Germ-O-Guard will provide antiviral/antibacterial materials to DIY makers and the hobbyist community

Germ-O-Guard material can be custom cut to the exact size and shape needed using any home cutting machine.

Peel the cut-out light switch cover away from its backing

Once cut by the cutting machine, the material can easily be peeled off the backing

Applying the cut out light switch protector to the light switch wall plate

Applying the cut out light switch protector to the light switch wall plate

Self-adhesive material for home cutting machines allows anyone to create custom anti-germ skins for touchscreens, phones, computer keyboards, light switches and more.

We’re really excited to see what the DIY community does with it… homemade protective skins for phones, tablets and laptops, doorbell button stickers and custom cut door handle stickers …”

—Marketing Director, Marc Edwards

BOYNTON BEACH, Florida, USA, September 30, 2022 / — Germ-O-Guard has launched an innovative new product aimed at the DIY and hobbyist community with its Germ-O-Guard protective skins.

Available in standard A3 and A4 sizes of 11.7 x 16.5 inches (297 x 420 mm) and 8.3 x 11.7 inches (210 x 297 mm) respectively, these clear laminated PET sheets are designed for use in home cutting machines popular with modern craftsmen, including models from Cricut, Silhouette and other major manufacturers. Currently they can only be pre-ordered via the Germ-O-Guard crowdfunding campaignbut they will soon be available for direct order and at points of sale.

Germ-O-Guard protective skins use nanotechnology to imbue materials with self-sterilizing properties. Using the advanced VBFree deposition process, various materials can be coated with a layer of nano-silver that blocks germs and actively eliminates them without the use of chemicals that could be considered harmful or irritating to the skin. This layer is durable and long-lasting, allowing the materials to be wiped down normally without losing their antiviral and antibacterial properties.

As a result, all DIY creations made with the protective skins are able to reduce the transmission of germs by constantly killing anything that comes into contact with their surfaces, making them safer to touch.

“We’re really excited to see what the DIY community is doing with this,” says marketing manager Marc Edwards. “A few uses that we’re sure will be popular are homemade protective skins for phones, tablets, and laptops, custom-cut doorbell button stickers, and doorknob stickers. The film is self-adhesive, so once you cut it to size you can put it on virtually any frequently touched surface or frequently handled item, whether at home, at your workplace or on your phone that you take absolutely everywhere with you.And because you have control, you can carve a skin for any device you own and not be limited to the most popular models.

Using a home cutting machine, anyone can design or upload a template for any phone, tablet or laptop they have, and their new skin will be cut out and ready to apply in just a few moments. minutes only. These custom skins fit and adhere as perfectly as commercially available skins that would be purchased from retail stores. The same approach can also be used by DIY enthusiasts to create custom-sized surface protectors for all other frequently touched surfaces which would benefit from their germicidal properties. Since the skin material is translucent, it allows the original finish of the surfaces to show through, preserving their premium appearance and design. This means that the graphic designs and patterns that customers can select to be pre-printed onto the materials blend well and enhance the appearance of the surface rather than just obscuring it.

“I think the importance of reducing germs on surfaces cannot be overstated,” adds Jensen Fong, Director of Operations. “Think about it, you take your phone everywhere you go and use it constantly. Any germs that get into your hands by opening a door or flipping a light switch are then transferred to your phone when you press and swipe. Imagine that’s been happening all morning, and then you’re taking your lunch break. Your phone is right there on the table with your food, and all those germs are there with it. Then you text or check your email or your social media while eating and the germs are back on the hands you took care to wash before coming to lunch, then they end up on the food and in your mouth But if you had our protective skins on your phone, your handles doors, your light switches, then this chain of transmission can be disturbed.

Germ-O-Guard also offers a wide range of other products based on the same VBFree nano-silver technology. These include face masks for personal protection, pre-cut protective skins to fit a wide range of popular electronic devices, as well as rolls of material suitable for adding antiviral and antibacterial protection to more items. large or on a larger scale.

Germ-O-Guard currently welcomes inquiries regarding bulk orders and companies interested in pursuing business opportunities. The company has also embarked on an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to showcase its entire line of products in the market. Campaign supporters have the opportunity to pre-order the products at specially discounted prices before they are available in retail stores. The campaign is visible on the following link:

Demo Video – Creating Homemade Custom Germ-O-Guard Antiviral and Antibacterial Skins for Home or Office Light Switches:

Video Demo – Creating Custom Homemade Germ-O-Guard Protective Skins for Any Device:

Demonstration video – Germ-O-Guard protective covers preserve the elegant appearance of high-end devices:

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Creation of custom homemade Germ-O-Guard protective skins for devices:

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