Animal Alphabet ATV

Photos: Léa Barbier

This ABC book of Kids Ride Shotgun will make your little shredder of adventures on earth dream! Bright colors and energetic graphics make learning about animals and cycling fun. Seussian’s short rhymes are simple and catchy for beginning readers. Young riders might even learn all the mountain biking lingo before their first wheelie. And yes, there is an animal that begins with an X in the photo making a sick “x-up”.

MSRP: $ 29 hardcover. Available from Children’s hunting rifle.

Sprindex adjustable rate coil spring

The folks at Sprindex have created a coil spring that eloquently allows riders to change the spring rate without touching any tools.

MSRP $ 140. Sold to Competition cyclist.

Topeak Versa frames

Photo: Jeff Barber

Topeak Versa frames make it easy to add a bottle cage to any frame or fork. Plastic ratchet straps and rubber sleeves easily fit painted parts and hold better than similar products we’ve seen. Pair a pair of racks with a Topeak Ninja Bottle Cage to manage tool storage and tire changers for next level storage.

MSRP: $ 10.95. Find on Jenson United States of America.

Trail Maps Art Prints

Photo: Trail Maps / Etsy

Most mountain bikers we know are card geeks too. These handmade trail map prints by showcase popular riding spots in the UK and around the world with so much information, simplified and embellished. Put it in a frame and bang, you’re an adult with sophisticated taste, even if it’s hanging over a futon.

Starting at $ 20.76 (unframed). Available at Etsy.

Yakima hangover 6

Large groups are back! This Yakima large bike rack Holds six bikes vertically and mounts to your vehicle’s tow hitch. Now the only question is how – and if – you’re going to put all those sweaty butts in there for the ride to the trailhead.

MSRP: $ 899. Sold to REI.

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SLINTEC to Generate Export Revenue for Sri Lanka Using Graphene Products Sun, 05 Dec 2021 23:31:40 +0000

Breathtech S3 face mask

Graphene enhanced ISS battery

The Sri Lanka Institute of Nanotechnology (SLINTEC), Sri Lanka’s leading public-private research institute and a pioneer in nanotechnology and advanced technology research in the country, has once again innovated in another pioneering endeavor , that of conceptualizing and creating remarkable products incorporating graphene, a material which, over the past decades, has been mostly hidden in research laboratories and called the “wonderful material”.

Graphene has witnessed a resurgence of interest among the investment community for its avenues of commercialization. This is because graphene is two hundred times stronger than steel and incredibly flexible, very promising for anti-corrosion coatings and paints, efficient and precise sensors, faster and more efficient electronics, flexible displays, efficient solar panels, composite materials with applications in automotive, defense and aerospace industries, high strength concrete, renewable energy storage battery anode material, high capacity supercapacitors, etc. . The global graphene market value is expected to reach $ 1 billion by 2027.

SLINTEC Managing Director Dr Nareshkumar B. Handagama said: “Sri Lankan lode graphite is the best material for commercial graphene processing, while the island is also the only commercial producer of lode graphite, with the highest purity graphite with a carbon content of 97-99.5%.

“Sri Lanka could very well lead the charge in terms of graphene integrated products that could revolutionize our way of life. As such, SLINTEC pioneered the processes to convert graphite to graphene and bring the products to market.

SLINTEC having created a patented economically viable method to process graphene at one of the lowest processing costs in the world, has already set up a joint venture with Ceylon Graphene Technologies Ltd. (CGTL) to mass manufacture graphene for global demand by adding value to local products. Mineral Graphite, where CGTL has already started supplying customers in the US and some EU countries.

Currently, a “modular factory” with an investment of over $ 2 million has been set up at SLINTEC Technology Incubation Center with capacity for expansion. Further commercializations in this area are planned with potential joint ventures.

The new line of projects involving graphene is testing tailor-made anode materials to conduct battery component tests. Dr Handagama explained that “the goal is to make very efficient batteries with local graphite”. The potential is immense in the field of renewable energy storage battery applications.

The world’s first graphene-based lead-acid battery was also developed by SLINTEC in conjunction with Associated Battery Manufacturers (ABM) Exide battery targeting the automotive battery market. This graphene-based battery has a significant improvement in life cycle.

SLINTEC’s work with graphene has also proven to be very beneficial for an integrated sensor face mask, developed in collaboration with CirQ Labs; a high-tech innovation hub specializing in healthcare solutions and the Hirdaramani Group. Entitled BreathTech-S³, this smart mask features a sensor that measures respiratory rate, fit and carbon dioxide buildup while providing alerts via the app, alerting the wearer to potential risk markers.

