Fog lights, snow chains and other essential cold weather automotive products

Car accessories for winter: If you are planning a road trip during the winter season, it is necessary to have some car accessories that make your trip more memorable, comfortable and hassle-free. Accessories such as car snow chains, traction cables, steering covers, fog lights, anti-fog sprays, etc.

During the winter season, you still have to be prepared for the typical accidents that could potentially happen on the road at any time, but during the winters, you have to deal with shoveling snow and scraping ice from windows. Familiarize yourself here with these winter car accessories and plan your winter trip accordingly.

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Non-slip Plush Winter Plush Universal Car Seat Cover

This Universal Plush non-slip car seat cover is one of the must-have products in winter. It is made of pure cotton and offers a comfortable seat. It is made of the best quality cotton and is well sewn.

As winter approaches, get this must-have car seat cover for your car. Car seat cover price: Rs 1,537.

Forala 1 Set 5 Pcs Car Steering Wheel Cover

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Take this universal fit for the steering wheel cover with a diameter of 14.96, it is very soft, comfortable and perfect for keeping your hand warm in cold winters. This soft, fluffy and moisture-resistant Forala wool won’t affect your eyesight while driving.

It is one of the best hubcaps made with unique technology and available in 4 colors. This pack includes 1 sterling silver cover, wheel cover, handbrake cover, gear shift cover and two seat belt covers. Car steering cover price: Rs 3,820.

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Autofy LED Bar Light Universal Bike Car Fog Light

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This Autofy LED light bar is designed for all weather conditions, including heavy rain and extreme cold, and helps during the period of dense fog. It comes with an operating voltage of 10V-30V, which makes it the perfect fog light for bikes and cars, especially in winter when fog creates difficulties on the road. It comes with slider based, which allows you to adjust the light accordingly and it is best for Thar, Wagnor and for other cars and bikes. Autofy Car Fog Light Price: Rs 999.

Pabla Enterprises Wood Car Center Armrest

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This armrest from Pabla Enterprises is made with a 100% custom design for the car model and it is very easy to install as no screws or drilling is required. All you need is to place the armrest on the area and press down.

This armrest is made with the best quality wood for a long lasting life. This product is known for its high performance and comfort for the owner. It is one of the must-have car accessories in 2022. Car Armrest Price: Rs 7,029.

KTI Plastic Garage Floor Parking Stopper

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As it is very difficult to park your car in sloping areas especially when it is snowing, these plastic parking stops are among the essential products, especially in winter. This parking cap from KTI is a great purchase option as it is made with the best quality plastics that guarantee its resistance to compression and high performance.

It is very simple to install these parking bumpers which are available in the dimensions 50x15x10 cm. KTI parking stop Price: Rs 1,199.

Snow Chains Car Non-Slip Tire

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Check out this awesome snow chain as it is known for its temperature resistance and it has been crafted using top quality dichotomanth materials. With adjustable tension straps and double clips, the snow chain can be applied to all tire models.

It also comes with non-slip equipment which does not hurt the tire and effectively prevents the lifting jack without fracture and provides quick installation. Delivers perfect results in bad weather conditions like snow, mud or ice with its double-threaded and layered pattern. Snow chain price: Rs 8,858.

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GNEY 4m Long Car Tow Cable

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This steel wire can withstand strong tensile strength and is 4 meters long and can withstand 5 tons of weight. It is a must-have product if you are mountain driving in any hilly area. The blue PVC pipe attached to the surface of the steel wire effectively protects against scratches and makes this wire more durable.

A perfect steel wire for rescuing stuck cars, trucks, boats or other vehicles. One of the best quality tow cable webbing ropes. Gney Tow Cable Strap Price: Rs 798.

Safety chain tensioner for light truck and SUV

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Safety Chain offers this multi-arm chain tensioner which is just perfect for SUVs and it comes in sets of 2 pieces, this car chain tensioner is mainly used in cold winters to install chains on tires for icy roads.

This car chain tensioner is highly praised for its strength, long service life and superior performance. One of the perfect winter car accessories you should buy. Chain tensioner price: Rs 4,133.

Rain-x anti-fog

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Buy this rain-x anti-fog to prevent fogging indoors before you have to deal with an issue on the road and it’s available in 103ml quantities. This anti-fog spray is guaranteed to prevent fogging inside when driving your cars, especially in winter.

You can easily use the small amount of this anti-fog spray on paper or towel and wiper on your car’s windshields and mirrors for crystal clear visibility. Anti-fog spray price: Rs 538.

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