Melissa McCarthy Reveals a Design Move You’ll Love That Costs $0

Actress Melissa McCarthy and his cousin Jenna Perusich know that many Americans simply don’t have the time or money to remodel their homes, which is why they’ve made it their mission to provide deserving homeowners with life-changing makeovers on their new HGTV show, “The Great Giveback”.

In the Season 1 episode “Makeover for Mama,” the cousins ​​go all out to Lucy (aka “Mama”), mother of seven. Lucia has worked hard all her life, and although she still works two jobs at 60, she still makes time for her children and her community.

“She hasn’t changed anything for over 35 years because all the extra time and money goes to everyone,” Perusich said. “Now it’s his turn, and we just want to make the most of it.”

Here’s how McCarthy and Perusich pulled off this meaningful makeover, along with tips you might also be inspired to try in your own abode.

A living room should have enough seating for everyone

Before: The living room looked dark and didn’t have a lot of seating.


Lucia has a big family, which makes for big gatherings, so McCarthy and Perusich know they’ll have to give her a big, comfy living room.

“It would be nice to give some curves if we can, because everything is pretty linear,” McCarthy says.

living room
After: With new furniture, this room is now more inviting.


They add a large, curved sofa for plenty of seating, and lots of plush, comfy decor like a big rug and warm yellow curtains. With plenty of seating and a bright, playful color scheme, this living room now feels welcoming and wonderful.

Luxury vinyl flooring looks great for less

old kitchen tiles
Before: Lucia and her husband installed these tiles three decades ago.


In the entryway, the cousins ​​decide to lay new terracotta tiles to give the space some personality. But in the kitchen, where there are already tiles, they want the floor to be a little simpler.

Lucia explains that she and her husband laid their own kitchen tile 30 years ago, and while it looks good for a DIY project, the cousins ​​think the space would be a bit brighter and more contemporary if they added luxury vinyl flooring. It’s easy on the wallet and looks lovely, updating that space in a big way.

updated kitchen
After: This luxury vinyl flooring instantly updates the home.



green tile
This green tile is slightly imperfect, giving this kitchen extra character.


McCarthy and Perusich want to give this dated kitchen a fun and colorful look, bringing in Spanish-inspired tones that really pop. So they give the space a custom plaster hood in a unique marigold tone and complement that bright tone with a dark green tile backsplash. But the tiles are not all the same color.

“These tiles are handmade, so there is the slightest variation in color which is so beautiful,” says Perusich.

Use color to update a fireplace

dining room
This double-sided fireplace looks great in the living room and dining room.


Cousins ​​give the whole kitchen a unique and colorful makeover, so they know they have to give the living room and dining room a similar aesthetic.

“We made some pretty bold choices for the hood and the color of the tiles, so we have to balance that other side of the room,” McCarthy says. “And the fireplace, which also plays big. And by plastering it in a soft cinnamon color, it can really anchor this space.”

McCarthy and Perusich use colored plaster to cover the dated brick double-sided fireplace and give it a fresh new look. However, it takes some color testing to get the right shade.

“Sometimes it’s best to mix up five or six samples of something before you commit to putting it all over your walls. Or in this case, a two-sided fireplace,” says Perusich.

The fireplace ends up looking stunning, proving that playing around with the color of a fireplace can really pay off.

laundry room
This backsplash tile looks beautiful in the laundry room.


McCarthy and Perusich love the look of the kitchen backsplash so much that they choose to use the remaining tile above the washer and dryer in the laundry room. The tiling brings some personality to the otherwise neutral space and connects this room to the kitchen, making the home design cohesive and carefully thought out.

The best of all? It costs them nothing, since it was done with a little leftover kitchen tile!

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