Keep the truck bonkers, but please give us the Frontier, Nissan accessories

Nissan is making enthusiasts salivate with a new NISMO off-road truck that packs a punch. It answers the question: what happens if you take a 400-horsepower V8 engine from a full-size truck and put it into a mid-size truck? Well, you get the NISMO Off Road Frontier V8 concept truck that Nissan is showing at the SEMA show this week.

Concept trucks like this Frontier almost never see production, but the accessories the company is showing off, like the no-drill roof rack, will likely see production. We say, “Bring them on.”

Will Nissan ever build this truck?

Nissan NISMO Off-Road Concept Truck | Nissan

Of course, show trucks like this are never built. Right? Well, sort of. The RAM TRX concept originated from an auto show. The Bronco too. But, then, the sad Plymouth Prowler and Chevy SSR did the same, so it’s understandable that manufacturers are notoriously timid when it comes to making headline-grabbing vehicles.

The truck also has wide track suspension created with lower control arms, front knuckles, wheel hubs and a rear axle from a Titan. The suspension also includes custom upper control arms and NISMO/Bilstein coilover shocks and a custom rear leaf spring package with NISMO/Bilstein external reservoir shocks for increased ride height and payload capacity. The Frontier concept receives a custom widebody kit with carbon fiber front fenders, hood and side panels, along with a prototype NISMO Off Road front bumper that improves the truck’s approach angle and tire clearance.

If we had a Magic 8-Ball to ask, “Will Nissan build this miracle truck?” He would probably say, “The signs say no.” But we’d love to get behind the wheel of a midsize truck with Titan truck power, which is more than any standard midsize truck we can think of. Even the Ranger Raptor only produces 274 horsepower, according to Motor1, which conducted a dyno test.

What Nissan Frontier accessories can we expect to see soon?

2023 Nissan NISMO Truck Roof Racks
The no-drill roof rack from NISMO | Nissan

Nissan, bring us the no-drill roof racks. The NISMO truck has a custom roof rack that looks good, especially with lights, which also adds some functionality. It would go well on a Pro-4x Frontier. But, since Nissan calls it the no-drill roof rack, we can assume it bolts into the roof channels instead, which keeps the truck weathertight.

Pre-racer truck fans would love to get the spare tire and tire racks built into the bed, as well as the widebody kit. NISMO Off Road Axis rims would be nice to see for the Frontier, but they’re only available for the Titan and Armada today.

Does this truck mean we’ll see more off-road goodies from Nissan?

Bronze NISMO Off-Road Truck Wheel
The all-terrain NISMO concept | Nissan

Like we said, it’s highly unlikely we’ll ever see such a crazy truck from Nissan turn up at your local dealership. Nissan says in its press release about the truck, “the concept features a range of new NISMO Off Road accessory parts that will soon be available at Nissan dealerships, as well as prototype NISMO Off Road parts that may be available in the future. .”

While we probably won’t be able to build this truck, it shows that Nissan is committed to the 2023 Frontier and making accessories for the truck. The rack and spare tire carriers should be fairly easy to manufacture. Whether we’ll get the fancy new suspension or the cat-back exhaust remains to be seen.

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