Our Intellectual Property Report covers Apple’s latest design patents while revealing the US company that has registered multiple trademark filings for ‘RealityOS’

Last week, Apple filed three trademarks, including Apple Self Repair Service, rap life and Country Faith while receiving a series of United States design patents by the United States Patent Office. Perhaps on a more timely note, a rumor via a tweet about RealityOS was posted today. This is the trademark rumor for Apple’s future mixed reality headset operating system. However, the tweet was a bit dishonest in not providing the actual brand registrant. Realityo Systems LLC. A large list was presented in Europe and is shown to you in the screenshot below.

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In the United States, Realityo Systems LLC has three trademark filings, one of which is shown below.

3 x US repository for RealityOS

It’s unclear at this time if Realityo Systems is an IP holding company hoping a company like Apple will acquire it or is actually acting on Apple’s behalf. Interestingly, the company is located in Delaware, where Apple has hidden other brands in the past, such as “iPad” in 2010.

A second RealityOS trademark filing under number 88726903 covers the trademark under two international classes as follows:

Class 009: “Software; computer game software; computer software; computer hardware. downloadable computer game software; computer software platforms, recorded or downloadable; smart glasses; virtual reality headsets; portable computers.

Class 042: “Design and development of virtual reality software; Computer software design. Software as a service; Cloud computing; Computer programming.”

The other two RealityOS brands’ classes under numbers 97163164 and 97163139 list international classes 009 and 042 respectively, but provide longer entries.

Apple Self-Service Repair

This week, Apple officially trademarked “Apple Self Service Repair” as shown in part below,

4 - Apple TM deposit for Apple Self Repair Service

Apple registered its trademark under the unique international name Class of 035: “Online retail store services provided via a global computer network featuring parts, tools and manuals for the repair of computers, computer peripherals and consumer electronics.”

Apple has also registered two trademarks relating to two Apple Music stations Rap Life under trademark registration number 97403751 and Country Faith under trademark registration number 97408429.

5 TM for Country Faith and Rap Life

Both music stations were classified in international class 041 covering: “entertainment services, namely, providing an ongoing radio program in the field of music; production and distribution of radio shows, videos, podcasts and sound recordings in the field of music; entertainment services, namely, providing ongoing podcasts in the fields of entertainment and music; provision of information relating to music; entertainment services, namely, curating songs for music playlists; entertainment services, namely, compilation and publication of music playlists; providing personalized non-downloadable music playlists via the Internet and other communication networks; selecting non-downloadable music recordings to create music playlists for others and publishing those music playlists; providing a web portal featuring links to musical sound recordings; provision of live entertainment, namely, musical performances. »

Design patent issues this week

The major design patents issued to Apple this week for the US Patent and Trademark Office covered the AirPods Pro case, iPhone 12 Pro leather case with MagSafe, and AirPods Max-related components, as shown below.

5 xx AirPods case design patent figures

6 Apple design patent figs

11. Brands and models bar

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