Liqui Moly offers a complete line of car care products

Although Liqui Moly is well known for its oils and additives, the company has a full range line of car care products. There are currently over 60 products to clean and protect paintwork, chrome, glass, rims, tires, plastics, engines and interiors. Liqui-Moly vehicle care products ensure your valuable asset is cleaned and protected, inside and out.

Car Interior Cleaner: Fast, effective and powerful, yet gently cleans plastics, fabrics and interior trim. Thoroughly removes oil, grease, nicotine and other dirt. Easily removes drink spills, candy stains and nicotine residue. For use on most common vehicle interior materials.

Leather Car: A carefully selected blend of natural and synthetic ingredients prevents leather from becoming brittle with age. Leather Care cleans and preserves by adding a silky protective layer to new or used leather. Leather Care is a highly effective leather treatment for automotive, motorcycle equipment and furniture. Smooth leather regains elasticity and softness when treated with Liqui-Moly Leather Care.

Scratch Stop: A silicone-free polishing compound suitable for universal use. The product can be used to remove scratches, overspray, swirl marks and uneven finishes on solid or metallic paintwork. It is also suitable for matte plastic parts as well as polycarbonate headlight lenses, and can be applied manually or with a pad.

Liqui-Moly is a German company that offers a full range of oils, additives and car care products. go here for more information.

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