Another is graphene supercapacitors, a device used to store energy in large amounts minus the weight and bulk of non-graphene types. “There is a huge national and international demand for these high capacity capacitors. If you combine these two capacitors and high efficiency storage devices, you can meet any power supply, ”explained Dr Handagama.

SLINTEC conducts research mainly on; energy, printed electronics and sensors, minerals and composites, rubbers, plastics and new polymers, textile materials and processing technology, advanced agricultural technology. He has currently partnered with the Ministry of Technology and private sector institutes including MAS Holdings, Brandix Lanka Ltd., Browns PLC, Camso Loadstar Ltd., Dialog Axiata, Hayleys PLC, Lankem Ceylon PLC and LOLC PLC.

SLINTEC aims to bring to market a range of local solutions using graphene, generating revenue and paving the way for Sri Lanka to become one of the leading exporters of graphene products, and position SLINTEC as a research leader. and development. hub of the region.

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Oklahoma Made: Garden Deva Products Add Style to Your Home and Garden | Home & Garden Sun, 05 Dec 2021 20:00:00 +0000

Garden Deva’s metal trees are a unique way to decorate your home for Christmas.

Courtesy, Jardin Deva

Garden Deva products will bring an air of whimsy to your home with their products this holiday season.

For more than two decades, Garden Deva – founded by Tulsa artist Lisa Regan – has provided unique ironwork to homes and gardens across Oklahoma. Since Regan’s retirement in 2017, new owners Kari and Bobby Babcock have pursued Regan’s vision by creating metal artwork in-house, teaching metalworking classes, and hosting marketplaces. art in their Third and Peoria store.

Garden Deva regularly hosts themed events to show the work of its artisans and other local artists. This winter, the Garden Deva team will turn their gallery into a verifiable winter wonderland to showcase a “Narnia-inspired” product line just in time for the holidays.

deva 4.jpg

All of Garden Deva’s metal artwork is made in-house at its Third and Peoria store.

Courtesy, Jardin Deva

“We have a really whimsical style and we love to put a smile on everyone who comes to our store,” said Kari Babcock. “We want to make our gallery an experience for all who enter, so we create interactive and immersive themes for our guests. We try to provide a creative experience for everyone who walks into the store and wants to bring it to their own backyard.

All Garden Deva products – garden sculptures, garden poles, trellises, fire bowls, house numbers, custom work and more – are made in-house by staff designers and manufacturers. For those who want to learn how to make their own sculptures, Garden Deva offers courses of different levels.

“We have a beginner metallurgy course where you learn to take a sheet of metal, cut something out of it and create your own Garden Deva sculpture,” said Bobby Babcock. “People have created address numbers for their new homes and wind chimes – all kinds of neat decorations. We also have an intermediate class, which deals more with assembly and finishing. We have a great time being able to show people how we create things and the process behind them. “

Kari Babcock said the holiday season is generally the busiest time of year for the Garden Deva team.

deva 1.jpg

Garden Deva ornaments make a great holiday gift.

Courtesy, Jardin Deva

“The holidays are our favorite time of the year,” said Kari Babcock. “This year we will have a very ‘Starry Night’, Winter Wonderland, ‘Narnia Style’ product line. We will make Christmas decorations, small metal Christmas trees and whole holiday stickers – we will have a Christmas village that you can make inside your house or on garden poles in your garden, which will have woodland animals like deer, foxes and owls; and moons, stars and clouds for a heavenly theme as well.

Garden Deva products make a great gift for your friends and family, said Bobby Babcock.

“I’ve never known anyone to do something like what we do,” said Bobby Babcock. “Our products are a lot of fun and make your home look a little more lively and whimsical. Life can be mundane sometimes, but when you have that little something to spice it up, it can really brighten up your day.

“In a lot of ways, we represent Tulsa to a lot of people,” said Kari Babcock. “It’s a great way to capture a bit of Tulsa in your gift this year, especially if you are sending gifts to friends and family who don’t live in Tulsa. It’s a way to share the love of Tulsa small businesses wherever you give gifts.

deva 2.jpg

This holiday season, gift an ornament depicting Tulsa to friends and family from out of town.

Courtesy, Jardin Deva

Watch now: See and be Scene: Episode 37

James Watts, Jimmie Tramel and Grace Wood of Tulsa World talk about The Nutcracker by Tulsa Ballet; artificial Christmas trees; Stillwater native Brock Harris in new western and more.

