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Motorhome Accessories UK 2022 | Scarborough News

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With so much stunning scenery to explore, the UK is absolutely ripe for a camping holiday, whether you’re relaxing on the coast or simply hiking through the mountain ranges. But getting out for a few nights under the stars doesn’t mean you have to leave your comforts behind, so we’ve rounded up some of the best camping accessories, from portable spotlights to portable fridge/freezers, to create your very own home. East. Far from home.

Here, we’re looking for things to take the camping experience from great to great. We know you will have a bed, a blanket or sleeping bag, a gas stove, some culture and lamps. But beyond the basics, there are kits that can help make your camping experience memorable. They’re especially a winner if you’re vacationing with someone whose camping life is less confident than you are.

Plus, we had the chance to test drive the Ford Transit Nugget Plus, a lovely motorhome, so we’ve reviewed our own experience of this gorgeous move below.

Set off on your hiking and backpacking adventures.

This collaboration between Ford and motorhome conversion specialist Westphalia is truly a home away from home.

Based on a long-wheelbase Transit custom, this premium motorhome offers sleeping space for four, a kitchen area with a two-burner gas hob, fridge, sink and under-the-door lighting. cabinets, as well as rotating captain’s chairs and a Boasts quick-assembly table. Turn the rear compartment into a dining/socializing space.

There’s also a 240v inverter, a fold-out awning with sturdy camping chairs and a hidden picnic table in the tailgate and even a shower with hot and cold running water, plus a toilet if you really need it. . Wild camping requires the comfort of your own home.

Of course, if you’re looking for a home away from home, you’ll want to take your entertainment with you.

But why settle for an iPad reflex when you can have a complete mobile cinema? The XGimi Halo+ is an incredibly compact portable projector that can project your favorite show or movie in full 1080p HD resolution on a screen up to 200 inches.

The Android-powered Halo+ pairs Google TV with hundreds of popular streaming apps, including Netflix and Disney+, and you can use Chromecast to share content via smartphone. The Halo+ features auto keystone correction and autofocus to ensure excellent image quality and features a flip-up stand and tripod mounting point.

The projector’s 60Wh battery is good for 2.5 hours of viewing, but it can also run on mains if you have access and your own high-quality Harmon Kadron 5W speakers or Bluetooth for connection to external speakers . could.

If you’re looking to add a bit more to your mobile cinema setup or are just looking for a good sound system that you can take with you anywhere, the Wonderboom 3 packs a lot of punch in its compact, colorful form.

The Ultimate Ears Third Generation Rugged Portable Bluetooth Speaker is drop-proof up to 1.5m, comes with an IP67 rating which means it’s water and dust proof. dust, and that it also floats if you’re feeling particularly adventurous/awkward. done.

With a 14 hour battery life, 40 meter Bluetooth range, 360 degree sound system and elastic carrying loop, it’s ideal for taking your music wherever you go and for use in large spaces.

Most of us these days can’t live very long without our electronics, which can be difficult if you’re out in the woods. Excitrus has a solution for this the size of its latest super powerful power bank. Not only can this 20,800mAh bank charge any phone or laptop multiple times, its 100W output is enough to power a laptop via USB for up to 15 hours.

It has separate charging outlets for different devices, from headphones to smartwatches, and a fast-charging magnetic wireless connection for smartphones, all wrapped in a beautiful fabric finish.

Perhaps more of a “spa break at home” than a home away from home, these two portable units offer a chance to sit back, relax, and let the machines wash away your stress (if you’re fighting to pitch a tent). Easy).

The fully portable USB-powered eye massager (£54.99) has four different modes that use 16 rotating and pressing heads to help reduce eye strain and includes pre-charged built-in speakers. Can play soothing sounds or your phone can be hung up to play the melody of your choice.

The neck massager (£49.99) requires a 240v connection, so you’ll need our kit campervan or mains power to use it on the go. The device’s eight motorized nodes are designed to deliver a deep tissue shiatsu massage and can be used anywhere from the neck, shoulders, back and back to the arms and legs to help you loosen. There is an optional heating function, as well as three speed settings and two directions.

Not everyone is lucky enough to have an RV with a fully equipped kitchen, but that doesn’t mean you have to survive on cold beans and Kendall mint cakes. There are tons of things to help you create a usable kitchen.

The Camping Gaz Camp’Bistro Elite comes in its own carry case, but can be set up in moments to provide a stable and powerful gas burner. A clever safety mechanism and piezo ignition ensure that the gas is only activated when the stove is correctly installed.

Once you’ve got your cooker set up, you’ll need something to cook your feast with, and that’s where the HighGear Family Cookware Set comes in. The three-piece set includes a frying pan with a lid lightweight aluminum, pan, pan and all. Non-stick coating and removable handle for easy packing and carrying.

You never really feel like home without a good cup of tea, so a kettle is a must for any camping trip, no matter how luxurious or adventurous. The HiGear 1L Aluminum Whistling Kettle is lightweight and durable enough to boil water for two steeps at once.

Once the water boils, you can enjoy a cup of tea from the Eurohike Stainless Steel Coffee Mug, which is designed to be sturdy yet incredibly lightweight.

Sure, you can balance a plate on your lap to eat, but why not bring a real dining table with you instead? This lightweight aluminum option features fold-out legs and built-in carry handles for easy portability and can be erected in seconds, allowing four people to eat at once.

If you have a table, you’ll need a comfortable place to sit, which is where this folding camping chair comes in handy. The compact and lightweight chair comes in its own carry case and folds down in seconds, folding down as quickly as possible. A padded cushion and backrest provide extra comfort and an insulated cup holder fits into the arm.

Proving once again that you don’t need an £85,000 motorhome to enjoy the comforts of home, this neat portable unit only needs a clean water supply to power the pump by herself. And a 12V socket must be submerged.

The unit has adjustable pressure and a suction mounting kit to hook up the shower head and is ideal for a quick rinse after a day of outdoor activities.

If you don’t have access to a 12V socket, there’s always the HiGear 20L solar shower.

Simply fill it with cold water, leave it out in the sun for a while, then hang it up with the built-in hook to enjoy a quick refreshing shower. Two and a half hours at 21°C is enough to bring the solar shower back to 38°C, but don’t expect standard water pressure.

Hate the feeling of never being able to properly dry wet clothes while camping? The Aerative portable clothes dryer offers a compact alternative to your home clothes dryer thanks to its intelligent hot air system.

Adjustable and extendable arms mean it will dry everything from jackets and t-shirts to pants and shoes, and UV sterilization can kill bugs and bacteria. You’ll just need to make sure you’re at the campsite with a power hookup or have a van with an inverter, as it requires mains power to operate.

Decent lighting is important whether you’re at an established campsite or out in the wild. The 1000 lumen output of this rechargeable lantern from HiGear is more than bright enough for any situation and it has a dimmer and flashing function if you need to grab attention.

Its sturdy casing includes a carrying handle and hanging hook, and a USB output port means it can be used as a backup power source for mobile devices.

You won’t be sleeping on a piece of foam at home, so no home away from home camp is complete without a proper mattress.

This portable example is durable and lightweight and features a clever self-inflating system that makes it difficult to set up. The single size mattresses can be folded together to create a double mattress and the unit can be combined with an inflatable bed base for a higher level of comfort.


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