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The language is the unofficial “passport” of its culture. So when Davia Hines was looking for a name that would embody what her brand stood for, she saw great value in going with Bag & Pan. After all, her accessories journey began with making vegan leather tote bags and clutches, and she wanted a title that wouldn’t limit her reach but expand her portfolio of styles. Today, she creates chic island-inspired earrings.

“As a Jamaican, your ‘bag an’ pan’ is anything and everything – that’s what I wanted the name to represent. I’m always looking for new ways to express my creative energy, and I want to be able to share it through my business,” she said. Living.

Growing up, a young Hines spent summers decorating school supplies with markers and stickers and designing pleated skirts for her dolls. Her best friend also introduced her to three-dimensional bead ring making in sixth grade, and she was hooked. Added to this fascination was his uncle’s talent for making pearl jewelry, which he sold to tourists. When he saw his interest, he did not hesitate to pass on his knowledge to his niece.

Since adding crochet and makeup artistry to her list of passions, Hines recently decided to “tun har han’ mek fashion” with polymer clay.

“Working with polymer clay has been an enjoyable challenge so far. Finding the clay is one of the tricky parts, as well as figuring out the perfect baking temperatures and times to make sure the baked pieces don’t “won’t bubble, become brittle, or change color. When done right, polymer clay is perfect for earrings because of the variety of colors. It’s both lightweight and durable,” said she added.

As the global pandemic threatened contracts and presented opportunities for layoffs, Hines decided to take his talents seriously. She launched Bag & Pan on social media late last year and loved the feedback: “The response has been overwhelmingly positive. I’m always so shocked when I meet new people who already know my work and my brand.

Inspired by nature, the tools she finds, her colorful imagination and other jewelry makers, her favorite ear candies to date are her floral and leaf designs. “My most popular designs would be the textured sunflower earrings, monstera leaves, as well as the plain half circle earrings; these are easy to make and can be customized to match any outfit,” Hines explained.

Admitting that she loved the designs for herself because she’s a big fan of how the earrings make her feel, her search for polymer clay earrings yielded few results locally, so she became a supplier. The creative at heart had to learn how to balance the books and keep inventory records for a sustainable and profitable outcome.

Outside of Bag & Pan, Hines works full-time in the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry. She is looking forward to having her own website to process online orders and payments.

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