PCB Design From Start to Finish: eBook

This ebook by John Burkhert is a step-by-step guide to circuit board design with information suitable for beginners to advanced users.

This series is for anyone who wants to design their own circuit boards or make designs for others. Although a degree in electronics is not required, beginners would do well to consider basic electronic theory as a prerequisite. Each part ends with a graduate area where more advanced techniques are discussed. Beginners may want to skip these sections and those with the basics can skip ahead to these sections.

PCB design is at the crossroads of mechanical and electrical fields. One day you’re working with geometric dimensions and tolerances, and the next day you’re calculating temperature rise on a power plane. Between these two camps, there is a multitude of technologies specific to printed circuits.

Combining an assortment of components that perform a function and integrating that function with one or more others is at the heart of PCB layout. A component can have two pins or two thousand pins. It can cost a penny or hundreds of dollars. It can be bought off the shelf or ordered to measure with a delivery time of several months. Each PCB is a custom carrier for a selection of parts that hopefully do something useful.

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