Cytologics launches new immune cell products for research

Cytologics, the leading provider of human immune cells, blood products and related services to the life sciences industry, today announced the launch of its expanded biological sample registry. The registry enables scientists to search for optimal immune cell products from a large and diverse donor base to meet their research needs. The company explained that biotech companies and academic researchers have long struggled to source high-quality, regulatory-compliant immune cell products due to a shortage of suppliers.

As such, Cytologics took the bold step to ensure an abundant supply of human immune cell products, including PBMC, Pan T cells, cytotoxic T cells, NK cells and B cells. Researchers no longer have to worry about the challenges of sourcing high-quality cell products and blood components for research. They can also purchase frozen cell pellets in bulk for large-scale studies and request custom cell processing.

Addressing the need for a reliable, high-quality supply of immune cells, a company spokesperson said, “Our commitment to advancing scientific discovery has compelled us to expand our donor base and product portfolio. This ensures clients throughout the cell and gene therapy lifecycle, from discovery to cure, have access to the biological samples they need to conduct their research.

“From biomarker studies to cellular assays, our immune cell products are the ideal choice for scientists. Each product is guaranteed for high cell viability and yield in accordance with the Certificate of Analysis. Cytologic is well positioned to meet the growing demand, thanks to a team of industry experts, a world-class cell processing laboratory and an extensive network of well-characterized donors. When placing an order, researchers can follow the process of collecting and delivering biological samples to ensure there are no delays in completing their research.

Each order is tailored to customer specifications, including donor demographics, HLA type, isolation procedure and number of cells per vial. Cytologics operates under a rigorous quality system (the Cytologics Quality System or “CQS”) which ensures that products are carefully examined to meet customer requirements and industry standards before shipment.

The spokesperson added, “We believe that no matter how difficult the request, researchers can trust Cytologics to identify the right donor, isolate and characterize specific immune cells, and provide exceptional service. This is why we have invested heavily in our team of industry experts who constantly develop and improve our procedures. Our products will benefit both researchers and clinical teams, especially those looking for cells derived from buffy coats, leukapheresis or whole blood.

Considering the cost, difficulty, and time required for cell processing and isolation, Cytologics has streamlined the process by investing in high-quality equipment and using state-of-the-art technology. Thus, product variability, which is a common cause of failure in cell studies, is significantly reduced. Additionally, the company’s strict standards and quality control testing ensure contaminant-free, premium quality products that customers can trust.

About cytology

Founded in 2018, Cytologics provides high-quality, ethically sourced human biological materials to researchers developing new therapies and diagnostics. With collection facilities coast-to-coast, the company’s team of trained and certified experts oversee every step of the process, from cell sourcing to final product delivery.

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