Opening of the Local Roots kombucha tasting room in the Cedros Design District

Local Roots hard kombucha has moved to the coastal neighborhood of Solana Beach with its new bar in the Cedros Design District. Local Roots promises to be a “better-for-you adult drink” that’s organic, vegan, and gluten-free, packed with probiotics without artificial sugar.

The Solana Beach Tasting Room opened in late September on the corner of South Cedros Avenue, just under the design district banner. Bar booch forms a “tasting triangle” of Cedros with urban winery Carruth Cellars next door and Culture Brewing across the street.

The tasting room will offer 20 sparkling and tasty options, including Strawberry Mojito; Purple Haze with blueberry and ginger; the spicy and unique Tropical Habinero which mixes habanero, pineapple and mango; and the Beachy Island Vibes with coconut, pineapple and blue spirulina.

Hard teas and non-alcoholic kombucha are also on the pick list and cans and growlers are all available to go. Lunch items will be available to order from Blade 1936, Oceanside’s Local Roots food partner that serves wood-fired pizzas and modern Italian.

Local Roots has also been named the exclusive kombucha for Belly Up’s new concert venue at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, still under construction. Local Roots was also a top seller at Solana Beach’s community celebration, Fiesta Del Sol, this spring.

This is Local Roots’ second location, their first bar is in Vista, which is also home to their solar-powered brewery.

Booch tasting at Local Roots.

(Karen Billing)

Local Roots is brewed, owned and operated by cousins ​​Ryan White and Joe Carmichael. The Encinitas and Carlsbad residents started the company in 2017 out of a garage. At the time, the two cousins ​​were on a journey for better health – White’s wife was battling breast cancer and they were focusing on clean eating, cold pressing their own juices at home; Carmichael was getting into craft kombucha for its gut health benefits.

Fermented foods are a source of probiotics, and fermented kombucha tea can supply the gut with healthy bacteria, helping to improve aspects of health like digestion and inflammation.

“It intrigued me,” said White, who admits he didn’t enjoy his first experience with kombucha and found the taste a little disgusting.

The two began brewing together to create harder, higher-alcohol kombucha, flavoring it with juices White made in the kitchen. They have customized their fermentation process taking the time to create the perfect tasting kombucha. The result was light, refreshing and flavorful, what Carmichael calls “The gateway kombucha” – something that even the skeptic, someone who doesn’t even think they like kombucha, will think tastes good, creating forever kombucha converts, just like White.

Their beers became more than just a hobby as they learned more about commercial brewing and canning. Towards the end of 2018, they started making Local Roots in a small Vista brewery and tasting room.

“We were only there for six months because we grew so fast,” White said.

Their colorful cans first landed on shelves in late 2019 at stores including Whole Foods, Sprouts, Lazy Acres and local restaurants. They moved to their expanded space now known as “The Boochyard” and ramped up production, sending Local Roots out of San Diego to Northern California and Arizona.

The Local Roots bar at Solana Beach.

The Local Roots bar at Solana Beach.

(Karen Billing)

Friends, family and Local Roots fans have asked them to open a tasting room along the coast and they are happy to be at Solana Beach.

The Cedros spot is a former hair salon. In a major build, they added a roll-up door to open up the entire front of the space to Art Avenue. The space features modern printed wallpaper and exposed brickwork, a reclaimed wood bar, and leather stools. A wall of greenery above a comfortable sofa reads “Hey Booches!” in purple neon.

While they signed the lease in 2019, they just opened the tasting room in September due to scheduling and pandemic delays. It took so long to go from lease to reality that they eagerly opened just three hours after their final inspection.

Local Roots is also committed to giving back with its quarterly “Can for a Cause” newsletter. Their latest creation, Safari Ride, supported the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance. Their latest addition is Pink Panther, a combination of watermelon, raspberry and coconut which is a new favorite and considered by many to be one of their best blends to date.

Through December 31, Local Roots will donate 10% of all gross proceeds from every Pink Panther purchase to the Susan G. Komen Foundation to support the search for a cure for breast cancer.

Solana Beach Bar is located at 112 South Cedros Avenue. For more information, check out or find them on Instagram @localrootskombucha

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