New handcrafted standing desk and accessories by Oakywood

Oakywood hit our radar a few years ago with its handcrafted technology and desktop accessories ranging from iPhone cases and iPad cases to complete home office suites and add-ons. Since then, we’ve come away quite impressed with products like his wooden desk shelf and Qi wireless chargers — I still use a lot of his desk accessories to this day — in our hands-on reviews. But this week, Oakywood relaunched its website with a new look, custom options, and a range of new all-black wood and metal gear. Head below for more details, a deeper look at its standing desks, and more.

New Oakywood Handcrafted Desk Accessories

Oakywood has now relaunched its online presence “with an all-new look, from the website to a sleek and attractive new black product colorway.” The brand has already made some of my favorite wooden trays, chargers, phone cases and desk accessories, many of which remain in the product line, but it’s also introducing new standing desks and a new all-black treatment on a large part of the products already available.

Magdalena Gembala, an industrial designer, is the creative brain behind Oakywood’s new look. While helping with the redesign, Magdalena combined ideas from Oakywood with user needs to streamline a clean, fresh new look.

Alongside the new desk accessories and website, Oakywood has now launched its 3D Configurator – an “innovative tool [that] lets you create custom workspace solutions tailored to specific needs, then experience a realistic 3D view of your desk and shelf in real time.

This new online 3D configurator is available for use with his new standing desk, his more traditional classic desk and the desk shelf we had previously used. Here’s a breakdown of the list of features available on the new Oakywood standing desk from $1,100:

By allowing you to easily adjust its height, the Standing Desk revolutionizes your workspace and transforms it into an ergonomic haven of productivity, motivation and well-being. Its sturdy construction, combined with the intelligent height adjustment system, allows you to precisely adjust your desk and move smoothly from sitting to standing, improving the comfort of your workspace.

  • The table top measures 4.2cm making it exceptionally sturdy and durable.
  • Rounded milled edges with a custom cutter.
  • The surface is coated with a protective layer of wax oil which gives the wood a smooth feel without clogging its pores.
  • Finishes: solid oak wood, solid walnut wood, powder coated steel legs.
  • Available in oak, walnut, black, oak veneer and walnut veneer.

Oakywood also let us know that alongside the website relaunch, a new batch of MagSafe desktop and tech accessories will be in the works. We’re not sure what that will entail, but a good guess would be something like an updated desktop charger, iPhone 14 cases, or even a modular magnetic charging unit that works alongside the desktop shelf.

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