NewJeans Reveals Adorable Glowstick Design and Fandom Name at 100th Day Debut Celebration

On Saturday, October 29, 2022, NewJeans revealed their cute fandom name and an equally adorable yet stylish glow stick. The five-member group was one of the few girl groups to enjoy unspeakable power as rookies this year.

The hype boy girl group had the whole nation and the world dancing to the groovy song. With all eyes on them, they announced their fandom name and lightstick design today. It’s all the more celebratory as the group completed their 100 days of debut on October 29, 2022. They debuted on August 1.

Check out the glow stick design for the band below:

NewJeans continues its unique ways with a cute glow stick and fandom name

ADOR’s girl group NewJeans rocked the industry with their debut by directly releasing a music video instead of revealing the members one by one. The extraordinary debut was one of the most memorable moments of the year. Completing their 100 days of debut, the group offered fans some exciting news in an endearing video.

The first was NewJeans’ adorable custom U-shaped glow stick called BINKY. “BINKY” is a Korean word that describes the excited jumping of a rabbit. It also looks like the head of a rabbit.

Fans can add either the letters “N” and “J” for the group name or a blue star and a pink heart at the eye position. Both options will give them the opportunity to style them in their own way. Fans won’t be able to get their hands on it until early 2023 when orders open exclusively on Weverse Shop.

– RABBITS idol! liatt ini lightstick nya Newjeans 🤩 🤩

Fans have commented on how the newcomers are releasing glow sticks at a faster rate than previous groups. To put things into perspective, BTS and BLACKPINK both announced their light sticks two years after their debut, while EXO took three years to announce theirs.

I just woke up to see our fandom name and glowstick being dropped, hanni as gucci ambassador, one of the members as unofficial dior ambassador and tokkis celebrating 100 days with NewJeans 🫶 🏼

The second exciting news was the group’s fandom name. Once again taking a unique path, NewJeans has a name but two different ways of saying it. fans of the hype boy group will henceforth be known as “Bunnies” or “Tokki”. The word “Tokki” is the romanized version of the Korean word for “rabbit”.

The NewJeans members’ cute bunny helmet and equally fun glow stick design went straight to the hearts of fans. They congratulated their fellow Tokkis on finally getting an official name. Fandom names and glow sticks are an important part of a K-pop idol group. This helps them create a personalized image for the band and their fans.

Take a look at some of the fan reactions below:

what a great way to start the day

In other news, NewJeans will make their first comeback in December this year. They have also proven their popularity and power on a global scale by topping multiple charts, multiple records, and even year-end award shows.

For the next MAMA Awards 2022, the hype boy group is nominated for Best New Female Artist, Best Dance Performance Female Group for AttentionSong of the Year, Artist of the Year and Top 10 Global Fan Picks.

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