Ribble Allroad SLe Prototype Combines 3D-Printed Handlebars and Limited-Edition 125th Anniversary Design

Ribble has teased the Allroad SLe – a new e-mountain bike with an aero frame and a new 3D printed version of the Ribble Ultra SL R’s innovative integrated handlebar (the British brand’s dedicated aero road bike).

The bike is joined by two other models from the Ribble line (an Ultra SL R and a Gravel Ti) to feature a new “125 Anniversary” paint job.

As the name suggests, this design celebrates the British brand’s 125th anniversary in business (Ribble cycles were founded in late 1897, shortly after the invention of the Rover safety bicycle in 1885).

Ribble Allroad SLe Concept Bike

A Mahle button on the top tube confirms that this is indeed an e-road bike.
Ribble Cycles

Official details are limited as it stands, but images provided by Ribble reveal a bike that builds on the Ribble Endurance SLe electric road bike platform, with a design that apparently aims to balance the aerodynamic efficiency, low weight and comfort.

Reading between the lines of the supplied spec sheet, the Ribble Allroad SLe appears to use the same Mahle ebikemotion X20 e-bike motor as the Endurance SLe.

A Mahle ebikemotion X20 e-bike motor is built into the rear wheel.
Ribble Cycles

This system sees a rear hub motor connected to a compact internal battery, usually housed in the downtube.

The build is completed with a high-end Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 R9200 groupset, with Mavic carbon wheels and Continental GP5000 S TR tyres. On that note, the “Allroad” name suggests this is a bike designed to get off the tarmac, even though the pictured build seems very road-focused in its intent (nor is there a no more word on tire clearance).

As for the rest of the spec, there’s something even more special up front.

3D printed Ultra 2 prototype handlebar

The Ribble Allroad SLe 125 spec sheet lists a prototype 3D printed Ultra 2 handlebar.
Ribble Cycles

The Allroad SLe uses a new 3D printed version of Ribble’s Ultra handlebar, dubbed simply the “3D Printed Ultra 2 Prototype”.

The Ultra Handlebar is an integrated handlebar with bulbous (as opposed to tapered) tops, designed to manipulate airflow upstream of the rider, for a net reduction in rider and bike aerodynamic drag.

When launching the Ultra SL R, Ribble claimed that this handlebar alone could offer a potential time saving of 20.5 seconds over 40 km (measured at 35 km/h / 22 mph), compared to a standard integrated aero handlebar.

The Hope HB.T, the radical track bike used by Team Great Britain at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, uses a similar concept with its wide stance fork legs.

Beyond its 3D printed construction, however, it’s unclear how the prototype Ultra 2 handlebar differs from the original Ultra bar.

We know it uses a non-integrated two-piece design, with separate handlebars and stem. The tops also appear to be shorter, although it’s hard to be certain from the images provided.

This image reveals that the prototype Ultra 2 handlebar uses a non-integrated two-piece design.
Ribble Cycles

Since the Allroad SLe appears to have a less race-oriented design than the Ultra SL R, it might be fair to assume that the Ultra 2 prototype handlebar also uses a less extreme design, perhaps with a wider bar than the narrow 33, 36 or 38cm options available on the stock Ultra handlebar.

Ribble told us that the 3D-printed version of this handlebar is a “rapid prototype” created specifically for this concept bike, and that its final design parameters are yet to be determined.

Because it’s painted completely the same as the frameset, it’s impossible to tell from the pictures exactly what material is used for it.

Given its prototype nature, it may be some form of composite or plastic material that is not intended to be mounted.

After all, if it’s titanium, like the one used to make the 3D-printed aero handlebars on Filippo Ganna’s Pinarello Bolide F HR 3D Hour Record bike, it’s likely to dramatically increase the cost of building the bike (a Mythos Elix 3D-printed stem costs £500 on its own, for example).

Production handlebars may therefore use a more traditional carbon fiber construction, to save costs, once a final design is set.

