A working meeting between Sergei Kogogingeneral manager of KAMAZ, and Alexei MillerChairman of the Gazprom Management Committee, took place today.

The parties discussed issues relating to their cooperation. In particular, the meeting discussed the creation of new models of motor vehicles for the needs of Gazprom. Outraged, Sergei Kogogin and Alexei Miller signed the cooperation agreement for the supply of a new line of all-wheel drive models by KAMAZ to Gazprom. According to the document, in 2023-2025, KAMAZ will gradually produce and deliver to Gazprom subsidiaries 420 buses for shift personnel of the KAMAZ-6250 model and 80 mobile workshop trucks of the KAMAZ-62501 model. Most vehicles will be powered by natural gas and adapted to operate in the Far North.

It was pointed out that a prototype of a new bus for shift personnel, namely an all-wheel drive KAMAZ-6250 custom-made by KAMAZ for Gazprom, was presented to St. Petersburg International Gas Forum 2022. Among the distinguishing features of the prototype is its cryogenic fuel system that runs on liquefied natural gas (methane). If required, the vehicle can be fitted with a fuel system that runs on compressed natural gas or diesel. It is expected that KAMAZ will use this model to develop a KAMAZ-62501 mobile workshop truck for Gazprom’s needs.

KAMAZ PTC and PJSC Gazprom have been cooperating successfully for many years in developing the market for gas engine fuels in Russia. In particular, when identifying promising sales markets, KAMAZ is guided by Gazprom’s plans to expand the network of CNG filling stations. Gazprom is actively purchasing gasoline vehicles from KAMAZ to modernize its own fleet: 3.6 thousand units were purchased in 2014-2021.

In March 2022, two cooperation agreements have been signed between Gazprom and KAMAZ. The documents envisage the creation of new vehicle models, including those running on natural gas, and their controlled maintenance.

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