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Minimizer floor mats feature a raised edge, preventing materials from escaping from the mat.

Photo: High Bar Brands

High Bar Brands Expands Minimizer Line of Custom Molds ground sheet by offering a mat for cabin berth area.

“The initial demand for this product came from our customers and gained momentum on social media,” Chandler Nault, director of product development at HBB, said in a statement. “This is a great example of the critical role our customers play in HBB’s development process.”

According to Nault, the first sleeper floor mats are designed for Freightliners, but customers can expect additional part numbers for other trucks in the future.

“Initial demand for these floor mats has been very strong,” Nault added. “I think it’s safe to say that we will be looking closely at how to expand this product line in the future.”

Minimizer floor mats are laser measured and feature a raised edge, preventing materials from running off the mat.

“Many of our OTR drivers love bring their pets for the ridesaid Ryan Shepherd, Head of Design at HBB. “Now they can do it without worrying about accidents. The tray design will contain the mess for easier cleaning.

To see which make/model/year models fit the new Minimizer floor mats, visit their website.

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