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The Italian Sea Group is moving from building bespoke yachts to series production with the revival of the famous Picchiotti brand, announced just six months after its acquisition. The first Picchiotti production boat should be delivered in the summer of 2024, and 15 other units are said to be in preparation.

The Italian-based yacht conglomerate, which recently launched the Admiral Kensho and the Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63, made headlines when it acquired Perini Navi and Picchiotti last December for around $82 million. Perini Navi was the big catch as he is considered a king in the sailing world.

Picchiotti was the former owner’s brand of motor yachts, and although the superyacht designs are sleek and modern, especially for a name dating back to 1575, they only built a handful before the company. does not go bankrupt in 2019.

The retro style is reminiscent of the design of post-war American yachts of the 1960s, although the stern transforms into a modern beach club.

Courtesy of Italian Sea Group

Picchiotti’s latest reincarnation will mark another sea change for the brand. The Italian seafaring group has tapped Florentine designer Luca Dini to recapture Picchiotti’s historic style with a new fleet of production yachts, ranging from 78 to 180 feet in length. They have been nicknamed the “Gentleman” yachts, and are inspired by the silhouette of American yachts from the 60s. The intention is to combine classic lines with new technologies and engineering.

“This new line, clearly inspired by the golden age of post-war yachting, immediately won me over because it recalls historical models such as the Giglio series or the Mistral series by Picchiotti”, said Giovanni Costantino , founder and CEO of The Italian Sea Group. , in a report. “I am very proud to give a new voice to a brand that represents the heritage of the entire nautical industry, one of the oldest shipyards in the world.”

Dini added: “This is a project dedicated to owners who want to stand out but are equally familiar with the tradition and concept of gentleman’s yachts.”

Pichiotti Mistral series

The Mistral was another flagship series from Picchiotti in the 1960s.

Courtesy of Italian Sea Group

More recently, Picchiotti is best known for building the 338ft motoryacht Al Saidone of the largest yachts in the world when delivered in 1982. The company went on to build the award-winning 164ft Explorer exuma and 239 feet Thanks E.

The new Picchiotti fleet will be aluminum, with a hull designed for increased efficiency. The manufacturer also offers the option of hybrid propulsion or fully electric motors. A thoroughly modern beach club and a tender matching the mother ship will also be part of the new package.

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