Design Engineering Inc. Turbo Heat Shields

Keep your Turbo cool and running smoothly with a Custom Turbo Heat Shield from Design Engineering, Inc. Available in a variety of styles and fitments for all turbo types, the shields reduce underhood temperatures while protecting sensitive components and eencourage faster spool-ups.

“DEI’s full line of turbo heat shields provide the ultimate way to reduce turbo lag and serve as a superior thermal barrier,” said Mike Buca of DEI. “Whether you’re racing, towing or just cruising, maximize turbo performance with an DEI Turbo Heat Shield.”

Offered in attractive, easy-to-install designs, the screens come in kits that include the necessary fasteners or locking wires. Popular models made in the USA include:

GEN-3 TITANIUM™ Turbo Shields – DEI’s most technologically advanced line of shielding, GEN-3 TITANIUM, features a silicone-coated TITANIUM LR outer layer, a silica-blend insulating layer with a glass-silica-stainless-steel weave inner layer and a liner stainless mesh protector. The strongest and most heat resistant textile available, equipment includes T3, T4, T6, T25/T28 and T6X turbo applications.

Turbo Ultra 47™ Shields – Made from a three-layer blend of an aluminum-infused fiberglass outer shell with a high-temperature insulation mat core and silica-glass blend liner, the Ultra 47 Turbo shields feature double-stitched and heavy-duty hooded anchor points. They’re made in the USA at an economical price and available in T3 and T4 turbo sizes, with more to come.

ONYX™ Series Black Turbo Shields – The ONYX series features a popular rich, high-tech black finish that looks great while providing extreme protection. Manufactured in the USA using an exclusive combination of premium heat-resistant textiles and newly designed stainless steel mounting anchors, applications are available for small T22 and T25 turbo sizes.

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