MagSafe Accessories We Really Recommend for iPhone Users

MagSafe is Apple’s proprietary system for wireless power transfer and magnetic accessories. The “Mag” refers to the circular series of magnets which makes it as easy as placing your iPhone near the accessory to assemble them.

If you’re using a case with your iPhone, you’ll also need a MagSafe compatible case. Standard phone cases without magnets block the internal iPhone cases, preventing accessories from sticking hard enough. Apple offers premium MagSafe cases in clear, silicone, and leather styles for the iPhone 14, iPhone 13, and iPhone 12 series.

You can also buy unauthorized MagSafe compatible cases, often much cheaper, without an official Apple designation. However, without a partnership with Apple, the strength of the magnet can vary significantly. So, try out any unofficial cases you consider before buying. You want to avoid having weak magnets, a dropped phone, or even a cracked screen.

A great first charging accessory is the Apple MagSafe Charger ($39), a puck-shaped charger that extends into a wire that ends in a USB-C port. Some accessory makers are taking advantage of Apple’s charger ubiquity, creating products that house Apple’s power puck, turning it into a stand or car mount.

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