When will the Ribble Allroad SLe be available?

The Ribble Allroad SLe 125 prototype has a sculpted head tube, presumably intended to improve its aerodynamic efficiency.
Ribble Cycles

While Ribble didn’t provide many details, it looks pretty much production-ready at a glance.

When pressed, Ribble said the Allroad SLe is “a concept prototype and still very much in development, with no exact release date confirmed at this time.”

Considering the time and expense involved in producing molds for carbon bikes like this, we can hope this one isn’t too far from release.

Likewise, given that Ribble’s current electric road bike (the previously mentioned Endurance SLe) is built around a very similar platform to the non-electric Ribble Endurance SL, could a non-electric Allroad SL also be in preparation for?

When we put this to Ribble, he simply replied “No comment”. Do whatever you want with it.

Ribble 125 Anniversary Edition Paint, Build Specs and Price

Even the helmet top caps are customized.
Ribble Cycles

The 125 Anniversary Edition paint featured on the Allroad SLe, Ultra SL R and Gravel Ti uses a marble finish in three different colors (red, blue or green).

The design also extends to key components, such as the seatpost, saddle and handlebars.

Ribble says it features 24k gold foil frame detailing, a gold 125 anniversary head badge, wheel detailing and a gold top cap.

This limited-edition design is available on all Ribble bikes through next year, through Ribble’s CustomColour online program, priced at £1,299.

While the Allroad SLe is a concept bike, Ribble has provided specs and pricing for the Ultra SL R 125 and Gravel Ti 125, which will be available for purchase.

Ribble Allroad SLe

Ribble Allroad SLe 125 prototype.
Ribble Cycles

  • Price: Not available (concept bike only)
  • Frame : Ribble Allroad SLe prototype, ruby ​​red marble with gold leaf details
  • Saddle stem : Allroad SLe prototype, ruby ​​red marble with gold leaf details
  • Transmission: Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 R9270 with KMC E12 TI-N Electric Bike Chain Gold
  • Pair of wheels: Mavic SL45 X20 prototype
  • Brake discs: Hope
  • Tires: Continental GP5000 S TR, 700x32c
  • Handlebar: 3D printed Ultra 2 prototype
  • Saddle: Selle Italia SLR Boost Tekno SuperFlow saddle (100% carbon), ruby ​​red marble with gold leaf details
  • Engine: Mahlemotion X20 Electric Bike

Would you sacrifice your saddle padding for a paint job like this?
Ribble Cycles

Ribble Ultra SL R 125

Ribble Ultra SL R 125.
Ribble Cycles

  • Price: £9,608
  • Frame : Ribble Ultra SL R, sapphire blue marble with gold leaf details
  • Saddle stem : Ribble Ultra SL R, sapphire blue marble with gold leaf details
  • Transmission: SRAM Red eTap AXS
  • Pair of wheels: Tri-Spoke Level
  • Tires: Vittoria Corsa G2.0 700x28c
  • Handlebar: Ribble Ultra, 340/380x140mm, sapphire blue marble with gold leaf details
  • Saddle: Selle Italia SLR Boost Tekno SuperFlow saddle (100% carbon), sapphire blue marble with gold leaf details

The sapphire blue marble with gold leaf details gives a very bling finish.
Ribble Cycles

Rib gravel Ti 125

Ribble Gravel Ti 125.
Ribble Cycles

  • Price: £8,999
  • Frame : Ribble Gravel Ti, emerald green marble with gold leaf details
  • Saddle stem : Level 3 in line, emerald green marble with gold leaf details
  • Transmission: Campagnolo Ekar
  • Pair of wheels: Mavic Ultimate T Disc with 125 custom laser engraved logos
  • Tires: Raddler WTB, 700x45c
  • Handlebar: ENVE Carbon Gravel
  • Stem: ENVE carbon road stem
  • Saddle: Fizik Antares Versus Evo 00 Adaptive

This combination of green and gold is particularly attractive, in our opinion.
Ribble Cycles

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