Magic UI 7.0 / Android 13 feature and design leaked

Twitter – the powerful social platform now allows Android users to customize the app’s navigation bar. Until now, the feature was already available to consumers running their devices on the iOS interface, but it remained off for the Android version.

According to the information, starting in May, Twitter started testing the customizable navigation bar feature for Android. Therefore, the custom navigation feature removes the Spaces icon that appears in the middle of the navigation bar.

Moreover, it allows you to remove unwanted tabs from the app display list. As a result, you can either reduce the tabs to two or one, or keep all the default view panel tabs accordingly.

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New Feature – Only for Twitter Blue!

A notable point that arises here is that Android users subscribed to the Twitter Blue program will only be able to grab the new feature. Yes! Unfortunately, no such feature is available for the free Twitter app. Therefore, to access the thoughtful feature, users need to sign up for Twitter Blue’s monthly subscription for $2.99.

On the other hand, while exploring more reports, we found that at some point people using the Twitter platform might still face some consequences. Compared to the free app, Twitter Blue has a lot to offer its users. However, he can’t help himself from all the obstacles that block the proper functioning of the application.

This is proven when Twitter declares the inclusion of new information in the banner that activates spaces at the top of users’ timeline. Unfortunately, there is no option to completely disable the banner feature, neither for the free app nor for the blue app.

On the other hand, the banner will eventually read user information from space. For example, who hosts the space, shares a tweet in the space, and other relevant topics. Let’s see how these new tools will improve the app for users!


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