“In many ways, we represent Tulsa to many people… It’s a way to share the love of Tulsa small businesses wherever you give gifts. -Kari Babcock

Kari quote

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Rizos Curls collaborates with Thalía on new hair products Sat, 04 Dec 2021 00:00:04 +0000

Four years ago, if you had told Rizos Curls founder Julissa Prado that she would end up collaborating with iconic Mexican telenovela and world superstar Thalía, she probably would have laughed at you. But the universe has clearly been on its side, because that’s not a guess – it actually became Prado’s reality. The clean haircare brand that specifically creates products to help women embrace and celebrate their curls, curls and waves recently teamed up with Thalía for its VIP box Thalía x Rizos Curls, Amor a los Rizos ($ 125), which will be sold for a limited time exclusively on from now on!

“When quarantine started, Thalía was trying to get her curls back and wear her hair more natural. And her stylist, Jennifer matos, is the one who told him about Rizos Curls. She started to wear her natural hair and go through it [transition process] in her early forties, and she said she liked the products and it actually worked for her hair and made her feel comfortable and confident after straightening it for a long time, ”Prado exclusively told POPSUGAR. “His team contacted us. , and we were talking with them and giving them tips for her hair, and I was talking directly with Jenny, and she wanted to do a collaboration at this point in our business because we are Latinas and I’m Mexican and we’re a small business. Thalía really wanted to bring this to life and do something together. We were so happy that his team was willing to work with us and understood very well that we are still a small company, so that has been great. “

Every little detail behind this recent collaboration has been very intentional, from the box name, Amor a los Rizos, an ode to Prado’s favorite Thalía song, “Amor a la Mexicana”, to the adorable illustration of Thalía sporting curls. cowards and guitars. on his chest in reference to his iconic live performance “Amor a la Mexicana” 1997, to the products included in the box. The limited edition box includes everything from classic Rizos Curls products like the Curl Defining Cream ($ 22) and Refreshing & Detangling Spray ($ 20) to newer products like the Light Hold Gel ($ 20, originally $ 22, released earlier this year, and recent launches like the Nourishing oil for hair, scalp and body ($ 25), Scalp Detox Scrub ($ 28), and the Vitamin C Hair Repair Mask ($ 30). According to Prado, every product included in the box is exactly what Thalía used during the pandemic to get her curls back.

“The new products, I had already been working for about two years. I had already worked on them before even starting the collaboration with Thalía. They were very big testimonies of love, for my team and in terms of production. , and trying to find the best ingredients that are very healing and repairing for the hair, ”Prado said.“ It worked perfectly when we spoke to Thalía because at that time I was working on these samples and she was also trying to fix her hair. I was like, wow, these products I’m working on are exactly what she needs too. ”Prado started creating a hair recipe for Thalía with her stylist Matos to guide the superstar in restoring her curls, everything by sending her samples of the new Rizos Curls formulations she was working on.

Prado said that not only was Thalía able to get her curls back, but the products also helped her keep her hair healthy, even when she occasionally did straight hairstyles. “It’s a journey, and it’s a process for everyone, and it’s not like she’s fully committed to always having curly hair all the time. She smooths it out and does different things in it. according to its responsibilities, and that’s the beauty of curly hair. ”she said. “It’s the beauty of having good quality ingredients, and that’s why we wanted to prioritize the products that are in the box to be truly restorative and healing, because we understand. so easy to say to yourself, “I’m never going to damage my hair again. I’m never going to smooth them out or heat them up. I’m never going to dye them or do anything ”, but it’s good to live a little bit and find the balance. Let’s focus on keeping them healthy and using great ingredients for your scalp and hair so you have the freedom to do whatever you want while keeping your hair healthy. “

The amazing artwork featured on the box was created by a Guatemalan illustrator and artist Claudia Argueta, which also featured the cool set of stickers found in the box to celebrate the collaboration. Another very intentional gesture from Prado was that she really wanted to use this collaboration to uplift and celebrate Latinas in general.

“For me, it’s such a complete moment because I remember watching her on TV and having that connection to that song and her as an artist, actress and entrepreneur. And so much that she embodies. , and now the circle is complete I have my own business and I am working on a collaboration with it, ”Prado said. “And I’m just honored, and we’re now four years old and it’s happening, and we’re at where we’ve been able to bring this to life. I hope I can keep growing and continue to be creative.”

Image source: Enrique Vega

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The vulnerabilities of the Netgear router affecting the products of SMEs are corrected • The Register Fri, 03 Dec 2021 17:30:00 +0000

Two arbitrary code execution vulnerabilities affecting a number of Netgear small business routers have been addressed following research by Immersive Labs.

