JFDA guarantees that dairy products are fit for human consumption…


AMMAN – The Jordan Food and Drug Administration (JFDA) regularly monitors and tests all products on the market, even before the Audit Bureau detects any violations, said JFDA Director General Nizar Al-Mheidat.اضافة اعلان

His comment followed the Audit Office’s release of its annual report for 2021, which reported the suspension of a customs committee that found most powdered dairy products on the local market violated instructions. of the Ministry of Agriculture.

The committee’s report revealed that unspecified factories outside Jordan were repackaging powdered milk imported from a country other than the country of origin and adding hydrogenated vegetable fats to the product whose manufacture or import is prohibited. in the Kingdom.

The milk, he added, was sold in the Kingdom on the grounds that it was whole milk containing animal fat.

The committee’s report indicates that powdered milk is imported and packaged in unspecified neighboring countries. He said factories there mix and package milk in violation of technical regulations in Jordan, which prohibit the import and manufacture of products containing vegetable oils and fats.

The report also revealed that the factories also manipulated the terms of the customs tariff, as they did not pay the customs fees or the general sales tax, which amounted to 544,245 JD.

Mheidat said Jordan News that the violations were the responsibility of Jordanian Customs. “The powdered milk note was entirely a custom case,” he explained.

He pointed out that all dairy products on the market “have no problem, are safe and suitable for human consumption”.

“Products entering the local market are all within specification,” he said.

Minister of State for Prime Ministry Affairs Ibrahim Al-Jazi announced that most of the 2,776 violations reported in the Audit Office’s annual report for 2021 “have already been corrected”.

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