Front Desk Supply Announces Price Keeping Below Inflation Increases on Hospitality Orders Despite Consumer Inflation Rate Rising 9.1%

“Hospitality businesses have experienced increased costs for hotel supplies due to high demand for materials,” said Mark Zisek, director of business operations, Front Desk Supply. “We expect intense travel to continue through September, and hotel managers cannot be caught off guard in a perpetual peak season.”

Front Desk Supply, a leading hotel supplier based in San Diego, Calif., announces that hotel supplies will remain below others in the market by not increasing rates to keep pace with rising inflation and unwavering travel demand. To help hospitality businesses burdened by the perpetual high season, Front Desk Supply is offering a special discount on hotel product orders, which you can find at

According to the Labor Office, consumer inflation increased by 9.1% in the 12 months ending June 2022. Rising inflation rates are causing impatient travelers to reconsider their vacation plans, but travel trends show they are still in a state of uncertainty. spirit of revenge. Peak season travel is even more expensive with inflation, but vacationers continue to travel or postpone their plans until “shoulder season” to save money and enjoy their time.

“Hotel businesses have suffered enough from rising hotel supply costs due to high demand for materials, like paper, and supply chain delays. We are supporting hotel managers by continuing to maintain our prices below market demand,” said Mark Zisek, Business Operations Manager, Front Desk Supply. “We expect intense travel to continue through September, and hotel managers cannot be caught at the lacking in a perpetual peak season.”

Front Desk Supply sales data for custom and generic supplies shows orders increased 28% from June to July. Hotels restock quickly during peak season, creating a tight and high demand for hotel supplies.

“Vacationers are in a place to spend now and think later. This year, travelers have proven they are willing to spend more on a dream vacation, and even now inflation is no obstacle. Hotel managers need to keep their business in shape now and beyond the summer season, so running out of essentials is simply not an option,” said Zisek.

Front Desk Supply is an industry leader in hospitality supplies, offering a wide variety of items including personalized key cards, key card pouches, personalized pens, small or large memo pads , personalized stationery, branded envelopes, luggage tags, valet tags and concierge tags. .

To help hoteliers stay prepared throughout peak season, please visit for a special discount.

About Reception Provisioning

Provision of receipt has over 50 years of experience in sales, marketing, advertising and operations, along with the wealth of knowledge from producing millions of products for thousands of hotels in the hospitality industry.

Their concern for building relationships with customers is ingrained in all employees. Putting the customer first and providing a unique perspective to any situation is the hallmark of Front Desk Supply. Front Desk Supply excels in providing multiple complementary products – it provides a unique shopping experience for customers and ensures consistent messaging flows between products. They expertly offer recommendations that make good business sense. Front Desk Supply: making hotels more profitable and their guests’ stays more memorable®.

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