The vulnerabilities rely on authenticated access to affected devices and therefore do not pose an immediate threat. However, they allow someone with remote access to the router to associate with the underlying operating system of the device, threatening the security of data passing through the router.

Fortunately, Netgear itself publishes the default login credentials for “most” of its products. on his website. If you haven’t gone to your Netgear router’s admin panel and changed these default credits, you are at increased risk.

“This type of command injection also adds persistence, which means that even if the router is restarted or updated, the vulnerability can persist,” Immersive Labs said in a blog post on his discoveries.

The affected Wi-Fi router and extension models, according to Netgear’s own release notes, are:

  • D7800 corrected in firmware version
  • EX2700 corrected in firmware version
  • WN3000RPv2 corrected in firmware version
  • WN3000RPv3 corrected in firmware version
  • LBR1020 fixed in firmware version
  • LBR20 fixed in firmware version
  • R6700AX corrected in firmware version
  • R7800 corrected in firmware version
  • R8900 corrected in firmware version
  • R9000 corrected in firmware version
  • RAX10 corrected in firmware version
  • RAX120v1 fixed in firmware version
  • RAX120v2 fixed in firmware version
  • RAX70 corrected in firmware version
  • RAX78 corrected in firmware version
  • XR450 fixed in firmware version
  • XR500 fixed in firmware version
  • XR700 corrected in firmware version

Immersive said it found a third exploitable vuln that leaked the device’s serial number, which is used in Netgear’s password reset process as an authentication measure.

“Netgear strongly recommends that you download the latest firmware as soon as possible,” Immersive said.

Kev Breen of Immersive, Director of Cyber ​​Threat Research, said that while these vulnerabilities rely on a valid username and password combination for an affected device, this is not an automatic reason for shrug: “There is always a valid threat surface and while it remains the domain of ‘hackers might’, it is still important when examining security vulnerabilities to look beyond traditional methods of exploitation. and put you in an attacker’s shoes. How could they abuse that? “

With Britain taking action to ban default admin credentials, this type of problem is expected to decrease in the future.

On the other hand, there are already millions of routers in use today that do not comply with these proposed new regulations – so these kinds of vulnerabilities will continue to persist for a few more years. ®

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GUNS Magazine New Products: Gun, Gear, Holsters, February 2022 Issue Fri, 03 Dec 2021 14:41:54 +0000

(I) Contest closes February 28, 2022. All entries must be received by contest end date. Registrations by mail accepted; send postcards (no envelopes) to: GUNS Magazine, GOM February 2022, PO Box 502795, San Diego, CA 92150-1377. Deployed military personnel must use the address in the United States. (II) Limit of one (1) entry per household; multiple entries will disqualify entrants. Contest open to US residents only. Employees and agents of Publishers’ Development Corp. are not eligible. No purchase necessary. Contest void where prohibited by law. (III) Winner (s) chosen by drawing lots. Winners will be notified by certified mail on official letterhead. Winners must respond within 30 days of receipt of notification or an alternate winner will be selected. To protect the privacy and security of the winners, the names will not be made public. (IV) Winners must undergo a background check (if necessary) and comply with all other federal, state and local laws. Prizes will not be awarded if it is illegal in the jurisdiction of the winners. No substitution or transfer to third parties allowed. All taxes and fees are the responsibility of the winners. Prizes to be won may have evidence of a test shot or show minor handling marks. Factory guarantees may apply in certain cases.

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The market for rigid recycled plastics will grow by 623.86 e MT | Centriforce Products Ltd. and Custom Polymer Inc. among the main suppliers Fri, 03 Dec 2021 03:42:41 +0000

NEW YORK, December 2, 2021 / PRNewswire / – The rigid recycled plastics market is expected to be hampered by certain factors. A few of these challenges include strict regulations and policies and the low penetration of rigid recycled plastic products.

Attractive Opportunities in Rigid Recycled Plastics Market by Type and Geography – Forecast and Analysis 2021-2025

Get a free sample to learn more about the trends, challenges and drivers impacting the growth of the Rigid Recycled Plastics market

The recycled rigid plastics market the value is expected to grow by 623.86 th MT from 2020 to 2025. However, the market growth momentum is expected to slow to a CAGR of 7.52%.

Market factors

The market is influenced by factors such as the growing demand from developing countries, volatile crude oil prices and the growth of the recycling industry. Emerging countries are expected to dominate the rigid recycled plastics market due to economic development, industrialization and market opening. Market growth is also expected to be driven by increased manufacturing activities in these countries due to high GDP. In addition, the growing demand for infrastructure projects in countries such as China and India is expected to support the growth of the global rigid recycled plastics market during the forecast period.

