D&D Accessories: Candy Dice & Candy Dice make the game more enjoyable


It’s almost time to prepare your Halloween candies. Get these candy-themed inspired dice and dice-themed sweets for a campaign day.

It’s almost time for Halloween. Unless you ask any store, it’s Halloween time, and has been for a while, and it’s almost Christmas time.

But for me, Halloween starts next week. We’ve already talked about costumes and candies for trick-or-treaters. So while you’re checking out treats for kids in your neighborhood, take a moment to check out these dice-inspired candies and D&D candy-inspired dice. When is there a better time for a sweet tooth?

1. Candy Corn Dice

Love it or hate it, candy corn is a must-have Halloween staple. Inspired by the classic candy color palette, these dice are a perfect Halloween mix and can be used all year round. Of course, they’re very obviously designed to remind you of candy corn. But that’s okay, represent your favorite (or least favorite) candy all year round.

2. Rainbow Sorbet Dice

These dice look like they taste like rainbow sherbet without actually resembling rainbow sherbet. The soft colors combined with the golden numbering have a sweet sweet effect. Are they sweets? No. But do they look like they should? Absolutely. Dice don’t get much cuter than these. That said, don’t eat those dice. Or any dice. You won’t get math-themed superpowers.

3. Konpeito Dice

You might know konpeito as sugar stars or “those colorful candies from the Studio Ghibli movies.” But they are adorable little crunchy sugar shards.

This complete set of dice seals some in semi-translucent resin for a colorful and upbeat effect. Not everyone will recognize the konpeito, so these are relatively subtle when it comes to rainbow dice or filled with candy while still being a lot of fun and loud.

4. Mochaccino Lollipops

Candy, just like D&D, should be for everyone. These chocolate and coffee hard candies are sweated with diabetic-friendly sugar, making them a safe treat for our friends at the table who need to keep an eye on their sugars.

The store offers natural, preservative-free flavors and custom molding as well as hours of testing to get the flavors and colors just right. I wonder if they are looking for a candy flavor tester.

5. Official dice box with candy potions

There are official Dungeons & Dragons candies, because why wouldn’t there be? A D-20 box contains a collection of cherry-flavored health potions for whenever you’re feeling low on HP. Or just a little hungry, anyway. When you’re done with the candy, the box can be the perfect little place to keep your mini safe.

Do you prefer D&D-inspired candy or candy-inspired dice? Are you team candy corn or team ‘that belongs in the trash’? What is your favorite sweet? Let us know in the comments!

Good adventure !


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