Concerns among stores grow as bid making prices rise, impacting sales

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Local small businesses are facing inflationary pressure and causing them to raise or struggle to keep prices the same for products.

22News spoke to two small businesses in Northampton Thornes Marketplace who have seen high rates of inflation limit the amount of consumer spending and are looking at other methods.

Kicking for women

Footbeats for Women manager Josvette Rosario has explained where most of her inventory comes from for the European comfort shoe brand.

“A lot of our shoes are European brands so it doesn’t affect too much but the ones that are like the American brands, they’re going up twice a year right now, that’s a bit too much. Customers are struggling to afford things,” Rosario said.

The company wants to tackle these high costs by running annual deals to help customers purchase merchandise, and has added a few more selling areas to the store to help things along.

Rosario went on to say that selling to customers has been difficult, ‘It’s hard when they’re repeat customers and they know what things cost last year compared to this year and now they’re wondering’ What’s going on ?'”

The BonNton

Another store, Le BonNton, has most of its inventory sourced from vendors offering ethically-made products and from female-owned vendors. Store pieces are unique and available in small orders. Above all, selling hand-dyed fabrics ethically created by local artists from around the world.

Le BonNton store owner Cigdem “Chi” Turkomer says the prices of materials for crafting the products are going up because there’s an exchange rate between the United States and the countries she buys her items from. This could affect its import supply if it does not improve. However, she explained how she manages her store’s prices.

Cigdem “Chi” Turkomer, owner of Le BonNton store

“Prices are going up, but I couldn’t change my prices right now,” Turkomer said. “It’s not good for my profit, it’s not good for my profit, but I just expect it to be over soon.”

She hopes that when they browse her business and she tells them unique stories about each item, they will want to make a purchase.

“I do my best to inspire my clients and that they deserve these beauties.”

Cigdem Turkomer, owner of Le BonNton store

As inflation remains high, stores like Footbeats for Women and Le BonNton must keep pushing until there is a meaningful change.

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