CORSAIR has released the 2022 HXi series of power supplies

Corsair’s new HXi-series power supplies deliver unwavering 80 PLUS Platinum-certified power for today’s most demanding and ambitious systems. Cybenetics-Platinum certified and rated for up to 91% efficiency, HXi power supplies consume less power and create less heat at comparable loads.

CORSAIR, a global leader in enthusiast components for PC gamers, creators and builders, today announced the 2022 models of the HX1500i and HX1000i fully modular ultra-low-noise ATX power supplies, delivering unwavering 80 PLUS Platinum-certified power for today’s toughest and most demanding. ambitious systems. Using an all-digital platform to deliver unparalleled performance and advanced features like control of fan curves and power settings built into CORSAIR iCUE software, the HXi Series is ready to power your newest version of high-end PC. range running the latest 12th Gen Intel Core or AMD Ryzen processor. and a high performance graphics card.

Building on the all-digital heritage of the acclaimed CORSAIR AXi series, the new HXi series power supplies deliver the power, efficiency and stability needed to match the most power-hungry components of today and in the future. tomorrow. Cybenetics-Platinum certified and rated for up to 91% efficiency, HXi power supplies draw less power and create less heat at comparable loads, while a high-performance Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB) fan 140mm performance keeps your PSU cool with impressive noise, rated A for HX1000i and A- for HX1500i by Cybenetics. Support for 0-RPM PWM signals means the fan can even turn off completely at low and medium loads, for near-silent operation. Both the HX1500i and HX1000i are built with 100% industrial-grade Japanese electrolytic capacitors, rated at 105°C, on an all-digital platform with resonant LLC topology and DC-DC conversion, ensuring exceptionally stable performance and reliable.

CORSAIR iCUE software opens up a range of detailed control options for the HXi series, so you can tune your power supply to your needs. Use iCUE to create custom fan curves to determine the temperatures you want the fan to ramp up to, monitor your output power and efficiency in real time, and switch between overcurrent protection (OCP) at a or more rails on the fly.

Support for modern standby mode for extremely fast standby times and even better efficiency under light load, and comes with three included EPS12V connectors for full compatibility with modern motherboards with a ten-year warranty to guarantee your power while throughout the life of your system, the HXi Series delivers the platinum power you need for your next high-end PC.

For more information, visit the product pages of HX1500i and HX1000i.

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