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Sunglasses do more than just protect your eyes from harmful UV rays; they also improve night vision and especially your look. Buying sunglasses that are no longer fashionable and look old and stiff might not be what you wanted. However, updating your sunglasses to the latest on-going trends is something that should be considered more often. However, talking about some of its practical benefits rather than just being “fashionable” is that the sunglasses reduce glare and increase color and contrast, allowing you to see the road and surroundings more clearly and safely. Even on cloudy days, sunglasses can help you see better and reduce glare while driving. When you’re fishing rather than driving, shiny, reflective glare from the water surface won’t be a problem, allowing you to see farther. In summary, invest in a good pair of sunglasses that offer 100% UVA and UVB protection and wear them frequently.

So, here are 8 of the latest men’s sunglasses that are currently trending:


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Start with these exclusive sunglasses from Vincent Chase. These Vincent Chase sunglasses are in an aviator shape and will surely look great on any face, no matter what shape. Moreover, these Vincent Chase aviator sunglasses have a 100% UV protected polarized lens that will surely protect you from all harmful and dangerous sun rays that can directly damage your eyes and brain. Also, speaking of these Vincent Chase sunglasses for men, its lenses are made of polycarbonate, which offers better protection than plastic lenses as they are lighter and less likely to break and will accompany you for a long time. .

Next on this list of the best sunglasses for men are these exclusively designed black colored wayfarer sunglasses. These sunglasses are made from polycarbonate, which also makes them good lightweight sunglasses that won’t feel heavy at all. The black colored lens of these sunglasses is 100% UV protected and blends perfectly with the square shape design of these Fastrack sunglasses. Moreover, wearing these sunglasses on a sunny day with a stylish outfit will surely make you look cool among your friends.

Moving ahead on this list of styles of sunglasses for men available in India at affordable prices, here is now this awesome looking Custom Heat Wave Visual XL Vise Sunglasses which are available on various e-commerce sites at an affordable price. These Heat Wave sunglasses have a stylish frame with a United States theme printed on it as well as the Heat Wave logo intact. Moreover, the black lens of these sunglasses perfectly complements the frame and gives these sunglasses an extremely funky and attractive look. Moreover, wearing these Heat Wave Sunglasses at the beach in your casual outfit will surely be something worth showing off.

Going through this list of the best and latest sunglasses for men, here are the trendy Allarallvr blue rectangular sunglasses. Additionally, these sunglasses from Allarallvr have wider frames than the normal frame, which allows them to be worn by a wider range of people than the standard small-sized rectangular frame. These beautiful light blue color frames in a striking black color lens not only look great but also make you stand out in a crowd. These fashionable sunglasses are a wardrobe essential that never goes out of style and will surely keep you in style for a long time.

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On this list of the most stylish men’s sunglasses brands, the brand dominating the eyewear market today is none other than Vincent Chase of Lenskart. Vincent Chase makes some of the most stylish sunglasses frames that fit your eyes perfectly. Also, speaking of these tiger print sunglasses for men from Vincent Chase, these glasses also have beautiful printed frames with yellow and black speckled prints and lining. Plus, its high-quality lens perfectly complements its beautiful yellow and black frame, making these Vincent Chase tiger print sunglasses quite satisfying for all age groups.

Elegante is also one of those brands that is slowly and steadily gaining a foothold in the Indian eyewear markets. However, Elegante would do good by making high quality sunglasses at very affordable rates. These Elegante driving pilot aviator sunglasses are no exception. Made with high quality frames, these vintage driving sunglasses are the perfect and most subtle choice for men. However, its metal frame will make these sunglasses more durable than any other normal sunglasses more durable than any other sunglasses in the market.

On this list of the best fashion sunglasses for men, you will find these super funky yet stylish batman shaped sunglasses for men. These Litevibes sunglasses are specially designed so you can show off on night parties with your spooky and funky outfit. In addition, these fashionable bat shaped sunglasses from Litevibes have a strong metal frame and lenses that make them strong and resistant while looking stylish. Plus, these vintage rimless batman sunglasses for men from Litvibes will make you stand out from the crowd with their gold frames and bat shaped lenses. What’s more, these bat shaped sunglasses also offer equivalent UV protection to protect your dazzling eyes from harmful UV rays.

Over on this list of trendy sunglasses for men in India, here is another very funky and stylish pair of sunglasses from Sunier. These retro round polarized sunglasses are made entirely of metal with advanced polarized lenses to make them stylish and safe for your eyes. Moreover, these Sunier retro round sunglasses have a cool round lens and retro Steampunk design, which makes these sunglasses suitable for both men and women at parties. In summary, these sunglasses are ideal for any outdoor activity, including driving, shopping, traveling, fishing, etc. Sunier’s retro steampunk round sunglasses also have polarized lenses that reduce glare and protect your eyes from 100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays. . Plus, they come in beautiful packaging that makes this product a perfect gift for someone who likes to stay stylish and funky all the time.

Latest Men’s Sunglasses – FAQs

  1. What is the current trend in sunglasses?
    The current trend in sunglasses is rectangular sunglasses, which were popular during the summer of 2021 and will continue to dominate the streets until 2023.
  2. What are the best sunglasses for your eyes?
    Choose sunglasses with 99-100% UVA and UVB protection. Some sunglasses claim to provide 100% UVA/UVB protection, while others claim to provide 100% UV 400 protection. So choosing sunglasses with both UVA and UVB protection would be better.
  3. What are the new glasses for 2022?
    The shape of the year 2022 for sunglasses is square or rectangular. Because they complement almost any face shape, thick-rimmed square eyeglass frames are among the most popular eyewear trends.

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