Prime Day 2022 offers huge discounts on 11 Roborock products

Prime Day 2022 is here (almost…), and as your ever-reliable cleaning partner, Roborock is here with its incredible deals guaranteeing Prime Day discounts before the sales rush begins later this week. This gives you time to research the product you want without panicking about buying something you’ll regret later.

Roborock is offering up to 44% off a number of its products, ranging from entry-level intelligent robot vacuum cleaners to some of his latest powerful offers.

Model Detail First day price Savings
S5Max $549.99 $349.99 $200
S7 $649.99 $429.99 $220
S7+ $949.98 $709.99 $239.99
S7 MaxV $859.99 $769.99 $90
S7 MaxV Plus $1159.99 $1029.99 $130
Q5 $429.99 $309.99 $120
Q5+ $699.99 $489.99 $210
E5 mop $359.99 $199.99 $160
Q7+ $799.99 $639.99 $160
Q7Max+ $869.99 $695.99 $174
dyad $449.99 $314.99 $135

As you can see, the company has included various products, from super affordable products like the E5 Mop to fully automated self-cleaning products like the S7 MaxV Plus.

We have already written a great deal about the Roborock S5 Max, which remains the no-brainer purchase with thousands of reviews confirming the trust of this robot vacuum that can do both vacuuming and mopping for just $349.99. If you need an even bigger budget or need a secondary cleaning device for a specific level of the house, you can buy the Roborock E5 Mopwhich brings all the essential goodness of the S5 Max to an unbeatable price of $199.99, which also makes it a pretty solid gift option.

Flagship Roborock S7 and S7 MaxV series

The current reigning series is the Roborock S7 which comprises a number of products including the Roborock S7, the S7+, the S7 MaxV and the S7 MaxV Plus. With the Prime Day price range ranging from $429.99 to $1029.99, the series differs significantly between different models.

Roborock S7 should be your go-to if you want a powerful vacuum that’s also great for cleaning. S7 comes with patented VibraRise Technology which can lift the mop on surfaces that shouldn’t be wet! With high-intensity scrub settings that can range from 1,650 times/min to 3,000 times/min, it easily breaks up surface dirt and breaks up even the toughest, dried-on messes, leaving floors cleaner than ever. This robovac has one of the fastest sonic mops on the market with a 5200 mAh battery.

Roborock S7+ is the latest technology from S7 with the hassle-free addition of Auto Empty Dock that eliminates the hassle of having to empty the trash every once in a while.


Need even more advanced technologies? You can’t go wrong with Roborock S7 MaxV and S7 MaxV Plus. Roborock’s Christensen Lab has spent years developing and designing a product with a focus on the cleaning needs of homes with pets. From pet fur, to pets learning how to disable or disrupt a robovac’s cleaning, to pet poo – the company has thought of all the “fun” little hassles that come with life with these cute little adventurers.

Responsive AI 2.0, Structured Light 3D Scanning with a new Neural Processing Unit, massive 5100Pa suction power and S7’s VibraRise technology make S7 MaxV and MaxV Plus the best products on the market that make life for pet owners a little more fun and a little less chaotic. Like the S7 series, the S7 MaxV series is similar, with the Plus variant adding an automatic dump station to the offering, making cleaning even easier.

roborock s7 maxv ultra
presentation of the roborock S7 MaxV Ultra

Roborock Dyad Wet & Dry Stick Vacuum

Dyad is the only wet-dry vacuum cleaner with multiple rollers and motors featuring the company’s new patented technology, DyadPower™, to vacuum, wash and dry floors to remove dirt and messes from edge to edge. Dyad’s design is flawless, with two motors working separately to power three rollers, allowing the cleaning system to spin in opposite directions. This unique design allows Dyad to effectively lift both wet and dry messes in a single sweep.

The design also allows Dyad to perform edge-to-edge cleaning as it moves flush against the wall to remove hard-to-reach dust and debris. As expected from the latest Roborock product, Dyad will also detect stubborn stains and automatically increase suction and water flow to give you the best cleaning results. The $314.99 Prime Day deal makes Dyad a must-have stick vacuum that can help you with both routine and deep cleaning requirements.


Roborock Q5, Q5+, Q7+ and Q7 Max+

The Roborock Q5 is a new line of cost-effective robot vacuum cleaners that will replace the S5 and E5 series. The Q5 makes cleaning ultra-convenient with a focus on intense suction. Bringing PreciSense Precision LiDAR and 3D mapping, Q5 supports custom cleaning routines like any other Roborock flagship. Add the self-emptying docking station, and you’ve got yourself the perfect vacuum with Roborock Q5+.

All models in this range, including the Q5, Q7 and Q7 Max, support self-emptying docks which are represented by the + in the name.

The Q7Max+ (and Q7 Max) has the most oversized tank at 350L and the highest suction power at 4200Pa. The current offer brings the price down to $695.99 with a 20% discount. Then you have Roborock Q7, which has the largest bin capacity at 760ml. It also supports cleaning and Roborock Q7+ comes with the Dock Auto Empty for a total of $639.99 at a 20% discount.

This Prime Day brings a myriad of cleaning products at fantastic discounts. Head over to the product pages or check out our previous coverage of some of these products to read more technical details. Be sure to check reviews to make sure your specific cleaning needs will be met by the product you choose.

Most discounts will expire July 13; however, you will be able to get these discounts until July 16 on Roborock S5 Max, S7, S7+ and Roborock Dyad.

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