Pet accessories for your automobile

Part of our pet lover experience is taking one for a road trip. Or, to the vet when they’re not feeling well.

No matter the circumstances, we need to find ways to transport them safely and comfortably.

You can visit the local pet store for solutions to ensure your pet is comfortable, fed, and safe as you drive it across town or state lines. You can even get in touch with pet-friendly car manufacturers who can provide custom designed and built solutions that fit your vehicle perfectly.

One such pet-friendly automaker is Stellantis — producers of Jeep, Ram, Dodge, Fiat, Chrysler, and Alfa Romeo — among other brands. Their Mopar division has been creating custom solutions for years to improve our lives. This also includes accessories for your Stellantis vehicle specially designed for your pet.

It starts with solutions designed for one of our long-time favorite brands – Jeep. Mopar offers pet kennels and mats to fit your Wrangler and other Jeep vehicles. The kennels themselves are designed to fit in the cargo hold of the two- or four-door Wrangler. It is breathable to allow air circulation which helps keep your pets comfortable.

In fact, the Jeep Wrangler was named one of the top 10 cars for dog lovers by Autotrader. Not just for the availability of pet accessories, but how a Wrangler exudes the ultimate feeling of freedom for you and your pets.

One of the company’s flagship products is their van. The Chrysler Pacifica and the Dodge Grand Caravan brought us innovations, like the Stow ‘n Go seats for the second and third rows. By folding down one or both rows of seats, you provide more roaming space for your pet. Additionally, Stow N’ Go seats can be quickly configured without completely removing any of the seats from the vehicle.

Mopar takes advantage of this feature by providing a pet kennel that fits many sizes of dogs and cats. The kennel also folds up to be stored out of the way when not in use. It’s also roomy enough for water and food bowls, toys, and other items your pet needs to be comfortable.

There are a few additional features that will help Pacifica owners have peace of mind when transporting their pets. For one, the FamCAM can give you a glimpse of the area behind the front seats to check on your precious cargo. A rear seat reminder sends an audible warning if the sliding rear doors are opened before you take off with your pet. Plus, you can clean up after your pet using the onboard Stow ‘n Vac vacuum found on select Pacifica models.

Photo courtesy of Stellantis North America

While Mopar provides high quality accessories for their vehicles, Subaru owners also have a great selection of pet accessories for their line. These accessories include cargo area pads for specific Subaru models, padded seat protectors, pet carriers, harnesses, ramps, bowls, and more. Not only does Subaru love pets, we love Subarus too.

Plus, Volkswagen’s Driver’s Gear catalog has a few pet accessories to go along with your Volkswagen lifestyle. Moreover, you can also get pet accessories from Ford.

To order these accessories, you can either go online to their respective brand/manufacturer websites for each of the particular items and order accordingly. You have the choice of having them shipped directly to you or picking them up at your nearest dealer’s parts department. Otherwise, a visit to the pet store works just as well.

The main takeaway is simple: when traveling with your pet in your car, make sure they are safe, comfortable, fed and happy. This also includes keeping windows open to ensure good ventilation for your pet. All of this will help you find the best solution when traveling with your pet in the car.

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