Do Custom Hair Care Products Work? Experts weigh

No two people have the same hair. We all have different concerns that we need to address, which is why opting for personalized hair care products often seems like the best bet. These personalized products claim to offer more targeted treatments for our single strands compared to generic products on the market. But are they really all they are meant to be? Do custom hair products work the way they say they do? We spoke with a Bay Area-based dermatologist Dr Kaveri Karhade and dermatologist from the Schweiger Dermatology Group Dr Rachel Nazarian for their honest opinion on personalized hair care brands. Read what they had to share below!

Do custom hair products work? And, do they work for everyone?

There are a number of benefits to using custom hair products that the two experts have called. Dr. Karhade notes that they can be helpful in targeting a really specific hair goal you have. “If you have colored hair, want to reduce brassiness and also want extra hydration, choosing a custom formula is sometimes an easier way to achieve these goals than researching the right product (or multiple products) on your own. “

Dr. Nazarian points out that “Personalized products are a great way to meet personal hair care needs that may not apply to other people. Everyone has their own hair type, in terms of their hair follicle diameter, degree of smoothness, contour, and style they desire.

That being said, Dr Karhade points out that the effectiveness of these products may not be what they are supposed to be. “I think there is a limit to the amount of customization that can really be achieved,” she says. “The vast majority of shampoos and conditioners have similar formulas and serve similar purposes. As a dermatologist concerned with the health of the skin, scalp and hair, the type of hair products you use don’t vary that much.

Are they even worth it?

Dr. Nazarian notes that personalized hair products can be beneficial for some. “Having a personalized hair product is a smart way to solve the problems that are your top priority,” she says. “And certainly, anyone could purchase a personalized product if they wanted to.” She does mention, however, that personalized products may not be suitable for everyone. There are a number of us who don’t need it. Many of us can use generic products in our daily routines.

With this in mind, Dr Karhade states that “personalized products do not provide any major noticeable benefit”. At least no more than generic hair products would. However, that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t recommend personalized hair care products. She understands how convenient they are, noting “For other reasons such as the ease of finding the right product, the convenience of having only one product instead of several, and the look and feel of the product. product itself, some people may choose to search for personalized products. . “

What Makes Personalized Hair Care Products Better Than Generics?

So, are personalized hair care products better than their more generic counterparts? It doesn’t seem so. Really, they are just different and offer unique ways to target your main hair problems. Dr. Nazarian notes that “if you find that you are unhappy with the average hair care product for the masses, using a personalized product to polish up some aspect of hair care can be beneficial.” It’s up to you.

Additionally, Dr. Karhade mentions that many personalized hair care products “may offer ease, convenience and affordability compared to generic products, but the majority of the ingredients used can also be found in generic products.”

Do you recommend personalized hair care brands?

When it comes to personalized hair care brands, Dr Nazarian and Dr Karhade suggest trying Prose and Beauty function. Dr Karhade notes that she often does not recommend personalized hair products to her patients, although she herself has been recommended for these brands.

We have tested these personalized hair care brands a few times and have had good experiences with both. Prose and Function of Beauty have a line of custom hair products that we love.

Looking for other custom hair care brands to try? Check out THESE seven brands that will give your locks exactly what they need!

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