Celebrity pet-friendly homes to tag for cute and easy design inspiration

Do your furry friends have special requirements at home? Basically, yes. Whether it’s a cozy space to snuggle up or an open space to let loose and relax, your pets have specific needs. So let’s take design inspiration from these top pet parents who have turned their abodes into cozy nests for their canine pals.

Clean spaces

Kusha Kapila’s transformations into various characters on Instagram can be exuberant and energetic, but her home which she shares with husband and fellow digital content creator Zorawar Ahluwalia is an oasis of peace and subtlety. The minimalist design backed by a pleasing pastel palette is a feast for the eyes and a cozy retreat for their legged pal, Maya. In order for pets to jump freely, a minimum of clutter and a maximum of vacant space are necessary. Their home’s minimalism extends to nearly every artefact and unbreakable object within their pet’s reach. This guarantees an obstacle-free space for the animal to move around and play.

Avesh Gaur

Soothing color palettes

Although pets, especially dogs, are not equipped to visualize all colors like humans do, specific colors and shades help keep them calm. Chromotherapy, which has its roots in India, mentions that light colors like yellows, greens and blues are visible to dogs, having a calming effect on them. The gorgeous Los Angeles home of actor Kunal Nayyar and former beauty queen Neha Kapur Nayyar is bursting with light colors, which lovingly enveloped their five-and-a-half-year-old dog, Boba Fett. Alluring shades of yellow and brown run through the bungalow, igniting a sense of playfulness for their canine friend. Plus, the leafy outdoor setting is a bonus for pets.

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