Design’N’Buy has released the latest version (4.2) of its flagship software – Web2Print all-in-one


Design’N’Buy – an innovative, reliable and experienced provider of web-to-print solutions worldwide, has released an improved version of its popular product – AIOW2P (All-In-One Web2Print) Version 4.2 on November 15, 2022 .

Design’N’Buy is known for always working on their solutions as they strive to give the best and latest to their customers. Therefore, it has come up with cool and improved features for its flagship software – AIOW2P which are worth exploring.

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“Every time we’re done with a release, people ask us what’s next. They are also eager to know what exciting new features are we going to offer them in the next updated version of their favorite web-to-print solution because with each update things become much easier and beneficial for them. Therefore, our clients and customers are much more eager than us to explore the new features of AIOW2,” shares Nidhi Agrawal, Founder of Design’N’Buy.

Design’N’Buy’s Web2Print V 4.2 all-in-one was already a success, but to make it more interesting, the makers of AIOW2P V 4.2 have added some extra features that will make it a must-have addition to your store if you own a printing business.

First of all, the latest version of AIOW2P now has an improved image color detection feature that will allow customers to effortlessly identify the exact color of their uploaded images or logos. Version 4.2 is now enabled to recognize and detect colors on its own and even provide options to change that particular color. Additionally, the user can also set the pixel value until the desired color is detected using the slider controller.

Secondly, there is good news for admins because AIOW2P version 4.2 will now allow admins to make public any “admin album” (accessible to all design studio customers) as a whole or for a specific view of the store, from the background. In addition to this, an update for product quantity pricing is also improved in the latest version of AIOW2P where product pricing will now be displayed based on the selected quantity, and by this selected quantity, the “price unit” and the “printing cost”. ” will be split and displayed separately.

Then there are many more tiny but important updates in features such as a 3D preview of the custom sized packaging box with a closed/open lid, margin adjustment UI to position a margin in the customization profile, a QR code that will allow workers to download a PDF version of the worksheet, improved opacity setting to make adjustments in images both in the design studio and the output file, and last but not least – more than 50 designs of packaging products from different and most famous industries which can be modified according to customers’ desires.

Further explaining the need for this latest all-in-one Web2Print release, Nidhi Agrawal adds, “Every release of ours is an effort to make web printing easily accessible and convenient for our users without the help of a expert.” We make sure that each version offers something new and better for our users and eliminates any kind of problem they faced in the previous one. So we try to perform testing several times before releasing even a minor update for our users.”

The latest version of Design’N’Buy’s All-In-One Web2Print is already in action and if you want to know more in detail, you can visit their site or and request a demo personalized free to know what more you will get with AIOW2P version 4.2.

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