MKU Set to Provide Aiming System to ASEAN and MENA Regions


Several countries in ASEAN as well as the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa) have expressed their interest in procuring body armor as well as the Netro custom sighting system for LMGs and HMGs from MKU Ltd. , based in Kanpur.

Speaking to Financial Express Online on the sidelines of the Indo-Defence 2022 Expo and Forum in Jakarta, Indonesia, Arif Masood, Director of International Sales, MKU said, “There have been visits from senior armies of several countries, including Indonesia. , Thailand, Malaysia and Egypt, among others.

The company has a strong presence in the region and already supplies the armed forces, other security agencies in various ASEAN countries like the Philippines, Singapore and others.

Even militaries in the Middle East and North Africa have expressed interest in body armor and night vision devices, all made in India.

“During a company presentation in Malaysia recently, senior management had expressed interest in our company’s products. And this was reinforced by the visit of senior management from the Malaysian Coast Guard to see what we can offer,” said Arif Masood of MKU Ltd.

Malaysia has expressed interest in buying Indian military platforms including light fighter jets, light helicopter gunships, BrahMos supersonic missile systems and now body armor as well as night vision devices.

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Indonesia, which is already in talks with BrahMos Aerospace Pvt Ltd for a land-based anti-ship variant of the supersonic cruise missile. The ASEAN member country is very important to India as the two are neighbors on the Indian Ocean littoral and both are working to enhance military cooperation.

MKU in the Philippines

The company is one of the few Indian defense companies present in the region. In three years, Kanpur-based MKU Ltd has exported more than 120,000 bulletproof vests, over 1,000 night vision devices and 30,000 helmets not only to that country’s army, but also to the national police. Philippines and others in that country.

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India & Indonesia

Later this month November 15-16 Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be present in Bali, Indonesia to attend the G20 summit. This year, Indonesia holds the presidency and will hand it over to India at the end of the summit.

What products have countries expressed interest in?

Kavro TAC-I-IIA (Armor Vest Systems)

It is an integrated body armor system. It has an exo load distribution system on the upper body and a backpack. Together, it reduces a soldier’s carried marching and combat loads by up to nearly 30%. According to Masood, this smart overvest provides the soldier with protection against ballistic threats, higher energy rounds of ammunition and fragments. And its ergonomic design makes movement easy and agility for the operator.

Kavro ACH 115B (high fragmentation helmet with full face protection)

This is a lightweight ballistic helmet featuring a mandible protector with an integrated front mount ballistic visor. This is important as it provides the operator with full face protection not only from ballistic threats but also from blunt impact.

According to the company official, the helmet uses smart materials and is designed to provide both protection and comfort to the wearer.

Kavro ACH 1027T (High Energy Ordnance Protective Helmet)

Security personnel and soldiers who are deployed in defensive and offensive operations use the ACH 1027 T. This helmet provides protection against high energy ammunition up to 7.62 X 51 M80 NATO Ball at 300 m. And, according to the company, when used with MACS, soldiers can operate with modern helmets, including night vision devices, communication devices, and more.

Netro custom aiming system for LMG and HMG

These can be used with weapons that have picatinny compatible mounting systems. And for LMGs, Rifles, and MMGs that come with other mounting systems, there are other options available.

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