Company Profiles

Some of the companies included in this report are Centriforce Products Ltd., Custom Polymer Inc., Envision Plastics, Imerys SA, Kuusakoski Group Oy, KW Plastics, Placon Corp., PLASgran Ltd., SUEZ SA, Veolia Environnement SA, etc.

For more valuable information on the different suppliers operating in the market, See our free sample

Competitive analysis

The competitive scenario covered in the Rigid Recycled Plastics market report examines, assesses, and positions the companies based on various performance indicators. Some of the factors considered for this analysis are the financial performance of companies in recent years, growth strategies, product innovations, investments, new product launches, market share growth, etc.

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Market segmentation

  • By type, the market is categorized into HDPE, PP, PET, and others. The HDPE segment contributes the largest share of the market due to the increasing demand for HDPE to produce bottles.

  • By geography, the market is classified into North America, Europe, APAC, South America, and MEA. North America will have the largest market share. 43% of market growth is expected to come from North America during the forecast period with the United States as the key country.

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Scope of the rigid recycled plastics market

Cover of the report


Page number


Year of reference


Forecast period


Growth dynamics and CAGR

Decelerate to 7.52% CAGR

Market growth 2021-2025

623.86 e MT

Market structure


Annual growth (%)


Regional analysis

North America, Europe, APAC, South America and MEA

Efficient contribution to the market

North America at 43%

Main consumer countries

United States, China, Germany, United Kingdom and Australia

Competitive landscape

Leading companies, competitive strategies, reach of consumer engagement

Profiled companies

Centriforce Products Ltd., Custom Polymer Inc., Envision Plastics, Imerys SA, Kuusakoski Group Oy, KW Plastics, Placon Corp., PLASgran Ltd., SUEZ SA and Veolia Environnement SA

Market dynamics

Parent Market Analysis, Market Growth Drivers and Obstacles, Analysis of Fast Growing and Slow Growing Segments, Impact of COVID-19 and Future Consumer Dynamics, Analysis of Market Conditions for the Forecast Period


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The Marwin Company acquires HB&G Building Products, Inc. | Your money Thu, 02 Dec 2021 10:02:16 +0000

BOCA RATON, Florida – (BUSINESS WIRE) – December 2, 2021–

Validor Capital, a private equity firm, is pleased to announce that The Marwin Company has acquired HB&G Building Products, Inc., further diversifying its product offering.

This press release features multimedia. See the full version here:

HB&G is the largest manufacturer of porch columns and other outdoor living products. (Photo: Business Wire)

HB&G Building Products, Inc. (“HB&G”) based in Troy, Alabama, is a manufacturer of specialty woodworking products, including residential columns and other exterior products. The exterior building and living products industry is benefiting from several favorable winds and HB&G provides high quality products to the market.

Matt Kaufman, Managing Partner at Validor Capital, said: “We are very pleased that Lance Servais and his team are part of The Marwin Company. HB&G is expanding our product offering and marketing channels, which should improve performance for all businesses. “

Lance Servais, president of HB&G, echoed these sentiments, saying, “We look forward to being part of the Marwin team. Marwin’s focus on construction products is in line with our goal of increasing our market participation through investments in innovative construction product solutions.

About the Marwin company

For 70 years, Marwin has been a leading supplier of attic stairs and specialty door products, offered exclusively through professional building product resellers, delivering exceptional value backed by superior customer service. Learn more about Marwin on

SS Industries is the industry leader in spiral staircases sold direct to consumers and through a variety of online marketplaces. Learn more about SS Industries on

Millwork 360 strives to be the most reliable source with the highest quality for interior and exterior doors and custom moldings. The company sets the standard for producing bold, beautiful, and durable products with cutting-edge customer service. Learn more about Millwork 360 at

About HB&G Building Products, Inc.

HB&G Building Products, Inc. is the world’s largest manufacturer of porch columns and other outdoor living products. With a history dating back to 1880 and over 100 years of column production experience, HB&G offers industry-leading quality, innovation and craftsmanship. Learn more about HB&G at

About Validor Capital

Validor Capital is a private equity firm that provides liquidity to family-owned industrial, manufacturing and service companies and founders in the lower middle market. We look for situations where we can partner with leadership teams to leverage our combined expertise and deep relationships with the industry to create meaningful value. For more information, please visit

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CONTACT: Lauren M. Smyers




SOURCE: Validor Capital

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PUB: 12/02/2021 05: 00 / DISC: 12/02/2021 05:02

Copyright Business Wire 2021.

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