Custom mods prove why the BMW E30 is a timeless design

We love the widebody design, but the highlight are the vented lights that make this E30 look awesome.

BMW The E30 is the iconic four-headlight compact executive car that succeeded the vintage-looking E21 3 Series, a fan favorite and would go on to spawn a long line of amazing performance cars in the form of the M3.

For many, the E30 was a high point in automotive design with an aesthetic that was both sleek and muscular – today, as they become rarer, good examples have started to become harder to find, in especially the M3.

In a new concept render from an Instagram account via Andreas Richter, we see an idea for a modern version of the E30; restyled for today’s racing, but with this icon’s tires firmly in the past.

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The custom design of the BMW E30 Widebody render

In eye-catching yellow paint, the custom BMW sits in dark surroundings so the digital artist can show off its brilliant LED ‘Angel Eyes’ – the idiosyncratic headlights that remind us so well of BMWs in general.

The secret to this custom render recipe – the black vented fitting on the lights creating a look that looks quite impressive in its execution and makes us think this might be a new trend.

The rear quarter of this custom BMW E30 is not visible in the images, but the front is the focus; an aggressive looking face yet true to the sporting spirit of the classic BMW E30 M3.

Center-lock wheels with a delicate design bring a welcome change from typical render designs and up front, the custom grille, air scoop, front splitter and bumper all come together to look legit and cohesive.

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BMW’s E30 is a timeless design we love

Essentially, it’s a custom, slammed race E30 on race tires, with an imaginatively vented front end and paint color with real attitude.

The E30 marks a high point for BMW and one that will remain a key milestone for enthusiasts even in 2022, so much has the design been resolved and improved over the E21 predecessor.

Both 4 cylinder and 6 cylinder engines would be available for E30 buyers and the M3 with its 2.3 liter engine and later 2.5 liter engine was smooth and well quick on the road.

For now, the BMW E30 remains an icon, and we’re glad to see its legacy continue here in some cool custom renders like this.

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