New era startups boost the supply chain


Mowito Robotics, Tusker, Sytlumia, Raaho, Conmove and Celcius Logistics are working on the digitalization of logistics

The supply chain is a key factor in making a company’s economy work. Supply chain startups come up with new innovations to save time and track products.

The country has produced a few startups that are currently working on the digitalization of logistics and the support of companies through robotics.

Prajakt Raut said, “Supply chain is one of the biggest sectors that fuels all industries.” He also introduced his company saying that Supply Chain Labs is India’s first supply chain focused fund.

Informing the reason for founding Supply-Chain Labs, Raut said, “There is no platform for companies that optimize and disrupt the supply chain”.

He also said, “Over the past 3.5 years, we have successfully engaged with nearly 24 companies.

With remarkable changes in shopping habits across the country, deliveries are speeding up day by day and due to this, there are dark shops in every nook and corner of Indian cities. To solve this widespread problem, Mowito Robotics is working on automating dark stores.

Mowito Robotics, Tusker, Sytlumia, Raaho, Conmove and Celcius Logistics are working on digitizing logistics Addressing the audience during the presentation, Aditya Nagesh, co-founder of Mowito Robotics said, “We produce action that work faster than a human. The robot can pick packages up to two meters high and it can process 60 orders in one hour. We can install such robots within two weeks. This can allow save up to 40% of the cost.”

Another startup, Tusker, delivers goods from outlets after purchasing them from distributors in a semi-rural area within a 200 kilometer radius “We focus on seven sectors such as FMCG, automotive and machinery, pharmaceutical , textiles, and construction and paints,” said Amit Akkihal, CEO of Tusker.

Bengaluru-based Sytlumia helps retailers and manufacturers based on consumer trend data to forecast demand and close the gap between demand and sales. “150 billion products are produced every year, but a third of them go to landfill,” said Ganesh Subramanian, founder and CEO of Sytlumia.

Raaho, an intercity trucking-based startup, was also featured at the event. The company allows a driver to get a job that involves delivering loads. “I hope it will be Uber from trucking,” said Raaho co-founder and CEO Mohammad Imthiaz.

Pune-based Conmove is trying to digitize the container and logistics industry. Its aim is to facilitate port-to-door and door-to-port transport. “We are creating a value chain between container yard or port, customs broker, carrier and customers in one platform,” said Nitin Parab, Founder of Conmove.

Celcius Logistics is a cold supply chain based startup that digitizes the cold supply chain and distributes the perishable product to customers within 18 hours across India. “Our first product was Covid vaccines which we delivered to 60 cities and now the reach has grown as we deliver meat, seafood, modern commerce and now connect D2C,” said Swarup Bose, Founder and CEO of Celcius Logistics.

Supply chain start-ups help the process become more transparent and faster. It will also help the lower layers of the business, such as fleet drivers and workers.

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